Health Benefits of Yoga

Next time you strike a pose and hold it, know that you’re improving your health in lots of ways.


A Healthy Diet for People with Alzheimer’s

Can what you eat slow down age-related cognitive decline or early signs of Alzheimer’s?


How I Stay Healthy in College

School is back and so is the juggling act that comes with life on campus for college students. BCBSM'S 2023 corporate communications interns recently shared their diet, exercise and self-care regimens.

Jozlynn Blankenbaker poses for a photo on the Wayne State University campus.

The Power of a Routine in College

Having trouble staying organized at school? Adding structure to our lives can bring out the best versions of ourselves. Here's what a routine-oriented approach can offer.


How to Choose the Right Workout for You

Angela T. Moore explains the different types of workouts available and how you can decide which one is best for you.

People doing skin care routine

Are These Social Trends Harming Your Skin?

Can beef tallow really help improve your skin? Does a jade roller really give you a glow? To help separate skincare fact from fiction, we’ll uncover if these trending hacks actually work.

Man worried for alopecia checking hair for loss

What is Alopecia? 

For a lot of people, sudden hair loss can be traumatic. Here are the causes of alopecia, and how it can be treated.

Doctor or psychiatrist consulting and diagnostic examining stressful woman patient on obstetric - gynecological female illness, or mental health in medical clinic or hospital healthcare service center

Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Cervical Health  

The next time you talk to your doctor, don’t forget to ask questions about cervical health, and factors that might put you at risk for cancer.

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