Health Benefits of Yoga

Next time you strike a pose and hold it, know that you’re improving your health in lots of ways.


How I Stay Healthy in College

School is back and so is the juggling act that comes with life on campus for college students. BCBSM'S 2023 corporate communications interns recently shared their diet, exercise and self-care regimens.


Why Pickleball is a Heart-Healthy Sport

Pickleball is a great sport for your heart health, no matter your age.


How to Choose the Right Workout for You

Angela T. Moore explains the different types of workouts available and how you can decide which one is best for you.


What’s the Best Diet for Workout Recovery?

Feeling a little tired or run-down after your last workout? Here’s what you should be eating afterward to speed your recovery.

Senior women enjoying the health benefits of golf.

The Health Benefits of Golf

Gracefully Greying health correspondent Lila Lazarus explores the health benefits of golf for both the body and the mind.

Jenna Natwick

Mental Health and Fitness: My Experience Becoming a Gym Regular

Summer intern Jenna Natwick shares how becoming a gym regular has helped her with her anxiety.

Woman with a heavy weight doing a dead lift

Reduce Your Load if The Weight is Too Heavy

Licensed therapist, NASM master trainer and integrative health expert Angela T. Moore shares signs you're carrying too much weight — mentally and physically.

Low angle view of happy senior couple walking outdoors on pier by sea at dusk, holding hands.

Benefits of Walking After a Meal

Make an after-dinner walk part of your routine and you’ll reap the health benefits.

The Michigan Spirits senior women's basketball team practices at the Lasky Recreation Center in Detroit.

Life and Basketball: Senior Detroit Women Play to Stay Young

For two hours every Monday afternoon at the Lasky Recreation Center in northeast Detroit, time doesn’t matter – only basketball.

Woman doing squats

How to Find the Right Squat Exercise for You 

Find the best squat exercises to build muscle and burn calories.

Gorgeous young female tennis player drinking energy drink

When Do You Need an Electrolyte Drink? 

Sipping an electrolyte drink can be a trendy thing to do, but when does your body actually need one?

A group of men and women play pickleball outside.

Five Reasons to Start Playing Pickleball

Gracefully Greying health correspondent Lila Lazarus dives into the pickleball craze — and finds it can be good for your health.

Hiking Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore In Michigan

Michigan Hikes to Get Your 10,000 Steps In 

There are big health benefits to getting 10,000 daily steps. Here are some great places to do that with a view.

Unrecognizable person on a bike ride through a lush wildflower field on a summer day healthy lifestyle

Health Benefits of Biking 

Get on your bike and ride, and reap the health benefits that come pedaling road bikes, mountain bikes and more.

Shot of a happy senior couple dancing in their kitchen at home

Best Exercises to Lower Blood Pressure 

Nearly half of all U.S. adults have hypertension. Regular exercise can help lower blood pressure.

Monica Drake poses for a photo in her gym.

I Always Hated Exercise – Until I Saw How Much it Helped My Anxiety

Contributor and mental health advocate Monica Drake shares how starting an exercise routine has helped her manage her anxiety.

Father and son are traveling together

Michigan Wildflower Hikes to Take This Spring 

Colorful wildflowers are a welcome sign of spring. Here are some hiking spots where you are sure to see them.

Two businesswomen walk, talk and drink coffee in the middle of a workday.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Walk at Lunch

National Walk at Lunch Day is the perfect excuse to get outside after lunch and rack up some steps. Do it everyday and the health benefits will rack up, too.

Soo Locks in dusk

How to Get Your Steps in Near Michigan’s Soo Locks 

If you’re a freighter fan headed to the Soo Locks, check out these nearby trails to get your steps in.

A woman at the gym has a discussion with a personal trainer.

Signs You Might Need a Personal Trainer 

Personal training may be worth looking into if you recently recovered from an injury, need help with form or have certain fitness goals in mind.

An older couple jogs in the park.

Improve Your Walking or Running Form in 3 Steps

Simple tweaks to your running or walking form can help you go farther while preserving the condition of your back, joints and other body parts.

Women play pickleball at the Michigan Senior Olympics event during March 2023 in Rochester at Lifetime Fitness.

