The Bright Side: Add Some Positivity to Your Social Feed

Julie Bitely

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Through videos, podcasts, memes and real-life action, many people are increasingly seeking out uplifting stories and content. In fact, Google searches for “good news” have been on the rise throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.
While staying informed is important in combating the virus, mental health experts do urge that people take a break from non-stop news coverage if they’re feeling overwhelmed. If you need a positive brain break, here are a few sources we recommend.
  • Some Good News: Actor John Krasinski’s “Some Good News” broadcast features a mix of real people and celebrities with lighthearted and uplifting stories. It’s must-see content almost guaranteed to make you smile. Follow along on YouTube or Facebook.
  • Brené Brown: Research professor Brené Brown offers soothing and empowering messages on her social media platforms. Her “Unlocking Us” podcast is a great way to catch up on topics that matter and inspire.
  • Your Weekly Escape: This e-newsletter from National Geographic captures stories of purpose, exploration, discovery, and of course, the beauty of the natural world around us.
  • Oh Happy Day: Follow @ohhappyday on Instagram for a candy-colored pop of inspiration in your feed. Head to their website to get your DIY fix with joyful craft and party ideas.
  • TED: You’ve likely seen a TED talk or two on social media. Go right to the source and find experts delivering inspiring ideas about identity, personal growth, health, innovation and more.
  • Wholesome Meme: If you spend a lot of time on Twitter, follow @WholesomeMeme for a bite-sized daily dose of quirky fun.
In addition to seeking out positive accounts to follow on your social media channel of choice, it’s wise practice to evaluate accounts that make you feel afraid, angry or frustrated. Unfollow or mute these accounts to make your scrolling a more productive and positive experience.
Offline, many people are putting positivity into action by taking part in social movements. Popular examples include creating rainbow art to decorate doors and windows, using chalk to make gorgeous murals and drawings on sidewalks and driveways, creating teddy bear hunts for neighborhood children and painting rocks and hiding them for others to find. Additionally, many are organizing meals for essential workers, delivering food to hospitals and fire stations.
Check out this video we put together of painted rocks from across Michigan.
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Where are you finding positivity these days? Share your favorite uplifting social media accounts in the comments or tell us how you’ve been spreading joy while social distancing.
Don’t forget to follow our A Healthier Michigan YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts and podcast, hosted by Chuck Gaidica. Positivity is practically our middle name!
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