Shandra Martinez

Food and Recipes

What Are the Health Benefits of Apples

Full of fiber and other perks, apples come with lots of health benefits.

Food and Recipes

No-Cook Tailgate Recipes to Make for Game Day

A delicious part of football season is the tradition of a tailgate spread on game day. We've got you covered with these recipes.

Michigan Outdoors

5 Things to Do This Fall in Whitefish Point / Paradise

There’s a lot of natural beauty to explore in the Upper Peninsula community of Whitefish Point / Paradise.


Health Benefits of Yoga

Next time you strike a pose and hold it, know that you’re improving your health in lots of ways.


ArtPrize Artist Connects Art, Healing in Piece Made with Robot Vacuum

Amanda Koss is showing her paintings "Self" and "Dustbin Timberlake" at the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan office in downtown Grand Rapids during the annual art festival.

Home and Family

Top 10 Scents to Make Your House Smell Good Naturally

Think about the signature scent you would like to create – or even a different one for each room.

Food and Recipes

How to Make a Pumpkin Spice Latte

Here’s a step-by-step process for making your own version of the autumn classic at home.

Michigan Outdoors

5 Things to Do This Fall in Frankenmuth

This Mid-Michigan community is a popular destination for people who like to celebrate Bavarian traditions and Christmas year-round. 

Home and Family

Simmer Pot Recipes for a Fresh-Smelling Home

Simmer pot recipes are an easy, affordable and natural way to have your home smelling good. Check out our recipes.

Things To Do

Michigan Bucket List: Michigan Cider Mills

As summer gives way to fall, it’s time for a visit to a cider mill to enjoy apple picking, apple cider and donuts.

Food and Recipes

A Healthy Diet for People with Alzheimer’s

Can what you eat slow down age-related cognitive decline or early signs of Alzheimer’s?


5 Things to Do This Fall in Belleville

There’s a lot to discover in this lakeside community southwest of Detroit during the fall.

Michigan Bucket List: Apple Orchards to Explore This Fall 

Michigan Bucket List: Apple Orchards to Explore This Fall 

Nothing says fall in Michigan like filling a bushel basket full of freshly-picked apples. If you want to put a U-pick day on your list this autumn, we can help.


Know this Acronym to Help Prevent Suicide

Learn about WAIT, which offers simple suicide prevention advice.


Where to Find Adaptive Kayaking Launches

Adaptive kayak launches offer easy in and out designs for paddlers of all mobility levels. Here are some places to find them.

Food and Recipes

What is Millet?

Looking for a new high-fiber food to add to your diet? Jump on the millet bandwagon.


Why Pickleball is a Heart-Healthy Sport

Pickleball is a great sport for your heart health, no matter your age.


5 Things to Do This Summer in Three Rivers

From the arts and cultural events to recreational activities, there’s a lot to do in Three Rivers during the summer.

Home and Family

5 Insider Tips on How to Shop Smarter and Healthier at the Grocery Store

Registered dietician Shanthi Appelö shares five tips for how to shop smarter and healthier in the grocery store.


The Health Benefits of Grounding

Swim in a lake, walk in the grass or lay on the sand and you might get the benefits from grounding.


Insects: Are They the Protein of the Future?

Ready for some flash-fried crickets in a cup? How about a serving of steamed silkworms? Insects might be the protein of the future.


What’s the Best Diet for Workout Recovery?

Feeling a little tired or run-down after your last workout? Here’s what you should be eating afterward to speed your recovery.


5 Things to Do This Summer in Grayling

With its prime location on the AuSable River, there are a lot of things to do in Grayling during the summer.


Sun Protection Needs by Age

Should our sun safety practices change as we get older? Here are sun protection tips by age.


Is a Hot Dog a Sandwich?

It’s meat in between bread. Does that make it a sandwich? And can it shorten your life?

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