Winning Pickleball Tournaments in their 70s: How the Sport Keeps Seniors Young

Staying active and making new friends: these seniors are reaping the benefits from pickleball, a sport that surged in popularity during the pandemic.

Rainbow Over Detroit Riverwalk

Urban Nature Trails in Michigan to Move Your Workout Outside 

Grab a pair of sunglasses and your best workout shoes. It’s time to move your next exercise session outdoors.

Runners racing a local 5K around a lake on a dirt path on a early summer evening.

You Can Do It! The Easiest Way to Prepare for a 5K

This 5K training regimen is for beginners, experienced runners and everyone in between. Training starts two months before race day.

A man eats a banana while sitting on a weight bench at the gym.

What to Taste Before You Train

Scarfing down sugary snacks and greasy fast food before you exercise can lead to a sluggish workout. Give these options a try instead.


Why 7,000 Brisk Steps is the New Daily Fitness Goal 

So long, 10,000 steps. A new study talks about why 7,000 steps each day should be your goal.

silhouette runner on a beach

How to Transition from the Treadmill to Running Outside

Running outdoors is more physically demanding than running on a treadmill, so don’t jump back into it without taking some key precautions.

Morning is the best time for jogging. Young happy african couple or friends wearing headphones running together on the bridge, they talking and smiling during the run

Mental Tricks to Make Every Run Feel Easier

A lot of times, the resistance we face while running is all mental. The next time you’re huffing and puffing, remember these four tips.

Home workout routine. Black man doing suspension straps exercises

Can You Out-Exercise a Bad Diet? 

Think you can down a bag of potato chips, eat fries, snack on candy and just exercise away all the bad stuff? Think again. 

Donna Mc Minn

Diving into Competitive Swimming During Retirement

Ask Donna Mc Minn why she took up competitive swimming during her retirement and she’ll grin and say: “In the pool, no one can see you sweat."

A couple exercising at home watches a training video on an electronic device.

The 7 Most Popular Fitness Questions

Burning calories. Proper weight lifting. Squeezing workouts into busy schedules. These are among the most commonly asked fitness questions.

Young woman sitting in a lotus position at home and using singing bowl.Relaxation and meditation.Sound therapy,alternative medicine.Buddhist healing practices.Clearing the space of negative energy.

Sound Baths: How to Create One at Home 

Surrounding yourself with vibrating and overlapping sounds can be relaxing. Here’s how to create a sound bath at home.

Couple Snowshoeing

Michigan Bucket List: Snowshoeing Trails to Try 

Ready to head out on a snowshoeing adventure? Here are some bucket-list worthy trails to try across Michigan.

Family watching american football match on television at home

4 Ways to Burn Calories During the Big Game 

The Big Game is an American tradition, whether you’re a football fan or not. But during this big buffet fest, how can you burn some extra calories?

Woman practicing self defense

Packing a Punch: Learning Tactical Self-Defense 

Contributor Mia Gallucci writes about her experience trying a tactical self-defense class — and what she learned along the way.

Man and Woman Snowshoeing on a Sunny Winter Day.

A Beginner’s Guide to Snowshoeing 

Ready to try an easy, new winter sport?Snowshoeing could be your next fun adventure. 

A water calisthenics class is taught at an indoor poor.

Cardio Doesn’t Have to Hurt: The Best Low-Impact Workouts

Exercise is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself at any age, but as you get older, regular exercise becomes more important than ever.

Father with three kids running in beautiful winter forest. The little girl is aged 10 and her brothers are aged 7. Cold winter day

Get Outside in Nature This Winter: Why It’s Good for Your Mental Health 

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you should stay cooped up inside. A little outside time can mean big health benefits.

Overweight woman has done New Year resolution for weight loss in new year. Obese hiker walking on forest trail in winter cold weather. Nordic walking in Czech National Park Sumava.

Best Exercises to Fight Off Anxiety and Depression

Are anxiety and depression putting a damper on your mood? Think about retooling your exercise routine to give yourself a feel-good boost.

Cold Weather Clothing Tips: Gear to Wear and How to Layer  

Cold Weather Clothing Tips: Gear to Wear and How to Layer  

It might be time to shop for winter hats, scarves, jackets and boots if you haven’t already. Here are the best fabrics out there to keep you warm this winter.

