How Taking a Break from Alcohol Benefits Your Health 

Alcohol negatively affects physical and mental health in many ways, especially if consumed in excess, routinely or habitually. The reverse is also true, however – sobriety or cutting alcohol out of a lifestyle can have significant, positive effects on overall health and wellness. 


How Seasonal Changes, Even in the Spring, Affect My Anxiety

I’ve noticed something about my anxiety over the years – that almost every year it feels like my anxiety heightens around mid-March/early-April. Each year, it comes as a surprise to me. Learn more about springtime seasonal mood changes.

Monica Drake

Seven Eye-Opening Ways to Save Your Vision

It’s easy to take good vision for granted – until it’s no longer there. Bad lifestyle habits can jeopardize good vision and negatively impact quality of life.


5 Common Household Poisons to Avoid

Someone in the U.S. is exposed to poison every 15 seconds, according to statistics from the National Capital Poison Center. In 2021, more than two million people called Poison Control for help. Children are the most at risk for poisoning, especially those six years and under.


What I’m Doing Instead of Drinking This St. Patrick’s Day

Mental health advocate and contributing writer Monica Drake shares why she decided not to drink this St. Patrick's Day — and her plans to celebrate the Irish holiday without the alcohol.


Do You Have a Healthy Heart?

NASM Master Trainer Angela Moore writes about the importance of knowing key numbers for heart health. She writes: "I encourage you to take it one day at a time, one step at a time, and know that every effort you make to become healthier increases your chance of living a healthier and happier life for many years to come. Here’s to a healthier heart and a healthier YOU!"


What’s the Let-Down Effect? Here’s How I Dealt With It

Mental health advocate and contributor Monica Drake shares her experience with the let-down effect after planning and celebrating her wedding, and how she dealt with the feelings of listlessness after the big day.


How I Am Managing the Holidays While Grieving

Contributor and mental health advocate Monica Drake writes about how she is managing the holiday season while grieving a recent loss in her family.


Are New Year’s Resolutions Bad?

Integrative health expert, keynote speaker, radio personality, business owner and NASM Master Trainer Angela T. Moore talks about the pros and cons of New Year's resolutions. Are they bad? The answer might surprise you.


Caregiving During the Holidays: Tips to Navigate Gatherings

Contributor Julie Edgar of the AAA 1-B offers advice on how caregivers of older adults can navigate holiday family gatherings to make them fun and manageable.

Senior man welcoming family at the front door

How I Learned to Manage Impulsive and Intrusive Thoughts

Mental health advocate and contributor Monica Drake shares how she learned the difference between impulsive and intrusive thoughts -- and how they affect her mental health.


Advice for Coping with Holiday Blues

Contributor Monica Drake shares what you can do if the holidays aren’t feeling so joyful right now.

woman poses in a Santa hat while feeling sad with the holiday blues

How Change – Even Good Change – Affects My Anxiety

Contributor and mental health advocate Monica Drake writes about one of the biggest triggers for her anxiety -- change -- as she prepared to get married.


What I Learned By Shifting to a Different Mirror

integrative health expert, keynote speaker, radio personality, and business owner. She's a NASM Master Trainer, PAngela T. Moore explains the different types of workouts available and how you can decide which one is best for you.


This Suicide Prevention Month, I Remember.

Contributor and mental health advocate Monica Drake writes about what Suicide Prevention Month means to her and why.


The Power of a Routine in College

Having trouble staying organized at school? Adding structure to our lives can bring out the best versions of ourselves. Here's what a routine-oriented approach can offer.

Jozlynn Blankenbaker poses for a photo on the Wayne State University campus.

How I Protected My Mental Health While Dating

Since the unknown is one of the biggest triggers for my anxiety, it’s no wonder that dating had such an effect on me.


How to Choose the Right Workout for You

Angela T. Moore explains the different types of workouts available and how you can decide which one is best for you.


How My Workout Became a Part of My Social Life

Working out with friends has its benefits. Added motivation is usually one of them. That was the experience for Maria Cassel, who details her health journey in this first-person writing.


