You Can Do It! The Easiest Way to Prepare for a 5K

This 5K training regimen is for beginners, experienced runners and everyone in between. Training starts two months before race day.

Runners racing a local 5K around a lake on a dirt path on a early summer evening.

What to Taste Before You Train

Scarfing down sugary snacks and greasy fast food before you exercise can lead to a sluggish workout. Give these options a try instead.

A man eats a banana while sitting on a weight bench at the gym.

How to Transition from the Treadmill to Running Outside

Running outdoors is more physically demanding than running on a treadmill, so don’t jump back into it without taking some key precautions.

silhouette runner on a beach

Mental Tricks to Make Every Run Feel Easier

A lot of times, the resistance we face while running is all mental. The next time you’re huffing and puffing, remember these four tips.

Morning is the best time for jogging. Young happy african couple or friends wearing headphones running together on the bridge, they talking and smiling during the run

4 Fitness Myths That Just Won’t Go Away

All workouts are not created equal, but it can be confusing to know which ones give the best results.

exercising on treadmills

Are You Making These Five Post-Run Mistakes?

What you do after a run can be as important for your overall health as the miles you just ran. Here's how to avoid the most common post-workout mistakes.

Silhouette of young woman jogging on shore at sunrise.

Don’t Let Blisters Get in the Way of Your Running Plans

Blisters can make running painful. Here's how you can prevent and treat them.

Unrecognizable athletic woman running on the road during foggy day in nature.

How Cold is Too Cold to Run Outside?

Planning to run through the winter? Read up on how to dress, fuel and stay safe when temperatures drop and snow flies.

Woman running through the snow

Five Steps to Run a 5K

Running a 5K may seem like an unimaginable feat, but every race is completed one step at a time. Here are our five tips to get you to the finish line.

Mom and daughter finishing a race together

8 Steps to Becoming a Runner

Looking for an exercise that can benefit your mental and physical health? Here are eight steps to kick-start your running journey.

Portrait of a sporty young man exercising outdoors

Virtual Races Support Health Goals and Michigan Organizations

Have you been running more lately? Put your training to the test by participating in a virtual race!

Woman running on her own.

See Better Fitness Results with Shorter Workouts

Motivate yourself to take on shorter and more effective workout routines with HIIT—high-intensity interval training.

Woman working out at home

Should You Work Out When You’re Sick?

As cold and flu season approaches, it’s important to understand when our bodies need to rest and when we can continue with our workout.

Exercising while sick

Time to Hit the Trails Running

If you want to enjoy the beauty of a Michigan fall while also getting in an enjoyable workout, then read more to learn the basics of trail running.

Runner on trail filled with autumn leaves

10 Fall Races and Walks to Sign Up For in Michigan

Enjoy the crisp, cool air with these fall fun runs that will get you in shape and in the harvest spirit.


Do Early Birds Have Healthier Workout Habits?

Most of us don’t enjoy mornings but changing your morning routine to include working out will start your day off right and influence healthier decisions

Morning Workout

Taking the First Steps Toward Triathlon Training

Triathlons can be intimidating. Engaging in the three exercises back-to-back-to-back sounds exhausting on its own.

bikers racing

Michigan’s Best Summer Races

Lace up your running shoes and check out some of Michigan’s best summer races throughout the state.

Four Men Running On

6 Exercises That Burn the Most Calories

Want to know which exercises burn the most calories? Here are six activities with the biggest calorie-burning potential.

Sweaty woman running on treadmill during sports training in a gym.

No Gym Membership? No Problem! 5 Exercises That Don’t Cost You a Dime

Exercising outdoors is healthier and cheaper than being indoors in a gym.

kids playing on the beach

Why Exercise Headaches Happen and How to Avoid Them

Exercise headaches, similar to everyday migraines, are triggered after strenuous, sustained exercise. Here are the symptoms and how to stop them.

Man on floor stretching

Triathletes: Are You Overlooking Something During Training?

Overlooking this while training for a triathlon can cause damage to your race times, or worse, to your joints.

Image of the start of a triathlon, with female competitors running into the water.

Training in Michigan Helped Desiree Linden Win Boston

Desiree Linden said training through part of a nasty Michigan winter helped her tackle brutal conditions on race day to win the 2018 Boston Marathon. “This is a great running state. People get running here,” she said.

Photo of Desiree Linden holding up the American flag after winning the 2018 Boston Marathon.

Tips for Mental Toughness on Race Day

Train your brain for better race performance.

Picture of a female runner with eyes closed and hands on top of her head.

Plogging: The Scandinavian Workout You Should Try This Earth Day

Want to combine your love for fitness with your love for the planet? Check out plogging, the latest and greatest way to take your next run and simultaneously help the environment.


