Michigan Technological University: Tips for a Healthy Semester

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Michigan tech football field in the fall.
Home to more than 7,000 students, Michigan Technological University, also referred to as Michigan Tech, is located in Houghton in the heart of the Keweenaw Peninsula which juts into Lake Superior.
Because it’s so far north, this school receives a hefty amount of snow during the winter months, but also enjoys a temperate summer. Experiencing all seasons makes for a wide range of healthy, fun activities to participate in.
Michigan tech campus Flag
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Michigan Tech is big on community. From offering programs for individuals living in the dorms such as themed living spaces, to providing various community-centric events throughout the year, Tech is the perfect place for individuals to further their education and foster new friendships.
  • Intramural Sports: Michigan Tech offers multiple intramural sports teams for just about every athlete. Intramurals provide a great way for students to meet and mingle with others who share their common interests or passions. Teams create great friendships and can help make this university feel more like a close community.
  • Week of Wellness: Each year Michigan Tech puts on a Week of Wellness. Through this week there are student health fairs, a farmers market and even outdoor yoga. This special week takes place at the beginning of the school year for all students, as well as the surrounding community members, who are also invited to participate. This fun event is just one of many that Michigan Tech puts on throughout the year to promote community.
While Michigan Tech has a recreational center, its location also provides a plethora of unique fitness activities. From fat tire biking in the winter to kayaking in the summer, there is much to do on-campus and off. Check out some of the fun suggestions below.
Snowboarding at Mt. Ripley
Photo Credit: Robert Emperley
  • Mount Ripley: Two miles from campus lies Mount Ripley. One of the oldest ski areas in the state, this resort is owned by Michigan Tech, so students get a killer discount. With 24 runs, breathtaking views and an abundant amount of snow, this is a winter sports enthusiast’s dream. From skiing and snowboarding to tubing, Mount Ripley offers a lot of fun, coupled with a great workout.
  • Disc Golf Course: Looking for a sport that’s a little less common but equally as fun? Consider playing a round of disc golf. Located on both sides of Sharon Avenue, there is an 18-hole and a 9-hole course. Grab some friends and head outside for a fun-filled afternoon throwing discs.
There are multiple dining halls, cafes and grills located on campus offering not only delicious meals, but healthy ones as well.
  • Wadsworth: is the largest of the three dining halls on campus. It has the widest range of food featuring a salad bar, deli, waffle station and more. This dining hall provides students with the opportunity to eat healthy by having various choices to choose from. Diners are sure to find something that suits everyone’s tastes.
  • Joeys Seafood and Grill: This grill is a favorite for students. With its large menu, featuring a gluten-free section, this restaurant has dishes to please everyone. Check it out if you’re craving some good food.
Michigan Tech offers a wide range of of online resources for health and well-being. From videos to tips, this extensive online resource covers just about everything. Services are offered through the local health clinic and these other preventive opportunities can be found on campus.
  • Michigan Tech Health and Wellness: This program at Michigan Tech offers workshops and presentations on relevant topics that affect college-aged students such as alcohol and drugs, sexual health, mental health, and personal wellness. Consider sitting in on a presentation and picking up health tips to improve your health.
  • Counseling: College can be a stressful time; that’s why Michigan Tech provides counseling services to students and staff members. From medication management, to relaxation, to general counseling, Michigan Tech supports its students. If you need someone to talk to don’t hesitate to make an appointment today.
It’s no secret that college can be challenging academically, but also mentally and emotionally. Students at Michigan Tech are encouraged to take time for themselves to keep their well-being in check. The university offers a wide range of programs and activities to ensure students are not only performing to their best ability, but feeling their best as well.
  • Yoga: There is nothing more relaxing than unwinding after a long day with yoga. Michigan Tech offers yoga classes for all levels – experienced to beginners as part of the HuskiesFit Program. The classes last 50 minutes and are discounted for students. Yoga offers a great way for individuals to get in touch with their body and focus on their breathing by letting the day’s worries melt away. Consider trying out a class this year. Photo Credit: Emily Chadwick
A hiking trail in the summer
  • Tech trails: Michigan Tech has an extensive number of trails to accommodate all levels as well as all seasons of hiking. From biking to hiking to skiing, Michigan Tech has the perfect trail. Consider detaching from your busy college life and take some time for yourself to get in touch with nature and reflect on your thoughts and emotions. This will allow you to destress and relax in the tranquil habitat of the Keweenaw Peninsula.
Use our checklist to make sure you’re ready for the new semester.
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