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Gracefully Greying

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Or is it? It all depends upon what you eat.
In this video, Gracefully Greying health correspondent Lila Lazarus is joined by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan registered dietitian and health and wellness spokesperson Shanthi Appelö as they enjoy a virtual breakfast together.

What is the problem with refined grains and sugar?

While they may taste good, refined grains are stripped of their most power for nutrients. And sugar goes straight to the blood stream and doesn’t give a long-lasting positive punch to the day.

Fuel your day

Keep your day fueled with a great start. We often hear about fueling young children with a good breakfast before school. Lila and Shanthi talk about the fuel seniors need to keep their mind and body in shape. Don’t just function, fill your tank for the day.

Everything in moderation

Dessert for breakfast on a regular basis is not the answer. But a birthday treat, or special occasion is important too. Just make sure it is the exception and not the rule. The same goes for intermittent fasting. If you find yourself feeling left out when you are with friends or skipping being with others, it probably isn’t the right answer for you.

Breaking the fast

Listen to your hunger cues and try to eat within two hours of waking up. And stay full by making sure to include protein with your meal.


Everyone asks, is coffee okay in the morning? Yes, but make sure to start your day with a glass of water. Don’t forget that you haven’t had hydration all night and a tall glass will get you moving the right way.
Learn about what’s healthy, what’s not, tips, suggestions, and enjoy a few laughs.
Gracefully Greying puts a spotlight on those who are 50+ or are helping aging parents and family members. A weekly livestream on social media platforms highlights relevant information and meaningful discussions about growing older and staying young in heart and mind.
Lila Lazarus is an award–winning news anchor and health reporter who speaks five languages and holds two master’s degrees. She has covered the news all over the world. Lila believes we all can infuse our lives with passion and excitement and leads by example. Lila is the Health and News Correspondent at Gracefully Greying.
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