Prepping for a Race? Why Cross-Training and Form are as Important as Running

If you want to be strong on race day, make sure you’re getting in some cross-training and working on your running form as you log those miles.

Man lifting weights in his living room

Relieve Sore Muscles Through Foam Rolling

Using a foam roller and your body weight, you can find muscle tension relief at home.

foam rolling

Boost Your Exercise Endurance in 6 Simple Steps

Last longer in your next workout by improving your endurance. These six changes will get you there.


5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Long Runs

Training for a longer-distance race? A veteran coach shares his tips to make your weekly long runs count.


Tips from Playmakers: How to Find the Perfect Workout Shoes

Whether you exercise every day or are getting back on your health journey, this guide will help you choose the best training shoes for your workout needs.


How to Get Excited for Winter Exercise

Exercising in the cold weather has unique benefits – here’s how to fall in love with it


Are You Stretching Enough? Chances Are, You’re Not

How to get the most out of your stretching, no matter if you work out or not


5 Health & Fitness Apps That Could Change Your Life

All the tools and motivation you need to get off the couch and get started.


Tips from an Ironman Racer

Dad, teacher, coach, Ironman racer. Read insights and training details about one of the hardest triathlons out there.

The alt image

Summer Workouts: Beach Edition

Take advantage of 3,200 miles of Michigan shorelines with a new way to work out.


Register for Free Summer 5K Trail Series

The Summer Trail Series, brought to you by MI Big Green Gym, offers three free 5K run and walks to experience Michigan's state parks.

the start of the summertrail series 5k

Detroit RiverFront to Host 7th Annual Give and Get Fit Wellness Event

Looking for a fun way to get active while enjoying the beauty of Detroit? Participate in the 7th annual Give and Get Fit on the Detroit Riverfront July 30.


Don’t Get Sidelined by a Summer Injury

Now is the perfect time to get out and get active in the sun – just take a few precautions along the way.

stay injury free this summer

Not Your Average Boot Camp: Michigan Students Combine Math and Fitness

One Michigan school's Math Boot Camp helped to foster a long-term appreciation for math, running and camaraderie.

School children running

The Risks and Rewards of Marathons: Read Before You Start Training

Running a marathon isn’t easy. Here’s how to stay injury-free every time you lace up your tennis shoes.

people running in a marathon

Spring Training: 5 Races Happening Across Michigan That Will Get You Moving

Spring is here. Get moving with these fun races across Michigan sponsored by Blue Care Network

spring races in michigan

Still I Run: Fighting Depression and Mental Health Stigma One Step at a Time

Running helped Sasha Wolff deal with her depression. She’s started a community called Still I Run to help others do the same.

running to fight depression

Healthy Habits from the Healthier Michigan Crew

There are tons of ways to stay healthy every day—here’s how our team does it.

Healthy habits from A Healthier Michigan

What’s Your Type? Match Your Personality to the Running Race of Your Dreams

New to running? Instead of picking a race at random, use your personality to find the event you’re most suited for.

how to pick a perfect race

10 Weird and Wacky Summer 5Ks Around Michigan

Get your friends together and sign up for one of these fun summer 2016 5Ks throughout Michigan for beginners and seasoned runners alike!

Michigan 5k races

Michigan dad hopes to inspire kids and family to live healthier

One dad’s healthy lifestyle is now a full family affair. They will be at the Riverfront Run, will you? Registration discount code inside.

Carlson Family

6 Running Myths Getting in Between You and Your First Race

Races are fun ways to meet other runners and stay active. Check out 6 reasons you may think you can’t run a race, but you actually can.

running myths

Run 100 Miles? How One West Michigan Woman Goes the “Ultra” Distance

This 34-year-old preschool teacher hasn’t slowed down since during her seven years of running. Her newest obsession? 100-mile races.

Michigander who runs 100 miles

Take Advantage of the Extra Daylight – Become an Evening Exerciser

An evening trip to the gym can be the perfect way to end your day—and here are just a few reasons why (and how to get into the habit!)

become an evening exerciser

Doing the Same Workout All the Time? Why You Should Shake Things Up

Ready to break out of your rut? Here’s how to mix new workouts into your stale regimen and shake up the activities you already do.

why you should try a new workout

Support Michigan Parks by Completing a Virtual 5K

What’s a virtual 5K? All you have to do is register by Jan. 31 and then head to your favorite park or trail to run your own 3.1 miles!

