Anyone can run a 5k, even you!

Maddie Michaels

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Do you ever think that you don’t have what it takes to participate in a 5k? Think again. You don’t have to be an Olympic runner, someone who runs in marathons regularly, or be an experienced runner, to enjoy all the fun that a 5k has to offer. All you need is a positive attitude, the desire to be active and be willing to support a great cause.
Several of our team members, with various levels of athleticism, are participating in the upcoming Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan RiverFront Run on Saturday, June 14. The RiverFront Run is a 5K and 10k that includes walkers and runners. Our HealthyMe initiative encourages people of all skill levels to be active, here are a few employees who have been preparing for this run, some for the first time.
  • Mike Miller, Social Media Video Coordinator, is participating in his first 5k race. When he exercises, he is typically on the elliptical, as he is not fond of running. Mike has found that the results of running work for him, however he does not usually run outdoors. He is running in the 5k with his wife, who has experience in races, including the New York Marathon.
  • Adriane Davis is not a runner, but has recently started jogging. She suffers from asthma and allergies, but is not comfortable on treadmills, so running outside is her preferred option. One of her close friends happens to be a personal trainer and has taught her basics on breathing while running. To prepare for this event, Adriane has been walking and jogging two to three miles everyday, and plans to walk her first 5k.
  • Meghan O’Brien works in External Affairs and has participated in several 5k and 10k events, half marathons, as well as a full marathon. She loves walking, making these events very enjoyable for her. As a mother of three young children, walking is a way for her to exercise and include her children. In past races, she pushed her kids along in a stroller, and plans to do the same for this upcoming race. She believes that even if her kids nap the entire time, the exercise and fresh air is great for all of them.
  • Brian Bell has an extensive past with running, as he ran cross country and track in high school and has started back up again, in recent years. This will be one of over fifty races that he’s participated in, however, he is recovering from a leg injury he endured while training for a marathon. He has slowly been getting back into running by running about three miles, three times a week. This race will serve as a way to help him heal and get back into shape.
  • Alex King is a summer intern at BCBSM who is participating in his first 5k. He has played baseball and basketball before, but rarely runs on his own. When he does find time to run, it is primarily at the gym on a treadmill. Since he is athletic but does not usually run, he is planning on running the 5k and walking when he needs to.
Our team members are excited to finish this run for their individual goals. Do you have what it takes to participate? Registration for the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan RiverFront Run can be found here.
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