Adult Strength Training

How Strength Training Can Help You Age Gracefully

Adding weights and resistance training to your workout can make a big difference in how well you age.

Photo of a smiling senior woman walking her dog outdoors along a foot path

Why Walking Your Dog is Healthy for You, Too  

Did you know dog owners are 34% more likely to fit 150 minutes of walking into a week than non-dog owners? The benefits only begin there.

Bob Van Camp plays table tennis at the Older Persons Commission

Table Tennis Helps Michigan Man Lose Weight, Stay Active in Retirement

Don’t call it ping pong. This is table tennis. On a recent weekday afternoon several men, aged 50-plus, are breaking a sweat.

Woman doing yoga with her dog

How to Start an Exercise Routine that Works for You

Focusing on your target heart rate and switching up your workouts can help unlock an exercise routine that works for you. Here are more keys:

Winter mountain adventure. Young couple on a trail. Night blizzard

Winter Night Hikes Across Michigan 

Walking in the winter can be a hushed, beautiful experience. But what about winter night hikes? Those can be magical.

Young woman plays on her smartphone on a yoga mat indoors

Why is the First Five Minutes of a Workout So Hard? 

There’s a science behind what the first five minutes of exercise does to your body. Don’t let it deter you from a great workout.

Angela Moore

Are You Physically and Mentally Fit?

Licensed therapist, NASM master trainer and integrative health expert Angela T. Moore discusses the importance of talking about mental fitness.

A woman and young boy snowshoe up a snow-covered hill.

5 Winter Sports to Try This Year 

You’re probably familiar with ice skating and skiing, but if those don’t move the needle for you, these other Michigan winter sport ideas should.

Bicycling in Fall. Urban concept.

New 60-Mile Bike Trail to Stretch from Michigan to Chicago 

The new Marquette Greenway will hug the bottom curve of Lake Michigan as it stretches between three states.


Meditation for Mindfulness and Mental Clarity 

Meditation, mindfulness and mental clarity may be just what the doctor ordered as we head into this busy holiday season.

A young Black woman runs outdoors during the winter.

Safety Tips for Running in Cold Weather

If you love running outdoors you don't necessarily have to stop when the weather gets cold. But you should adhere to these safety tips.

Man disinfecting workout equipment at the gym.

Are You Doing These Things to Prevent Skin Infections at the Gym?

Read this list of five skin infections commonly caught at the gym and what you can do to prevent catching them.

A large crowd participates in the 2021 Grand Rapids Turkey Trot.

Winter 5ks and Turkey Trots Happening Across Michigan in 2022 

Bundle up in your coziest winter fitness gear and take part in some of the Michigan winter 5K’s and Turkey Trots happening this year.

Angela Moore poses in front of a boxing ring

Trauma is Like a Sucker Punch to the Kidneys

Contributor Angela Moore shares a story of how she was sucker punched while kickboxing — and how it reminds her of how trauma impacts the body and mind.

A woman has her lungs checked by a doctor.

10 Everyday Ways to Maintain Strong Lungs 

Avoiding cigarettes and keeping indoor pollutants out of our homes are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to maintaining strong lungs.

Man practices static stretching

The Difference Between Static and Dynamic Stretching 

Certain stretches should be done before workouts and certain stretches should be done after workouts. This guide should provide clarity.

Man doing yoga

Meditative Yoga Flow to Center Your Body and Mind

This centering yoga routine is a great alternative or supplement to the traditional Sun Salutation sequence.

Why You Should Consider Low Impact Workouts

Why You Should Consider Low Impact Workouts

Can low impact workouts be just as effective as high impact workouts? We explore if it's possible to get similar results while being easier on our joints.

If you’re a smart watch owner with the fruit-shaped logo, these apps can be a big help in tracking your physical activity, sleep, calories and more.

Best Health Apps for My Smart Watch  

If you’re a smart watch owner with the fruit-shaped logo, these apps can help you track your physical activity, sleep, calories and more.

Woman on Mountain bike with blooming flowers

Are e-Bikes a Good Form of Exercise? 

