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Why Yooperlites Are a Pure Michigan Rock-Hunting Quest 

Ready for a late-night adventure that will land you some rocks that glow in the dark? Then you’re ready to find Yooperlites.


Sensory Spaces for People with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

For people with Autism Spectrum Disorder, spaces that are too-bright or too-loud can be painfully overwhelming. Sensory-friendly activities can help.

Boy exercising at senory gym

5 Ways to Get Your Garden Ready to Plant in May 

Gardeners, start your green thumbs. It’s almost time to start planting. Here's what you n

Child and mother gardening in vegetable garden in the backyard
Health and Wellness

Brain-Sharpening Exercises and Activities 

Just like our bodies, our brains change as we age. But there are exercises and activities that can slow or even prevent some of that decline.

Old Woman make exercise why she is protected Alzheimer's disease
Health and Wellness

How Daylight Saving Time Can Affect Your Body

It might seem as simple as updating a few clocks in your home, but Daylight Saving Time can take a toll on some people’s overall health.

White alarm clock in the morning. Young man sleeps in the background.
Food and Recipes

Best Ways to Make Your Diet Heart Healthy 

Want to make some heart-healthy changes to your diet? It’s easier than you might think and it starts with some basic meal-planning tips.

Healthy food on a heart shape cutting board. Love of food concept with fruit, vegetables, grains and high fibre foods. Rustic wood textures
Food and Recipes

Which Cooking Oils Are Best for Heart Health? 

Grocery aisles are filled with choices. All oils are a type of fat, so they should be used sparingly compared to other ingredients in your diet. But there are some easy ways to tell which oils are better for your health.

Young woman preparing food at home using olive oil
Health and Wellness

How Sleep Syncing Can Give You a Better Night’s Rest

Have you heard of sleep syncing? This TikTok trend could lead you down a path toward better sleep. Here are the bullet points.


Michigan Bucket List: Ice Tree in Gaylord

Michigan is home to many winter marvels, including the “world’s largest ice tree” in Gaylord.

Health and Wellness

4 Reasons Valentine’s Day is Good for Your Heart 

Chocolate, wine and a trip around the dance floor are hallmarks of Valentine’s Day. But they can also be good for your heart.

Shot of a happy young couple playing with cut out red hearts in bed at home
Food and Recipes

Is Peanut Butter Healthy?

Peanut butter lovers may be aware of some of the pros and cons associated with their rich, creamy snack of choice. Let's dive into those, as well as some of the lesser-known peanut butter health facts.


Michigan-Themed Valentine’s Day Ideas 

How do you know you’re from The Mitten State? Maybe it’s because you know just how to celebrate Valentine’s Day with fun, friends - and a little bit of love.

A mixed race senior couple joyfully embrace a snow shower while out for a walk in the forest. They are wearing snowshoes and warm clothing. The woman has her arms raised and is looking up at the falling snowflakes. The woman's husband is in the background walking towards her. He is smiling and watching her joyous display.
Health and Wellness

How Dancing Can Help Your Heart Health

If having a heart-healthy lifestyle is on your goals list for this year, dancing can help.


Michigan Bucket List: Ice Fishing

During the winter, Michigan is known for its world-class ice fishing. Here are 10 lakes that are anglers’ favorites.


5 Things to Do This Winter in Cadillac

There’s a lot to discover in this Northern Michigan community during the winter.


Michigan Bucket List: Biggest Sledding Hills in Michigan

If you love sledding, you’re in the right place. Here’s our list of favorite sledding hills across Michigan.

Health and Wellness

Why Tanning Beds Don’t Help with Seasonal Depression

Thinking about popping into a tanning bed to ward off the winter blues? Not so fast.


5 Things to Do This Winter in Tawas City

There’s a lot to discover in this northeastern Michigan community during the winter.

Home and Family

Sledding Hill Safety Tips

The thrill of whooshing down a sledding hill is fun for all ages. But sledding comes with risks, too.


Michigan Bucket List: Great Lakes Ice Formations

The Great Lakes delivers some spectacular ice formations during the winters. Here’s what to look for.


5 Things to Do This Winter in Fenton

There’s a lot to discover in this Mid-Michigan community during the winter.

Health and Wellness

How Washing Your Face Can Help Your Brain

Cleansing your face each day has bigger benefits than just healthy-looking skin.


5 Things to Do This Winter in Munising

There’s a lot to discover in this Upper Peninsula community during the winter.

Food and Recipes

Exploring the Pros and Cons of Milk Alternatives 

From soy to almond milks, let’s look at the pros and cons of milk alternatives when it comes to your health and the environment.

Health and Wellness

Get Outside in Nature This Winter: Why It’s Good for Your Mental Health 

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you should stay cooped up inside. A little outside time can lead to big health benefits.

Father with three kids running in beautiful winter forest. The little girl is aged 10 and her brothers are aged 7. Cold winter day
Health and Wellness

Decluttering for the New Year 

Clutter doesn't always refer to physical items. If your house and your life feel a little messy, it’s time to declutter for the New Year. Here are some tips.

Millennial man organizing his book collections
Food and Recipes

Whole Foods to Eat in the Winter 

In the colder months especially, using whole foods to create nourishing and satisfying meals is one way to give ourselves a delicious health boost. 

Woman shopping in the produce section
Health and Wellness

What is a Disney Rash?

What is a Disney Rash? It looks like a rash, but it’s really not. 


5 Things to Do This Winter in Rochester

There’s a lot to discover in this Southeastern Michigan community during the winter.

Home and Family

Activities for Holiday Fun with Your Kids

Children make the holidays brighter. Make sure you set aside some special activities just for them, like the five ideas listed here.

Cute 5 years old girl making cookies for Christmas with her mom.
Home and Family

Natural Home Cleaners You Can Make Yourself

Ready to make your own natural cleaners? We’ll show you how.

Home and Family

When to Take Down Your Christmas Tree

Do you love to let the holidays linger? When is the right time to take down your Christmas tree?

Home and Family

How to Start an Indoor Winter Garden

If your green thumb needs a new project, try starting an indoor winter garden.

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