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My go-to exercise is any type of group fitness class. In fact, the sole reason I keep my gym membership is for the group classes included. For me, group exercise classes keep me accountable with scheduled times and sign-ups and change up my exercise routine, as I get bored with my routine rather quickly. Group exercise classes provide a number of different benefits to your workout.
Exercise classes benefit you physically and emotionally. In comparison to working out alone or at home, classes provide support, accountability, structure, camaraderie, and a social outlet. In addition, group exercise classes provide a well-rounded routine. Lynne Vaughn, Chief Innovation Officer of the national YMCA, explains, “in a class, the instructor can say ‘let’s pick up the pace.’ A class can help you move past a plateau—if you want to push yourself a little bit and improve.” Not only that, but working out in a group of people is fun!
Check out some of these unique, and fun, group fitness class options across Michigan. New studios with more class options pop up on a continuous basis.
  • Buka Bike: Newly open in Traverse City, this indoor cycling studio encompasses fun and exercise. The studio features concert lighting, loud music and real-time fitness metrics for all participants. The first of its kind in the area, Buka is one of only a few in the entire state. Each class is 45 minutes and designed to burn a minimum of 800 calories.
  • EcoTrek Fitness: Scattered throughout West Michigan, EcoTrek Fitness incorporates strength training, cardio, and flexibility into an outdoors hike. All group sessions, the class is 75 minutes long and different each time. Classes are available year-round and in all types of weather. EcoTrek Fitness sessions utilize the vast resources of outdoor locations and public areas in West Michigan.
  • Skyzone, Sky Fitness: With locations throughout the entire state, SkyZone Indoor Trampoline Park now offers trampoline aerobics. Each class is an hour long and can be purchased in a package or individually. SkyRobics is a combination of calisthenics, core strengthening, and aerobics. The classes are meant to burn up to 1,000 calories per hour and are ideal for any fitness level, especially those looking for low impact, joint friendly workouts.
  • Pure Barre: One of the best workouts I have ever experienced, Pure Barre classes are also located throughout the state. Pure Barre is a total body workout that focuses on lifting, toning and burning fat. Each class utilizes the ballet barre technique that protects your joints. Pure Barre is said to be the fastest and most effective way to change your body.
  • Shanti School of Yoga: Also located in Traverse City, the Shanti School of yoga offers traditional yoga classes, but also hosts Zero Gravity Yoga classes. Think Cirque du Soleil and yoga. Zero Gravity Yoga is yoga fitness through levitation. Each class uses a swing or hammock-like prop that benefits alignment, inversion, and flow.
  • Renewal Body Bootcamp: In Grand Rapids, Renewal Body Bootcamp offers a number of different boot-camp style classes, as well as suspension training. The studio also offers Tabata classes on Thursdays. Each boot-camp series varies, but some options include, Weekend Warrior, Beginners, Boxing, Happy Hour, and Hot Mama. Renewal Body Bootcamp takes the classes outdoors in the summer months as well.
What are your favorite group exercise classes?
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