Writing One Sentence Per Day: How it Helped My Creativity

Summer intern Mike Merucci shares how writing one sentence per day helped boost his creativity and his mental health.

Man writes at his desk at night

The Health Benefits of Golf

Gracefully Greying health correspondent Lila Lazarus explores the health benefits of golf for both the body and the mind.

Senior women enjoying the health benefits of golf.

Starting College Out-of-State Was Scary. Here’s How I Coped. 

Contributor and summer intern Caitlyn Begosa writes about starting her first year of college out-of-state, and how she learned to adapt.

Caitlyn Begosa

Why I Started Hiking for Mental Clarity

Contributor and summer intern Olivia Durkee shares how hiking has helped her mental health and become an outlet for her stress.

Olivia Durkee

How My Pets Helped My Mental Health 

Contributor and mental health advocate Monica Drake shares how her pets have helped her mental health.

Monica Drake's two cats

Mental Health and Fitness: My Experience Becoming a Gym Regular

Summer intern Jenna Natwick shares how becoming a gym regular has helped her with her anxiety.

Jenna Natwick

Rare or Well-Done? The Meat Safety Debate

Gracefully Greying health correspondent Lila Lazarus reviews the benefits and risks to cooking meat rare or well-done, while keeping safety in mind.

Steak on the grill

Reduce Your Load if The Weight is Too Heavy

Licensed therapist, NASM master trainer and integrative health expert Angela T. Moore shares signs you're carrying too much weight — mentally and physically.

Woman with a heavy weight doing a dead lift

What Does it Feel Like to Have a Panic Attack?

Contributor and mental health advocate Monica Drake shares her experience with panic attacks, and talks about the strategies that help her manage them.

Monica Drake panic attack

Ways to Protect Your Brain Health Through a Healthy Lifestyle

Aging experts say diet, exercise, sleep and social habits play a big role in protecting brain health and preventing mental declines and dementia.

Senior couple hikes to protect their brain health through a healthy lifestyle

How My Anxiety Weighs on My Decision to Have Children

Contributor and mental health advocate Monica Drake shares how her anxiety has affected her feelings on having a family in the future.

Monica Drake

Practicing Mindfulness Without Meditation: My Mindfulness Journey

Contributor Mia Gallucci writes about trying to practice mindfulness without meditating — all while doing everyday activities.

Mia Gallucci sitting by the edge of a lake practicing mindfulness

Five Reasons to Start Playing Pickleball

Gracefully Greying health correspondent Lila Lazarus dives into the pickleball craze — and finds it can be good for your health.

A group of men and women play pickleball outside.

Caregiving Can Be Stressful. Here Is How to Ask for Help.

Often unpaid caregivers sacrifice their health and well-being to meet the needs of a loved one. Here are some tips from the experts on how to ask for help.

Caregiver hugging older woman

Tips for Highly Productive People: How to Know When to Rest

Licensed therapist, NASM master trainer and integrative health expert Angela T. Moore shares how to know when it's time to take a break from work and rest.

Angela Moore in her office

I Always Hated Exercise – Until I Saw How Much it Helped My Anxiety

Contributor and mental health advocate Monica Drake shares how starting an exercise routine has helped her manage her anxiety.

Monica Drake poses for a photo in her gym.

What’s All the Fuss About Cold Plunges?

Gracefully Greying health correspondent Lila Lazarus tries the cold plunge trend and reports back on results.

Woman takes a cold plunge in a frozen outdoor lake.

Parli Italiano? What Learning a Language Taught Me About Myself

Contributor Mia Gallucci writes about her inspiration for learning a second language — a journey that took dedication and consistency.

Mia in Florence, Italy, on a trip that helped her to learn Italian.

Here is What I Did When Life Felt Pointless

Contributor and mental health advocate Monica Drake shares how she managed her feelings when life felt pointless — and how she got help.

Monica Drake

The Power of Journaling

Gracefully Greying health correspondent Lila Lazarus brings a new way to positively impact your health: journaling.

