Doorganics expands service to West Michigan lakeshore

Kristin Coppens

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Knock, knock. Who’s there? Organic food. It sounds like the beginning of a lame joke, but it’s a reality for an ever-growing number of West Michigan residents. Doorganics, an organic food delivery service that brings local, sustainable products to your doorstep directly from nearby farmers, has been so successful that it’s recently expanded its delivery area. You can now order their shipments in Grand Rapids, Holland and Hudsonville. Doorganics also just began a partnership with Herman Miller, where employees of the furniture company can receive Doorganics deliveries at the lake shore offices.
If you’re new to Doorganics, here’s how it works: Customers sign up for different size shipments based on their household needs through the Doorganics website. Due to Michigan’s cold winters, the boxes might include some produce from warmer climates; however, during the growing season, the boxes are entirely local. Bins from Doorganics also include local breads, meats, cheese, eggs and more.
Owner of Doorganics, Mike Hughes, explains how Doorganics came to fruition in Grand Rapids: “I personally had trouble finding the time to shop at the farmer’s market due to a busy work schedule and being out of town most weekends. I wanted clean, locally grown food, but unfortunately the farmers market model wasn’t working for me.”
Hughes decided to research how organic home delivery services worked in other cities. What he found was that Grand Rapids fit the mold perfectly and Doorganics became a reality. An independent sales agent for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan by day, Hughes understands the importance of putting healthy, fresh food into our bodies. “It’s proven that we can avoid many health complications with exercise and a healthy diet,” he says. “I believe that the overall key to reducing health care costs is taking the personal responsibility to make healthy choices. It’s all about wellness.”
packed bins
In the near future, the company will continue expanding its product line and Hughes plans to grow the online shop even further. “As Doorganics continues to grow, more grocery dollars will be kept local,” says Hughes. “This will allow local, sustainable farmers to grow their businesses, hire new employees and further invest in our local food system and infrastructure.”
How do you make eating healthy foods easier on a daily basis?
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