Dash Down Division in your pajamas!

Kristin Coppens

| 3 min read

Does this bitter Michigan cold have you down? The winter months commonly put a wrench in a fitness routine, as well as stifling motivation. This weekend, Grand Rapids has an answer to your workout woes!
Dash Down Division, taking place on February 22nd, is held in downtown Grand Rapids on Division. The Dash Down Division is a 5K race, with a kids’ fun run taking place for free afterwards.
Dash Down Division is a collaborative effort between The Salvation Army Kroc Center, Grand Rapids Parks and Recreation, and Erhardt Construction. The overall goal, according to Marketing, Membership, and PR Director of The Salvation Army Kroc Center, Stephanie Denton, is to “create a fun, unique race that might appeal to new runners, families, and runners in general while raising funds for the Grand Rapids Parks and Recreation and the Kroc Center’s scholarship programs.”
The Dash Down Division offers an opportunity for community members to get out and get active during the time of year when fitness motivation is harder to muster. This year’s theme is Pajama Dash Down Division, so you can literally roll out of bed and participate in the race. Sounds pretty ideal!
Proceeds from the race go towards the Kroc Center’s scholarship fund. The fund gives approximately $120,000 annually in scholarships for family recreation programs. In 2013, the Dash Down Division raised $8,000. Additionally, the Dash Down Division 5K offers the opportunity to showcase the geographical region where the 20-acre Kroc Center is located.
The Kroc Center classifies as a community center that is affordable and focused on holistic recreation, worship, arts, and education. Within the Kroc Center there is a full gym, rock climbing, an aquatic center with a slide, game room, free wi-fi, indoor track, group classes, personal training, and more. Race participants are offered a free day pass to the Kroc Center for registering in the Dash Down Division.
Along with the pass, participants are offered childcare services from accredited individuals for children three months to 11 years during the race for just $5. Racers also receive a winter hat, door prizes, awards, gift certificates, race photography, and food, like soup, bagels, snacks, coffee, hot chocolate, and fruit. Registration for the Pajama Dash Down Division is still open! Fees are $25 until February 17th and $30 after that. Check out the course map to see where the Dash takes you.
“We hope that our event continues to grow each year and we see the event continue to evolve. Runners are getting a great value, especially compared to other 5K events,” says Denton.
Even if you aren’t running in the race, community members can volunteer to help on race day, or even just cheer on the other participants.
What winter races are you participating in this season?

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