Simmer Pot Recipes for a Fresh-Smelling Home

Shandra Martinez

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A scent has the power to relax or invigorate you, or even transport you back to a distant memory. So, it’s not surprising that simmer pots are gaining attention. These homemade air fresheners are both economical and easy to make. It's as simple as boiling fragrant pieces of fruits, herbs and spices in water.
Simmer pots are homemade alternatives to scented candles, sprays or plug-in air fresheners. They are also a resourceful way to make use of food scraps like fruit peel from lemons, oranges, limes and even grapefruit. A citrus simmer pot gives a clean scent. Other options include whole spices, such as cinnamon sticks, peppercorns and star anise, or herbs and flowers, such as fresh rosemary, mint, lavender, sage and rose petals. Other potential ingredients include pine or spruce twigs, pine needles, cedar, pinecones, tree barks and tree buds, which can create a woodsy scent when added to a simmer pot.
Shanthi Appelö, a registered dietitian, and health and wellness spokesperson for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, created the following simmer pot recipes.
This delightful blend of colorful fruits, herbs and spices brings a scent of warmth to your home, whether you’re expecting company or spending a cozy day at home.
You can check out a video of her recipe here.
Don’t be surprised if you hear, “Is someone baking apple pie?” with this blend of simmer pot ingredients on the stove.
Watch the video of the recipe here.
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