Woman sits at home with coffee and a journal

Taking Care of Your Heart and Mental Health Go Hand-in-Hand

Writer and mental health advocate Monica Drake offers a reminder for American Heart Month that taking care of your mental health is good for your heart.

Monica Drake - Heart Health Month

The Moment I Decided to Stop Being a Victim

Licensed therapist, NASM master trainer and integrative health expert Angela T. Moore shares her personal journey through trauma.

Angela Moore

Tips for Long-Distance Caregiving

If you live at a distance, here are tips for maximizing your caregiver effectiveness – and maintaining your peace of mind.

Older woman talks with a younger family member

How to Deal With the Loss of Your Pet 

Losing a pet can be very difficult. They’re more than just animals. Often, they are beloved members of the family.

Close up view, portrait. Woman is with golden retriever dog at home

Packing a Punch: Learning Tactical Self-Defense 

Contributor Mia Gallucci writes about her experience trying a tactical self-defense class — and what she learned along the way.

Woman practicing self defense

How Access to Diverse Stories Would Have Helped Me in High School

Monica Drake shares how reading books from diverse perspectives has helped her as an adult — and imagines how they could have helped her when she was younger.

Monica Drake reads at home with her cat.

5 Unusual Health Tips for a Daily Better Life

Gracefully Greying health correspondent Lila Lazarus shares five unusual health tips that most people don’t know about.

Happy senior couple making dinner

Are You Physically and Mentally Fit?

Licensed therapist, NASM master trainer and integrative health expert Angela T. Moore discusses the importance of talking about mental fitness.

Angela Moore

New Year Doesn’t Have to Mean ‘New You’

Contributor Monica Drake dispels the myth that entering the new year has to mean changing yourself — and offers advice on how to increase self-confidence.

Monica Drake poses for a photo wearing a Happy New Year hat

Be Your Own Health Advocate

Being an advocate for health is not only important on the field, on the track, in the arena, or on the court; it is even more important in our daily lives.

Angela Moore acts as her own health advocate

Volunteering Brings a Fresh Perspective

Contributor Mia Gallucci shares how taking time to volunteer refreshed her outlook on life and helped her find clarity during a busy time.

Mia volunteering putting school supplies in a box

Trauma is Like a Sucker Punch to the Kidneys

Contributor Angela Moore shares a story of how she was sucker punched while kickboxing — and how it reminds her of how trauma impacts the body and mind.

Angela Moore poses in front of a boxing ring

How Horror Films Helped Me with My Anxiety

Contributor Monica Drake writes about how scary movies — along with mental health treatment — have helped counteract her anxiety.

Monica Drake and her fiance dressed up for Halloween

Coming Out at Work: Finding Support and Protection

Contributor Stephanie Munier Radant shares how she was met with support and kindness when she came out to her coworkers.

Stephanie Munier Radant

Mia Gallucci: Growing a Green Thumb

Contributor Mia Gallucci writes about her latest hobby — vegetable gardening — and the trials and triumphs she encountered over the summer.

Mia poses with a basket full of tomatoes from her garden

Gracefully Greying: Why Dental Health Matters As You Age

Gracefully Greying correspondent Lila Lazarus talks with a dentist about the importance of regular dental checkups during the aging process.

Dental checkup and examination

Crisis Lifelines Make a Difference to Someone Considering Suicide

Contributor Monica Drake writes about how crisis lifelines can help someone experiencing suicidal thoughts.

Woman sits alone with her cell phone

Angela T. Moore: Heal From a Place of Health, Not Hurt!

Angela Moore reflects on her journey to healing and how she overcame using her past as an excuse.

Woman sitting on the beach looking at the sunset

Self-Soothing Techniques to Stay Productive and Balanced

Chavonn Hussey writes about the self-soothing techniques that she has found have helped her maintain balance with work, life and mental health.

Chavonn Hussey

Angela T. Moore: Do Not Get Stressed About Working Out 

Health expert and counselor Angela T. Moore shares tips to change our mindset around exercise to view it as a privilege, not a burden.

