What I Learned By Shifting to a Different Mirror

Angela Moore
Angela Moore

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Do you like who you see when you look in the mirror? Is your life a loving reflection of you?
Not too long ago, a shift to a different mirror in my house transformed my life.
It all started one morning as I was preparing for the day in the bathroom — brushing my teeth, styling my hair, putting on my makeup — when the steam forming on the mirror from my husband showering obscured by view. In a rush to get to the office, I grabbed my things and moved to the guest bathroom.
When I turned on the light and looked in the mirror, I quickly noticed that the image that I saw of myself in the bathroom mirror was better than what I saw in the other mirror. My hair looked healthier, my skin appeared more vibrant; I just looked better and as a result, I felt better about myself. Interestingly, because I felt better about how I looked, I felt better about myself. I felt less compelled to put on more makeup or continue to fix my hair. I didn’t feel the need to make sure that my eyeliner was perfectly straight or that my curls fell symmetrically on both sides; I felt beautiful just the way I was.

A simple shift, a new perspective

I recognized that what appeared to be a simple shift to another bathroom was not simple at all, it was profound. The simple shift to the bathroom shifted something in my spirit. I recognized that I not only had the power to shift when my vision was obscured but I also had the power to move whenever I wanted a better image of myself.
It is so important that we see ourselves from a clear perspective and that we are positioned in places that provide positive reflections of ourselves. Our “self-image” or how we picture ourselves, contributes to how we feel ourselves, how we interact with others and how we experience our world.
Seeing ourselves from a distorted view can cause us to have a “negative self-image.” A negative self-image can cause us to see and focus on “imperfections” and “weaknesses” which can lead us to think and behave in unhealthy ways.
Conversely, seeing ourselves from a realistic and healthier view contributes to a “positive self-image.” A positive self-image leads us to see “unique qualities” and focus on “strengths” which ultimately lead to healthy thought patterns and healthy behaviors.
Fortunately, our self-image, which starts to be developed during our childhood, influenced by our relationships, and formed throughout our lifespan is constantly changing and can be changed. We can make appropriate shifts and take certain actions to create and maintain healthier views of ourselves and make sure that our lives are loving reflections of who we are and who we want to be.
I decided from that point forward that I was not only going to make sure that I had a clearer and more realistic view of myself, but that I would also position myself around people, places and things that supported a more positive and healthier view.
What are some ways that you can develop a more positive self-image?
  1. Determine how you actually see yourself.
  2. Commit to making a shift in areas where your view is obscured or areas that warrant change.
  3. Set realistic and attainable goals to make necessary changes.
  4. Create an action plan.(Seek assistance if needed)
  5. Intentionally surround yourself with positive people, places and things.

When you look in the mirror, do you love the image that you see? Is your life a loving reflection of you?

If you love the image in the mirror that you see and your life is a loving reflection of who you are and who you want to be, I encourage you to continue to do things and surround with people and places that support the loving relationship you have with yourself.
However, if you don’t like what you see when you look in the mirror, and if your life is not a loving reflection of you, I encourage you to make the shift. Start taking action to improve the view that you have of yourself and intentionally shift to people, places and things that provide and support a loving reflection of yourself.

How do you know when you are in the right place?

You will know when you have shifted to the right place and have surrounded yourself with the right people and things, because it will feel right, not forced, just natural. Just as the “better” mirror showed me that I didn’t need to keep fixing my hair and that I didn’t need a lot of make-up, you will notice that you don’t have to appear or be perfect, you can come just as you are and will feel loved and accepted, and from that place of acceptance, you will want to be the best version of YOU.
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