Children’s Leukemia Foundation of Michigan expands into Grand Rapids

Kristin Coppens

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Headquartered in Troy, the Children’s Leukemia Foundation (CLF) of Michigan has successfully raised and contributed over $6.5 million towards cancer institutes throughout Michigan. As an organization, CLF aims to “provide and promote compassionate, personalized support to individuals in Michigan suffering and affected by leukemia and related disorders.” To expand this mission, CLF opened another office in Grand Rapids this year as a way to support and solidify their West Michigan presence.
The diseases covered under the CLF of Michigan include blood-related disorders like leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease, multiple myeloma, myelodysplastic syndrome, and more. These disorders involve organs that produce blood, like the immune system, bone marrow, and lymph glands, by stopping blood cell production so that new blood cells no longer “fight infection, control bleeding, or provide oxygen to the body’s other organs.” Unfortunately, these diseases become terminal if left untreated.
In general, these diseases affect 1 in every 2,600 people, with 1 in every 25 cases affecting a child. In Michigan alone, the diseases are much more prevalent than one might realize. There are 11 new cases every day (every 2 hours) and 3,900 new cases every year in Michigan. This family of diseases is the 2nd leading killer of children and the leading cancer killer of adults 35 and younger.
As a way to raise awareness and tap into a younger, broader audience, CLF created a fundraising event in Michigan that allows us all to “leave the black ties at home,” in the words of CLF President and CEO, Bill Seklar. For the past 3 years, BRU Fest has been located in Royal Oak. However, as a response to the new CLF office in Grand Rapids, the event has moved to Grand Rapids this year.
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BRU Fest takes place this Saturday, November 9th, 2013 from 7pm to 11pm at the Deltaplex Arena. Main event sponsors include Bell’s Brewery, Bagger Dave’s, and Buffalo Wild Wings. BRU Fest creates a casual and fun environment as a way to support the worthy and important cause of CLF of Michigan. To benefit CLF of Michigan, 100 percent of the proceeds from BRU Fest will go directly back into the organization and its mission.
For more information on the event, how you can attend, and how you can help, follow BRU Fest on Facebook, Twitter, and buy tickets here. Learn more about what the CLF of Michigan is doing to support awareness of blood-related cancers and diseases.
How does your community raise awareness for cancer-related initiatives?

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