Body and Soul and the Blues Community Challenge: Continuing a healthy lifestyle after the Challenge

Kristin Coppens

| 1 min read

As the end of the Body and Soul and the Blues Community Challenge draws near, it’s important to remember lessons learned the past few weeks to keep your healthy lifestyle going. To recap, Grace Derocha gives participants some final advice on continuing their health and wellness journey.
Derocha stresses the importance of fruits and vegetables and understanding what produce is ‘in season.’ An easy rule of thumb is to try to “eat a rainbow” with every meal. In other words, having food with a variety of colors on your plate will insure healthier eating. Fruits and vegetables have almost no fat and minimal calories, but they pack a high nutrient punch. It is recommended to consume 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day; a serving is typically 1-cup raw produce or ½ cup cooked.
Hate Brussels sprouts or tomatoes? Research proves it takes 20-30 tries to acquire a taste for something. Try testing your taste buds and eating something you don’t normally like; your health will thank you for it.

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