You’ve probably seen them zipping around at high speeds, but are e-bikes really a good form of exercise? It depends on how you use them.

Young Woman drinking her winter tea and welcoming new day

Benefits of a Morning Ritual 

Having a morning ritual can get your whole day off to a positive start.

Woman making healthy breakfast in kitchen

High-Protein Breakfast Ideas Without Eggs 

If you want to fix some high-protein breakfasts but don’t want eggs, there are lots of choices to keep you full and feeling satisfied all morning long.

Creative Ways to Get Your Workout In

Creative Ways to Get Your Workout In  

Want to burn calories and pile up steps without going to the gym? Give these couch workouts and walking tips a try.

Detroit RiverWalk

4 Things to do on Detroit International RiverWalk, Named Country’s Best 

The Detroit International Riverwalk was recently named the country’s best river walk and is considered one of Detroit’s top attractions.

Whether you want to find a healthy meal or get active, the Detroit community has something for you.

Free Healthy Activities Around Detroit 

Looking for some free, fun, family-friendly activities to engage in this summer? These six Detroit destinations could satisfy your itch.

How to Improve Flexibility

Are You Doing These Stretches to Stay Flexible?

Flexibility shouldn’t be something we start to pay attention to the moment we notice limitations in our daily lives. Here's how to improve and maintain it.

One of the major appeals of wing foiling is it can be fun to do even if the waves aren’t high and the wind isn’t overbearing, because of its versatility. The board and wing do some of the work for you.

Wing Foiling is Taking off on Lake Michigan

Wing foiling is really catching on in Michigan. The wind-surfing sport involves riding a hydrofoil board while holding an inflatable wing.

Woman stretches her legs in front of her laptop

Angela T. Moore: Do Not Get Stressed About Working Out 

Health expert and counselor Angela T. Moore shares tips to change our mindset around exercise to view it as a privilege, not a burden.

staying hydrated after a workout

Don’t Let the Summer Heat Keep You from Exercising

It’s important to practice safety when exercising outdoors during the hot summer months to avoid dehydration, heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

How to Keep Your Brain Healthy

Do This to Keep Your Brain Healthy

We’ve all had moments where we've misplaced something and can't remember where it is. but is forgetfulness we should be concerned about as age?

Body Positive Asian Indian man running on treadmill monitored by fitness instructor timing

Angela T. Moore: I May Be a Woman, But I Care About Men’s Health! 

How can you encourage the men in your life to take their health more seriously, as well as support their health journey?

Senior woman with overweight jumping on trampoline

Health Benefits of Jumping on a Trampoline 

Whether you love a big trampoline or an efficient mini-tramp, who knew there were so many benefits to bouncing?

Welcome back employee to office during Covid-19 pandemic

Staying Healthy at Work While Transitioning Back to the Office 

Many people are preparing to make the back-to-the-office transition. Here are some ways to stay healthy while making that change.

Eating out is one of the many joys of vacationing, so depriving yourself doesn’t have to be the answer. There are ways to cut back on calories in the name of balance. That way, you’re not losing too much of the ground you gained before your trip.  

8 Ways to Maintain Your Diet on Vacation  

Eating out is one of the many joys of vacationing. Instead of depriving yourself, practice these calorie-cutting tips the next time you’re on a trip.

why men and women lose weight differently, weight loss across genders

Men vs. Women: Why Do They Lose Weight Differently?

Are women truly at a disadvantage to men when it comes to losing weight? Here’s the surprising answer.

Side View Of A Happy Young Businesswoman Doing Push Up At Workplace

Busy? Yes! Believe It Or Not, You Can Be Healthy Too!

Angela T. Moore, certified therapist and fitness coach, offers tips for finding ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle even when you are busy.

What is Assisted Stretching and How Does it Help?  

What is Assisted Stretching and How Does it Help?  

Assisted stretching helps with mobility and flexibility. That way, everything from running 5ks to hoisting grandkids can be done without pain.

Senior Olympics

How to Get Involved in Michigan’s Senior Olympics 

From road races to freestyle swim events, Michigan’s Senior Olympics has a spot for all sports enthusiasts 50 and older.

