Saginaw YMCA Member Runs for His Community

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Kelly Hall

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How David Hall fell in love with running
The benefits of running are clearly reflected in David Hall: he’s more confident, has more energy and feels stronger. More important to Hall though is how his running habits have affected his family and community.
Hall is currently training for his 15th 5K, the YMCA of Saginaw Run For Your Heart. He runs with a group from the YMCA once a week and trains by himself the other days to prepare, but more importantly he hopes others see him running and choose to participate too.
So far, his wish appears to be coming true.
His cousin is training for her first-ever 5K and plans on participating with him in the Run For Your Heart race, but she’s not the only one who has been inspired by him. A member of Hall’s church participated in a 5K for the first time last year because of the example he set.
David Hall
David Hall
“I think they wanted to participate because they thought, ‘If he can do it, I can do it too,’” Hall said. “Now, both are more aware and involved in healthy community events. I run for myself and my family.”
Hall insists that while he is self-motivated, he gets a great deal of support from his friends at the YMCA. Building a support system is vital to Hall’s success, and according to Runner’s World, “Running friends are friends with benefits.” Running in a group pushes each individual to keep up with the next.
David Hall is inspired by the people he runs with. From left: Marc Kaeckmeister, David Hall, Brooke Devereaux.
David Hall is inspired by the people he runs with. From left: Marc Kaeckmeister, David Hall, Brooke Devereaux.
“When I first started running four years ago, I lost 30 pounds,” Hall said. “I feel much stronger now than I did before because of running and I wouldn’t have started running if it wasn’t for my coworker who encouraged me to participate in my first 5K.”
Not too long ago, Hall was inspired to run by others, and now he’s the one cheering on family and friends to follow in his footsteps. It’s an infectious chain reaction that’s running through his community.
Hall has advice for beginning runners who want to be a part of a running revolution.
“Don’t be concerned about finishing in the top 10, just do what you can and try to finish,” Hall said. “Listen to your body, and be proud of yourself for the change you’re trying to make in your life. Some people ask, ‘What if I come in last place?’ I don’t think that matters if you put in the effort.”
Want to run in a 5K? You can register for Run For Your Heart now and prepare for its Sept. 12 race day.
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