Michigan-Themed Valentine’s Day Ideas 

Shandra Martinez

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A mixed race senior couple joyfully embrace a snow shower while out for a walk in the forest. They are wearing snowshoes and warm clothing. The woman has her arms raised and is looking up at the falling snowflakes. The woman's husband is in the background walking towards her. He is smiling and watching her joyous display.
Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays when people tend to be all in or all out. Either it’s a day filled with hearts, flowers, candy and “I love you” cards, or it’s seen as a romantics-only holiday that’s minimally acknowledged by others. If you’re in this second group, it might be time to turn the holiday on its head and make it into something worth celebrating. Here are some Michigan-themed Valentine’s Day ideas to get your plans started:

Take the holiday outside

One of the great things about living in Michigan is that we get to enjoy our winter holidays with a side of snowflakes. Embrace the outdoors this holiday. Whether you’re planning a date with someone special or organizing an outing with a group of friends, find fun things to do outside. Some suggestions include:
  • Tubing: Find your closest big sledding hill and bring along some inflatable tubes. It’s so much more comfortable than sledding and it makes you feel like a kid again. For added fun, fasten the tubes together by the handles for a group trip downhill. If you live by a ski hill that offers a separate tubing section, nab tickets for that experience. The runs are typically longer and have built-in mogul bumps for getting air on the way down.
  • Ice skating: Whether you know how to skate or need to start out holding the rink’s rail or a friend’s hand, ice skating is a fun winter activity not enough of us make time for. Local rinks typically offer skate rentals. After an hour gliding on the ice, we bet you’ll be smiling.
  • A winter hike: Hit up your favorite local park or recreation area. Lace up your winter boots, find your hat and mittens and bring some water. Have fun wandering the trails with friends. Wooded trails are always a little more magical in the winter.
  • Snowshoeing: If you don’t own a pair, then bring a friend and rent snowshoes for an hour or two. Whether you pick a local groomed trail or an area of untouched snow, it’s a fun way to spend an afternoon.
  • Après, Après, Après: Whether it’s after skiing – or snowshoeing, tubing, skating or hiking – make sure to make time for some après refreshments and downtime. Pack some snacks and beverages for an outdoor picnic or move the party indoors and find seats at your favorite local restaurant or coffee shop.
Health benefits of Galentines Day

Celebrate with friends

Much like people have happily turned holidays like Thanksgiving into “Friends-giving” feasts, it’s easy to morph special times like Valentine’s Day into days set aside to gather with those you love to spend time with. Pick someone’s home for a bring-a-dish gathering, or create a themed, costume dinner or rom-com movie night with friends.

Play our music

Adding music to your Valentine’s Day is a great way to set the mood. And Michigan is known for producing great singers and musicians, so pick your favorite homegrown talent to make it special. Whether you spin tunes from the Motown collection – The Supremes, Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye or Stevie Wonder – or trend toward the newer sounds of Lord Huron, The Accidentals, Myron Elkins or Billy Strings, select some songs that will be the backdrop for a memorable evening. You might even be inspired to do a little dancing.
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