Michigan December Bucket List: 10 Ideas for a Merry Month

Julie Bitely

| 3 min read

Two women ice skating at a downtown rink.
It’s the most wonderful time of the year! With the holiday season in full swing there are many events and fun activities taking place around Michigan. From dog sled racing to house decorating tips, we have an extensive list of some of the best December bucket list ideas, check them out below.
  1. December is a month filled with fun themed races. Wear your festive best and bundle up for a good time. Plus, you’ll have a head start on working off all that holiday food.
  1. With snow on the ground, it’s easy to make excuses to stay inside, but winter is a great time to explore new activities such as snow biking. With mounds of fresh snow piling up each day there has never been a better time to get outside and shred the fresh powder on your bike.
  1. Want to go on an adventure? Go view the Eben Ice Caves located in Michigan’s Hiawatha National Forest. This magical, frozen wonderland is sure to be a crowd pleaser.
  1. While the outdoors seems too cold for growth, there are some vegetables that experience their peak season during the winter months. These forgotten fruits and vegetables include: artichokes, blood oranges, chestnuts and more! Consider picking these up from the supermarket next time you go.
  1. Skiing with dogs? If you’ve never heard of skijoring, this would be the perfect winter to give it a try.
  1. Stay out of the cold by going to a concert at Detroit’s Music Hall. This historic building provides not only a great show but an immersive cultural experience.
  1. Not wanting to wait in line to view Santa at the mall? We’ve got you covered! Here are some other places Santa has been known to show up to. Step away from the traditional mall setting and see Santa in a new light.
  1. With winter in full swing, ice skating rinks are starting to open all around. Whether you’re competitively racing someone on skates or just trying your hand at some daring twists and spins, consider ice skating this month for a fun activity.
  1. From decorating your house, to picking out the perfect tree to preparing a delicious meal, prepping for the holidays can be challenging – and stressful. Stay healthy and calm this season with our survival guide.
  1. Start a new tradition this year. Family traditions or rituals shared with close friends during the holidays allow you and your family to look back and bond over shared memories. And getting a little nostalgic, which is natural this time of year, can give you a reassuring sense that as much as things change, they also stay the same.
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