Run a virtual 5K

Your All-In-One Healthy Holiday Survival Guide

You can totally spend the holidays working out, eating well, stressing less and having fun with your family–just follow this guide!

healthy holiday survival guide

The Secrets to Exercising Safely While Pregnant

You don’t have to cancel your gym membership when you get pregnant, you just have to know what is and isn’t safe.

safely exercise when pregnant

Make Time for Your Health All Winter Long

You might have a jam-packed schedule, but you can still fit in exercise. Here’s how to work out when you have no time.

Make exercise a priority

Ten Songs to Pump Up Your Workout Playlist

Whether you’re lifting at the gym or hitting the trail for a run, music can be an essential part of any workout. Here are 10 songs to get you going.


First Iceman Race? Do’s and Don’ts for a Great Experience 

If this is your first time competing in the popular bike race, Event Director Steve Brown gave us his top tips for having the race – and time – of your life.

iceman dos and donts

Fall Couch Potato Health Hacks

Don’t let the cooler weather stop your healthy habits in their tracks. These tips will keep you fit through the end of the year.

Couch potato hacks

Michigan Races Honor Mexican Culture and Lost Loved Ones

Upcoming races in Muskegon, Saginaw, and Detroit pay tribute to the Mexican tradition of el Dia de los Muertos, or the Day of the Dead.

Michigan Races Honor Mexican Culture

Fun Run Supports School Nurses in Holland

The School Nurse 5K Run/Walk will raise money for Holland Hospital’s school nursing program, which serves over 11,000 students in the greater Holland area.

school nurse 5k

7 Simple Ways to Make Your Next Run More Fun

Heading out for a run might be exercise, but it can also be a lot of fun. Here are seven ways to enjoy jogging even more.

Make running more fun

Friendship at the Heart of Lansing Woman’s 5K Journey

Sally Purdy has a new lease on life thanks to a couch-to-5K training program put on by Lansing’s Playmakers. Read her inspiring story.

Couch to 5K

Rhythm Run Finisher Inspired to Go After Next Race

The Rhythm Run celebrates health and fitness in the Grand Rapids African American community. Find out how one finisher ran the 5K distance this year.

Rhythm Run finisher

Saginaw YMCA Member Runs for His Community

The benefits of running are clearly reflected in David Hall: he’s more confident, has more energy and feels stronger.

How David Hall fell in love with running

#MIKidsCan Play like a Lion Challenge Week 2!

Make the #MIKidsCan Play like a Lion pledge for a chance to join Detroit Lions for an exclusive pre-game workout and VIP autograph session at Ford Field.


Traverse City Kids’ Run to Benefit Carter Oosterhouse’s Playground-Building Organization

The fourth annual Carter’s Kids Fun Run takes place tomorrow. Find out why race namesake Carter Oosterhouse wants more kids to have safe places to play.


Free Detroit Riverfront Summer Events Roundup

This post describes several free summer events happening on the Detroit riverfront.


Meijer State Games of Michigan Celebrate Opening Ceremonies Tonight

The main weekend for the Meijer State Games of Michigan kicks off tonight at Fifth Third Ballpark.


Inspiring Captain and His “Angels” to Complete Midwest 5 Marathon Challenge

Running partners and friends Terence Reuben and Matt Smith, both from the Grand Rapids area, are taking on five marathons this year. Read their inspiring story.

marathon angels

Detroit Teacher, Elementary Students Ready For Race Day

A smile crept across 10-year-old Emanuel’s face Monday afternoon as he sprinted past the oak tree and finished his longest run to date— 2.5 miles. This

race day teacher

After Weight Loss, Riverbank Run is Next Challenge to Conquer

After losing almost 150 pounds, Grand Rapids resident Ashley Fredricks is ready to take on the Fifth Third Riverbank Run 25K this Saturday.

Riverbank run

Kick Off Race Season With These Fun Events Around Michigan

Warm up those muscles! Race season is right around the corner. Check out these can’t-miss events around Michigan.


Dog Sled Racing: The Thrilling Event Taking Over the U.P. This Weekend

A trio of dog sled races are set to take place this weekend in the Upper Peninsula. We talk to a musher about what it’s like to lead a team of dogs.

Dog sled racing

How This Mom Turned Running Into More Than Just Exercise

This mom took the opportunity to turn running into a bonding experience with her son.

how a mom fell in love with running

Tips and Motivation to Help You Rock a 5K in 2015

Worried about tackling your first race? Here’s what you need to know to cross the finish line with a smile on your face and a pep in your step.

