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A storyteller and editor by trade, I love creating and sharing helpful, informative content. I'm happily married and have two smart, funny daughters. Impromptu dance parties and glitter are an everyday reality. Running and reading are my go-to stress relievers and I really want to like yoga someday.

Five Tips for Picking Out Sunglasses

The sun can damage more than just your skin. Follow these tips to pick out the right sunglasses for you, and start protecting your eyes today.

Backpacker man looking at bright sun through polarized sunglasses enjoying mountain landscape. Eye & Vision Care human health concept image.
Home and Family

Modeling Healthy Stress Responses to Your Children 

If you routinely feel stressed out, the way you react and respond to stressors can either help or hurt the way your children process their own emotions.

Teen son talking to his dad

Exercise and Your Gut: Move More for Improved Health 

While it’s long been known that healthy eating can improve gut health, not as much research has been focused on exercise but recent discoveries are promising.

Woman working out at home

Filing Taxes: Resources Available for Michigan Filers with Low- to Moderate-Incomes 

Tax time can be stressful and confusing for many. For low- to moderate-income filers, help is available.

Young couple working on taxes together
Home and Family

When Kids Cut: Understanding Self-Harm 

Why do kids harm themselves? In many cases, it's a way to assert control during stressful circumstances. Find out signs to watch for and how to get help.

Mom comforting daughter

ADHD Diagnosis Provided Freedom, Answers for Michigan Woman  

As a child, Betsy Thompson didn't fit the mold for kids with ADHD. It was years later as an adult that she sought help and discovered she had the condition.

Betsy Thompson
Home and Family

Set Family Goals for 2021 

Does your family set goals you can work on together? Make 2021 the year you explore more, get healthier together and have new experiences!

Mom helping daughter water a plant

On Your Phone Too Much? Here’s How to Set Realistic Tech Limits  

If one of your health goals is to cut back on the amount of time you spend on your phone, having a concrete plan with achievable goals will help you succeed.

Couple looking at their phones in bed

Checking In On the Mental Health of Older Loved Ones  

Seniors staying safe by staying at home have lost normal social connections, increasing their risk for isolation and depression. Listen for warning signs.

Elderly man talking on the phone

What the Pandemic Taught Us: Finding the Positive in a Tumultuous Year 

This year has been tough, but there have been lessons to carry forward. As we look ahead to 2021, take a second to pause and reflect on the good from 2020.

Dad helping his little boy put a puzzle together

4 Changes Women Should Make for Their Heart’s Sake

Read up on cardiologist Joni Summitt’s tips to help women reduce their risk for heart disease.

Female friends socializing
Home and Family

Help Kids Protect Themselves Against COVID-19 at School   

Kids heading back to school for face-to-face learning? Empower them to take steps to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Little girl going to school with a mask on
Food and Recipes

Blueberries for Breakfast: Recipe Roundup

It's August in Michigan and that means blueberries are ready to enjoy! We've got five yummy, blueberry-centric breakfast recipes to liven up your mornings.


Aging with Attitude: Michigan Seniors Living with Vitality

People are living longer, healthier lives. These seniors say finding activities you're passionate about can help you live out your senior years with vigor.

Older man running

Skin Cancer Survivor Wants Others to Learn from Her Mistakes

After skin cancer surgery, one of our team members is urging others to be safe in the sun.

Woman putting sunscreen in her hand

The Health Benefits of Close Friendships

Research points to a variety of ways friendships benefit our well-being. It might be time to give your bestie a call!

Friends taking a walk enjoying ice cream

Hiking in Michigan: Where to Go and How to Start 

Hiking in Michigan? This comprehensive guide includes tips on what to pack, how much food and drink you’ll need and how to stay safe on the trail.

family hiking on trail in the woods
Home and Family

The Importance of Dads and Other Adults in Modeling Healthy Emotions for Boys

Trying to raise boys fully able to express their emotions in healthy ways? These tips can help.

Dad comforting his son
Home and Family

In Praise of #GirlDads and Empowering Father Figures

A salute to all the dads and father figures raising strong, confident girls.

Dad and daughter standup paddleboarding

The Bright Side: Add Some Positivity to Your Social Feed

Is your social scrolling bringing you down? Add some positivity to your feed with these fun and positive accounts to follow.

Woman looking at her phone smiling
Home and Family

Distance Learning Tips from Michigan Teachers

Trying to navigate working from home and teaching your kids at the same time? These veteran Michigan teachers have tips and resources.

Boy on a video chat with his class

Coping as Sumi’s Caregiver

KC Mehta, like many caregivers, faces isolation and loneliness because of the all-consuming nature of the work he does to care for his wife Sumi.

KC and Sumi in the 1970s

Sumi 2.0: Becoming Sumi’s Care Partner

Alzheimer’s disease has changed many aspects of Sumi Mehta’s personality. One constant, says husband KC, is her smile.

Sumit today

Sumi’s Smile: A Caregiving Love Story

Sumi Mehta was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease at the age of 59. Her husband KC, remembers it as “the saddest day of our lives.”

Sumi in 1974

How to Start a Gratitude Practice

Gratitude can help you view life with different eyes. Find out how to start your own practice.

Little girl holding flower

Top 5 Myths About the Flu Vaccine

Winter is coming–don’t let one of these misconceptions stop you from getting a flu shot. It’s the best way to stay healthy all season long.

flu shot myths

Inspiring Active Communities in Northern Michigan: Norte Expanding to Kalkaska

With support from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and other organizations, Norte is expanding its youth-focused programming to Kalkaska in northern Michigan.

Kids holding hands walking to school.

Senior Falls: Why They’re Dangerous and How to Avoid Them

Falls are the number one cause of injuries and deaths from injury among older Americans. Find out how to reduce your risk.

Doctor examining an older patient's knee.

Detroit Youth Choir Member Has “High Hopes” for America’s Got Talent Finale

DeAndre “Dre” Elliott has been performing with the Detroit Youth Choir since the 4th grade. Read about his experience performing on America’s Got Talent.

DeAndre singing with the Detroit Youth Choir.

“Detroit Mom” Founder Candid About Breastfeeding Challenges

Elizabeth Lewis runs “Detroit Mom”, a website designed to support parents. She said pressure on moms makes them question their infant feeding choices.

Elizabeth holding Maryn

Empowering Woman: Angela Moore Opens Up About Her Life’s Work

At her integrated health studio, The Body Principle, Angela Moore helps clients weave mental health, fitness and nutrition together for complete transformation.

Angela Moore leading a workout class
Food and Recipes

What’s Healthier: Fresh, Frozen, Canned or Dried Foods?

When shopping, is fresh always best? Discover the pros and cons of frozen, canned and dried fruits and vegetables.

Large selection of fruits and vegetables at a market

How to Prevent Common Desk-Related Injuries

Sitting at a desk all day can negatively affect your back, wrists and eyes. Here are some tips on how to avoid common office injuries.

Female office worker stretching arms at her desk

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