Woman stretches her legs in front of her laptop

Monica Drake: Check in on Your Child’s Mental Health

Contributor Monica Drake writes about why it's so important to check in your child's mental health — and to get them help if they need it.

Man walks with his teenage son to talk about mental health

Gracefully Greying: The Power of Breakfast

Gracefully Greying health correspondent Lila Lazarus joins Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan registered dietitian Shanthi Appelo for a virtual breakfast.

Woman making healthy breakfast in kitchen

Mia Gallucci: Stuck in a Rut? Challenge Your Daily Routine

Our lives can be dominated by technology and constant updates about the world around us. Mia Gallucci shares her journey to challenge her daily routine.

Woman in bed texting on phone

Angela T. Moore: I May Be a Woman, But I Care About Men’s Health! 

How can you encourage the men in your life to take their health more seriously, as well as support their health journey?

Body Positive Asian Indian man running on treadmill monitored by fitness instructor timing

Youth Suicide Rates In LGBTQ+ Community Decrease Since Legalization of Gay Marriage

Contributor Monica Drake shares a personal story from a friend who came out as gay; and how the legalization of gay marriage affected his outlook.

Two men stare at each other lovingly during their wedding ceremony

Busy? Yes! Believe It Or Not, You Can Be Healthy Too!

Angela T. Moore, certified therapist and fitness coach, offers tips for finding ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle even when you are busy.

Side View Of A Happy Young Businesswoman Doing Push Up At Workplace

How Mental Health Care Changed My Life

Monica Drake, writer and mental health advocate, shares her mental health journey. “You are not alone in this. Millions of others, including me, are with you.”

Monica Drake

Are You Willing to Reveal Your Wounds So That You Can Heal?

Don’t be afraid to reveal your wounds so that you can heal. You have the resilience and the strength to not only heal but also thrive in your life.

Sitting with the worries of an uncertain future

Spring into Health this Spring!

Spring is the perfect season to spring into health. You can do it with these three simple steps.

Women in private session with female instructor

How to Become the Healthiest You in 2022

Everyday strategies to become healthy and happy this year!

Curvy friends walking home after fitness exercise

Don’t Take a Holiday from Your Health During the Holidays!

The holidays are the perfect reason in the season to ramp up and increase your healthy lifestyle efforts.

Two friends jogging up the trails in the forest to get fit in the middle of December!

Help! I Feel Sad During the Holidays 

While the holiday season is often a time for celebration and family gatherings, for many the holiday season is a time of sadness and despair.

Feeling alone and abandoned during christmas holiday

Want to Live a Healthier Lifestyle?  

The most important thing you can do when striving to live a healthy lifestyle is to create environments that support healthy actions.

I like my weights heavy and my squats low

Back to Work and Back to School: It’s the Perfect Time to Focus on Well-being

As kids return back to school, parents can take action to ensure the health and well-being of their children at home and at school.

A multi-ethnic family (mother, father, son, daughter) getting exercise by going for a jog at the park.

What Are You Willing to Do for the People You Love?

The reality is that integrating healthy lifestyle habits and maintaining those habits is the best gift that you can give yourself and those that you love.

Father and son, home exercising

What’s Your Motivation for Weight Loss?  

If you are motivated to be healthy, you will not only look good, but you will also feel good and enjoy the many benefits of a healthier life.

Brazilian woman body positive exercising in nature.

Suffering From “Quarantine 15” Or “The Covid 19”? Move It To Lose it!

The key is to move the body in an effective way. Ideally, you want to move your body in a way that promotes a healthy body as well as a healthy body image.

Motivated strong sporty lady performing the alternating waves exercise with battle ropes at the gym

Find Your ‘Why’ For Living a Healthy Life

Angela T. Moore, certified therapist and fitness coach, explains how to find your 'why' for living a healthy life. The answers will fuel your motivation.

A mother exercises with her young son inside their home. She is teaching the boy the importance of a healthy lifestyle by proper stretching and exercising.

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