Gracefully Greying: Why Dental Health Matters As You Age

Gracefully Greying
Gracefully Greying

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Dental checkup and examination
Did you know we get “longer in the tooth?”
In this video, Gracefully Greying health correspondent Lila Lazarus talks about dental health with Dr. Bruce Smoler.

When is the last time you went to the dentist?

Continuing with regular dental checkups is an important part of taking care of your overall health. People get cavities and tooth decay at all ages.

Teeth do get longer as gum support erodes

Dr. Smoler explains where the phrase “longer in the tooth” comes from and how to stop it from happening. While the first thought is to try to save original teeth, sometimes teeth are not worth saving and there are better answers.

Some facts

  • Millions of people are missing teeth. It is a silent epidemic.
  • There are more people in this country with missing teeth than the population of Canada.
  • People with dentures live an average of 10 years less than people with normal teeth.

Robotic surgery is a simple solution

In the video, Dr. Smoler illustrates the importance and ease of having dental implants. It’s not your father’s implants! With robotic surgery dental implants can be place in 15 minutes as opposed to a four to five- hour surgery. The use of robotics in dentistry has been groundbreaking.
According to Dr. Smoler, laughing and smiling at others can change your whole life.
Watch this video and then make your dentist appointment today.
Gracefully Greying puts a spotlight on those who are 50+ or are helping aging parents and family members. A weekly livestream on social media platforms highlights relevant information and meaningful discussions about growing older and staying young in heart and mind. Lila Lazarus is an award–winning news anchor and health reporter who speaks five languages and holds two master’s degrees. She has covered the news all over the world. Lila believes we all can infuse our lives with passion and excitement and leads by example. Lila is the Health and News Correspondent at Gracefully Greying.
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