Tips and Motivation to Help You Rock a 5K in 2015

Julie Bitely

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How to rock your next race
Is a 5k on your bucket list or one of your 2015 resolutions?
Many couch-to-5K training plans are available to help you prep for your first 3.1-mile race, no matter your speed. Most programs can get you in shape to finish in anywhere from six to eight weeks.
Intrigued? Ready to be literally miles ahead of last year’s goals? Here are some tips and motivation that will have you ready to run.
For starters, get off that couch! Search online for “couch to 5K” plans and pick one that feels realistic based on your current level of activity. If exercise hasn’t been part of your vocabulary in a loooong time, you also might want to check in with your doctor to get his or her blessing on pumping up your heart rate. Then, start moving. Take it one workout at a time and don’t be too hard on yourself if you have to miss a day.
Sign up. It’s so much easier to ignore a goal you haven’t fully committed to. Spend a little cash on the registration fee, and you’re invested in crossing that finish line.
Tell everyone you know. It’s much harder to flake out on finishing if people are cheering you on. Tell your family, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances what you’re hoping to do. Use their encouragement for inspiration on days you really don’t feel like lacing up. Who knows, maybe you’ll inspire them to step out as well.
Do good. Many races have a charity partner that runners can raise money for. When you’re telling everyone you know you’re signing up, you might as well see if they’d like to donate a little cash along with their encouraging words. Running for a cause you care about may just put a little extra spring in your step, and gratitude in your heart.
Eat up and stress less. Have we mentioned that running and walking are excellent ways to burn calories and diffuse stress? No? Well they are. Running for 30 minutes at a six-minute mile pace burns over 250 calories and jogging or walking at a slower pace still burns way more calories than staying on the couch. With holiday festivities and family gatherings, come calorie-laden meals and joyous, but sometimes stressful encounters with loved ones. Counter both with exercise and fresh air.
Thinking about a 2015 5K resolution? Tell us which race you’re signing up for and how it goes!
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