You have to believe in yourself, your talents and not give up advises West Michigan business leader

Kristin Coppens

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One of this year’s 50 Most Influential Women in West Michigan awardees is heavily involved in providing a strategic foundation for impressive growth to West Michigan. Birgit Klohs is the President and CEO of The Right Place, Inc., a regional economic development organization that runs through private and public investments.
Klohs not only provides strategic direction for the organization, but also supports Kent County and international clients, bringing West Michigan to the international stage.
Klohs explains further, “As a collaborative organization, we also support groups like the Women’s Resource Center, GROW, and the YWCA in their efforts to promote women in West Michigan.”
In fact, since 1985, The Right Place, Inc. has successfully placed over 40,000 jobs to the region and billions in capital investment. The organization’s focus on retention, expansion, and attraction allows for building a, “legacy of success to take West Michigan’s economy to a new level.”
As a part of this vision and the vision of support for young women, Klohs feels both humbled and rewarded. “I am honored to be in the company of the other 49 very accomplished women business leaders in our region. They are doing great work inspiring innovation and creating jobs in West Michigan.”
Moving forward, The Right Place, Inc. plans to continue the encouragement of young professionals that are graduating from area schools, colleges, and universities to stay in the West Michigan region. As the organization highlights on a regular basis, there are a number of opportunities and “we need everyone.”
Personally, Klohs wishes to continue mentoring young women business professionals both inside and outside The Right Place, Inc. She wants West Michigan to be a community where women in business continue to be both welcomed and encouraged.
Klohs leaves young women with a piece of advice.
“You have to believe in yourself, your talents, and have the confidence to keep going and not give up. Don’t let the setbacks and negative opinions impact you; they will happen. Find a mentor that exemplifies these traits that will provide guidance and push you to ‘go for it,’” she advices.
Grand Rapids Business Journal’s 2014 “The 50 Most Influential Women in West Michigan” honorees share some of their advice with younger women aspiring to be future leaders.
Photo credit: The Right Place, Inc.

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