Look at our herb garden

What to Plant in an Herb Garden 

If you want a big gardening payoff with minimal investment, plant an herb garden and up your kitchen’s flavor game.

Mature man squatting at home

How to Return to a Workout Routine After Illness 

Those who exercise regularly may find that they have lost strength and stamina after such an illness.

Back view portrait of a fitness woman showing biceps

Tone Up Your Arms

Want a better flex? Try these tips for rock star arms.

Women in private session with female instructor

Spring into Health this Spring!

Spring is the perfect season to spring into health. You can do it with these three simple steps.

A beautiful senior Mexican couple kayaking

Fun Ideas for Packing More Activity into Everyday Life

A sedentary lifestyle has been linked to an increased risk for chronic illness. Reduce this risk by breaking up spells of sitting with stretching or activity.

Curvy friends walking home after fitness exercise

How to Become the Healthiest You in 2022

Everyday strategies to become healthy and happy this year!

exercising on treadmills

4 Fitness Myths That Just Won’t Go Away

All workouts are not created equal, but it can be confusing to know which ones give the best results.

Adam and Meghan Russo

Training, Racing & Romance  

From date nights at the gym to triathlon vacations, Adam and Meghan Russo’s fitness has grown with their love.

Multi-ethnic group of three middle aged and senior women (50s, 60s) doing water aerobics exercises with dumbbells in a swimming pool. Two of the women have serious expressions on their faces and the third is smiling.

How Does Age Affect Your Cardio Stamina, Ability to Bounce Back? 

If your workouts are feeling a little sluggish lately, could your age be affecting your stamina?

How Micro Habits Can Help Elevate Your Fitness Goals

How Micro Habits Can Elevate Your Fitness Goals

When we try to introduce healthy habits, we go about it the wrong way by setting overly ambitious goals. Hear how you can set yourself up for success this year.

Senior women exercising with dumbbells at home

Winter Self-Care Guide: Exercise  

Daily exercise doesn’t mean spending an hour lifting weights. Moving your body for 30 minutes a day in moderate ways can improve your mental and physical health

Doctor using body fat caliper

Body Mass Index: Use it or lose it?

BMI is a number calculated from a person’s height and weight but doesn’t measure body fat directly.

Tips for a Safe Return to the Gym

Steps to take for a Safe Return to the Gym  

Statewide COVID-19 cases are on the rise, so if you’re returning to the gym, you should take every precaution possible to keep yourself and others safe.

Two friends jogging up the trails in the forest to get fit in the middle of December!

Don’t Take a Holiday from Your Health During the Holidays!

The holidays are the perfect reason in the season to ramp up and increase your healthy lifestyle efforts.

8 Ways to Power through your Winter Workout Slump

Eight Ways to Power through your Winter Workout Slump

Sometimes we need to break up the workout monotony, especially in the winter. Finding a buddy and enrolling in classes are two of the many ways to do that.

Fitness Over 40

Secrets to Holiday Success 

The holidays can be a tough time to stick to exercise and healthy eating, but it can be done if you take the right approach.

Too Cold to Walk Outside? Try These Winter Workday Activity Tips

Too Cold to Walk Outside? Try These Winter Workday Activity Tips  

Many have relied on outdoor walks to break up the monotony of working from home. Here’s how to replace that activity level during the winter.

I like my weights heavy and my squats low

Want to Live a Healthier Lifestyle?  

The most important thing you can do when striving to live a healthy lifestyle is to create environments that support healthy actions.

Disabled girl with boyfriend playing with dog in the park in autumn

Accessible Trails Where You Can See Great Fall Colors 

Make leaf-peeping easy for everyone in your family or friend group this autumn as you try these accessible trails with great fall color views.

FO40 running

Michigan Breast Cancer Survivor Relies on Running to Regain Health

Running helped breast cancer survivor Ellyn Davidson regain her health. She talks about the health benefits with Fitness Over 40 host Ann Marie Wakula.

Working from home, woman meets with colleagues via video conference

How to Be a Successful Hybrid Worker 

See-sawing between your professional office and remote workspace can be stressful. Here are tips for how to be a successful hybrid worker.

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