How to rock your next race

Calling All Michigan Ultra Runners for the Rail Run 100 (Formerly Top of Michigan 100k)

Many people consider a marathon to be the pinnacle of distance running events. While finishing 26.2 miles is certainly a feat of endurance…

MI Trails

#HealthyMe: Running a Tough Mudder (With Video)

My friend and colleague Kyle Hall and I tackled one of the trendiest fitness challenges this past weekend – the obstacle-filled dirt run! We ran the Tough…

Tough Mudder Thumbnail

Smart (and Tasty!) Snacks for Distance Runners

Most athletes know how tough it can be to find the perfect pre- or mid-run snack. Your body requires enough fuel to stay strong mile after mile, but not so much…

Best snacks after a race

Ready to Be a Runner? Here’s How to Get There!

Walking is a great form of exercise with loads of health benefits like weight loss, less stress and a reduced risk of heart disease, breast cancer…


Running tattoo is permanent reminder to pursue health for one Michigan man

The tattoo on Wyoming resident Tom Popma’s left calf is officially the Fifth Third Riverbank Run logo. For Popma, it’s much more than that. It’s become an…

DSCF4764 (2)

Five yoga poses perfect for cooling down after a run

Yoga is an excellent tool to utilize in cooling down after a long run.


Are you a runner? Watch out for this injury!

While the most well-known running injuries are shin splints and pulled hamstrings, there’s another one that anyone who likes to run needs to know about. Runner’…

The running injury you dont know about

Find out why Michigan was made for trail running

Sick of pounding the pavement? Take your next run to a nearby trail instead! Hoofing it over hills and through trees is a great way to perk up a boring routine…

Get started trail running today

Going from the couch, to completing my first 5k

Sitting. That would accurately describe the extent of my physical activity prior to a few years ago. As many of you know, last year I began my own “Pursuit of…

Murr 5k

Benefits of a foam roller: Why runners should use it

If you haven’t tried foam rolling yet, what are you waiting for? Just like ironing wrinkles out of your rumpled shirt, the cylinder-shaped exercise equipment…

foam rolling for runners

#HealthyMe: My first 5K

I ran my first 5K last weekend: the BCBSM RifverFront Run/Walk. All in all, I think it was a success. When the prospect of the 5K came up, I jumped at the…


Missed the #HealthyMe Twitter chat on running a 5k? Read the Storify here!

HealthyMe helps you take the first step to being a healthier you and reaching your health goals. And since launching in April, we've seen many members aspiring…


Anyone can run a 5k, even you!

Do you ever think that you don't have what it takes to participate in a 5k? Think again. You don’t have to be an Olympic runner, someone who runs in marathons…


Your ultimate running buddy

Chances are, your dog already plays so many roles in your life: best friend, protector, therapist. Well here’s one more to add: running partner!


The best way to recover after running a half marathon

You just ran 13.1 miles – Congratulations! So, what do you do next? While you've probably been super focused on the weeks leading up to the event…

Recover from a half marathon

Support a good cause and get fit in the process

With up to 60,000 new cases of Parkinson’s disease diagnosed every year, The Michigan Parkinson Foundation, or MPF as it is sometimes known, is as valuable a…


Why everybody should train like a triathlete

Discover why triathlons are a great exercise.


How to stay safe when running in the dark

The days are getting longer (finally!), but that doesn’t mean your schedule is getting any less hectic. Often work and family obligations monopolize the…

How to run safely at night

Training for a race? You still need to watch what you eat

It's easy to convince yourself that eating a lot of junk food is okay because you workout, but that's not always the case.

Woman in workout clothes eating apple

Three races across Michigan you won’t want to miss

Warm weather is finally here, which means the start of race season is upon us! While there are many races across the state worth participating in…

Three crazy runs happening in Michigan

A tried-and-true workout plan to help you run faster

Running season is among us, which means many people are thinking about setting new goals for themselves. One fun goal is to try to beat your PR (personal…

Workout plan to help you run faster

Have an exercise injury? Here’s how to get healthy faster

It’s never fun to sit on the sidelines, but almost everyone who exercises or plays sports will have to deal with an injury at some point. And when that happens…

Overcome sports injuries fast

Don’t be guilty of these rookie running mistakes

Whether you have your very first 5k in your sights or just want to give jogging a shot, there is a lot to consider when starting out with running (and it’s not…

rookie running mistakes

Running shoes guide: Spring 2014

Every year, there seems to be an overarching theme in the sneaker market. And if 2013 was all about cushioning, 2014 will be dubbed the year of versatility…

Spring running shoes

The Science Behind the Perfect Workout Playlist

If you listen to music when you work out, you've got to read this post to design the perfect playlist to pump you up.

Girl dancing with earbuds in

Fallen off the fitness wagon? Four tips to get back on track

Even the most devout exercise enthusiast can slip into an inactive rut where working out falls by the wayside. Between demanding jobs…

Get back on track with fitness

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