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Kristin Coppens is responsible for BCBSM coverage of the West Michigan, Northern Michigan, and Upper Peninsula regions. Kristin is a writer, social media enthusiast, and information junkie. A self-proclaimed foodie, techie, and political nerd, she is a dedicated promoter of Grand Rapids community development, urban engagement, arts, healthcare, wellness, supporting and buying local, entrepreneurism, and the city as a whole.

Some of the safest places to walk at night in America are right here in Michigan

As the weather begins to slowly warm, Michiganders come out of hibernation in droves to celebrate spring. As the sun sets a little later each day…


Brooke’s Blossoms

Brooke was diagnosed with stage IV Neuroblastoma in November of 2010 at the age of three and a half. This type of cancer is in the nervous system and had spread…


Supporting food security by filling Empty Bowls

“Put good food to good use.” This motto is the driving force behind the Empty Bowls fundraiser, which supports fighting hunger and food shortage in several…


You have to believe in yourself, your talents and not give up advises West Michigan business leader

One of this year's 50 Most Influential Women in West Michigan awardees is heavily involved in providing a strategic foundation for impressive growth to West…


10K Steps Challenge participant walks over 150 miles since January

Participating in the 10K Steps Challenge leading up to the Fifth Third Bank River run is a structured way for beginners and experienced participants alike to…

Food and Recipes

What does sugar do to your brain?

Sugar consumption can be a tricky beast, as our bodies actually need sugar to function properly. However, sugar overconsumption leads to a host of different…


Local Grand Rapids photographer catches running bug and becomes a Warrior

The Fifth Third River Bank Run, America’s largest 25K road race, takes place in downtown Grand Rapids this May 10, 2014. The race incorporates the West Michigan…


LaughFest clean comedians chuckle for good health

LaughFest 2014 is here. The 10-day festival kicks off this Thursday, March 6th in Grand Rapids. This year, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is sponsoring the…


Is your lifestyle causing stress and burnout?

I am definitely the type of person who says ‘yes’ to everything and tends to overload her schedule. While this typically works out well and allows for me to…

Food and Recipes

Stop adding calories to your food. Add flavor instead!

Flavor can be a huge deterrent when trying to eat cleaner, healthier and simpler meals. I can attest to this, as I always feel like I want to add a dipping…


Lakeshore Bike Shop in Marquette

As the popularity of snow biking surges in Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula, Lakeshore Bike Shop in downtown Marquette aims to capitalize on the…


West Michigan woman becomes face of heart health movement

As February is all about red and love, it’s only fitting that this month is also American Heart Month. Whether you participate in one of the many statewide Go…


Grand Rapids bids on dates for cystic fibrosis awareness

Cystic fibrosis, a life-threatening genetic disorder, affects over 30,000 children and adults in the United States alone. The chronic disorder causes thick…

Bid for Bachelors and Bachelorettes, 2013

We Bree-Lieve in the power of donating blood

It can be hard to really see where your blood donations will go and who they will impact, yet that notion helps individuals understand the necessity and…


Dash Down Division in your pajamas!

Does this bitter Michigan cold have you down? The winter months commonly put a wrench in a fitness routine, as well as stifling motivation. This weekend…

Food and Recipes

Quinoa Transformed into Comfort Food

With a base of whole grains like brown rice or quinoa, these dishes provide protein and nutrition while filling you up.

Quinoa in a bowl.

Doorganics expands service to West Michigan lakeshore

Knock, knock. Who's there? Organic food. It sounds like the beginning of a lame joke, but it's a reality for an ever-growing number of West Michigan residents.


Live Healthy Live United 365 Challenge winner announced

The 2013 Live Healthy Live United 365 Challenge recently came to a conclusion in Northern Michigan and celebrated both the community’s success as a whole and…


Top 5 must-sees at this year’s LaughFest

In its fourth year, LaughFest promises even more belly laughs at the 10-day festival, spanning March 6th to March 16th. As laughter provides positive benefits…


New study links poor sleep to cancer cell growth

This blog post is part of #HealthyMe, a personalized web experience based on your health and wellness goals. To sign up today, visit http://www.

New study links poor sleep with cancer cell growth

Which #GoRedForWomen events across Michigan are you participating in?

As we move into February, the color red, hearts, Valentine’s Day, and love surround us. You can’t go anywhere the entire month without being reminded of love…

American Heart Month

BCN employee creates her own ‘runner’s high’

The idea behind a ‘runner’s high’ never made much sense to me. Personally, I’m not a runner, and I hate that form of exercise. What I have come to appreciate…

Amanda Forrest

4th Annual LaughFest returns to Grand Rapids with big names to benefit Gilda’s Club

LaughFest in Grand Rapids kicks off in just less than two months, from March 6 to March 16th across West Michigan. The lineup features big names like Jim…


Michigan’s 177th Birthday: 177 things to love about the Mitten State

“If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you.” Looking as beautiful as ever, our great mitten-shaped state is turning 177 this year. As the tenth largest…


Whole U GR expo aims to encourage small, holistic steps in building a healthy Grand Rapids

On January 25th, 2014, St. Cecilia Music Center in downtown Grand Rapids will play host to the inaugural Whole U GR Expo. The Expo runs from 10am to 4pm and…


Tired of being cooped up indoors this winter? Grab a friend and explore this West Michigan adventure!

As the entire state of Michigan is under a snow pile at the moment, some Michiganders are taking the opportunity to celebrate the snow and embrace winter…


Northern Michigan University’s Superior Dome Walking Program (With Video)

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is quite the land of its own. With culture, weather, and scenery incomparable to the rest of the Mitten state, the U.P.


Blue Care Network supports Fifth Third River Bank Run and 10,000 Steps Challenge

Hard to believe how fast the Fifth Third River Bank Run is approaching us, but the kick off is merely days away. Though the race itself takes place in May…

Food and Recipes

Cooking mistakes that might cause weight gain

Trying to lose weight and have a healthier lifestyle can be a frustrating endeavor for some individuals. One can eat healthier, exercise…


Lack of infertility support in the #1 city to raise a family

Grand Rapids continues to shine on the national stage as the city makes list after list of “Top” rankings. Just last year, Forbes Magazine ranked Grand Rapids…


Snow biking takes over Northern Michigan

In Northern Michigan there is a trend taking hold of the cycling community–not a new product per se, but definitely an adventure gaining momentum.


Spectrum Health assists underserved at the Downtown Market

The Downtown Market has become a community favorite in the three months since opening. Numerous community leaders and businesses have leveraged that popularity…

Food and Recipes

2013 Great Lakes Fruit, Vegetable, and Farm Market Expo

Michigan is one of the most agriculturally diverse states in the country, second only to California in variety of crops. Michigan grows over 300 different…


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