Body and Soul and the Blues Community Challenge: Stocking a healthy pantry

Kristin Coppens

| 1 min read

An important part of healthy eating is understanding how to properly stock your refrigerator and pantry. Building a healthy pantry will cut down on unhealthy snacks and other temptations. Though it’s not necessary to say that you cannot have any sweets or chips, the easiest way to cut temptation and encourage healthy eating is to get rid of what tempts you.
A large contributor to unhealthy eating choices comes from grabbing what is directly in front of you. To counteract that, make sure the first thing you see is something healthy, like having fresh fruits and vegetables visible and ready to eat. Grace Derocha, Dietitian at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, shares easy ways to build a healthy kitchen in our third installment of the Body and Soul and the Blues Community Challenge video series.

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