4 Things to do on Detroit International RiverWalk, Named Country’s Best 

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Detroit RiverWalk
Visiting the Detroit International RiverWalk is a must when in the city, especially during the summer. The more than three-mile riverfront path features a variety of fun things to do on a family outing, a date with your partner or even on a solo trip into the city. The Detroit International RiverWalk was recently named the country’s best river walk and is considered one of Detroit’s top attractions.
The Detroit International RiverWalk has a variety of different activities throughout its three-and-a-half-mile length. Here are four different activities you can do next time you visit the Detroit International RiverWalk.

Enjoy the Detroit skyline

Walking along the riverside provides amazing view of Detroit’s city skyline. During the day, people can see the beautiful Detroit skyline on one side and the sights of boats cruising on the Detroit River on the other. At night, the sky is illuminated with the lights of Detroit. The RiverWalk is the perfect venue to get the best city skyline views and feel the energy of the city. The Detroit International RiverWalk used to be inaccessible, but since its revamp the RiverWalk has become a place where community members and tourists can come and see the beauty of Detroit.
Detroit RiverWalk

Support local businesses

Since its renovation, the Detroit International RiverWalk has had close to three million visitors a year. The RiverWalk has not only created a community where people can go and appreciate the city of Detroit, but it also has helped benefit the community around the RiverWalk. Along the RiverWalk there are restaurants and vendors with offerings to quench your thirst or offer a shady venue to eat lunch and cool down.
Detroit RiverWalk

Get active

The RiverWalk is the perfect place to decompress and get physically active. Whether you like to take a long walk, a run or even a bike ride, the RiverWalk is the perfect place to get your daily physical activity in. Because the RiverWalk fosters a sense of community, the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy offers a variety of different ways to get physically active. There are walking and running groups that meet on the RiverWalk. Additionally, people can attend different workout classes like yoga or tai chi throughout the summer. If workout classes are not for you, bike rentals are also available. The RiverWalk allows community members to come together and be active.

Visit the attractions

The RiverWalk holds several attractions that are best reached by foot or by bike. The Cullen Plaza features a large carousel with animals such as the sturgeon or the walleye that are native to the Detroit River. The Cullen Family Carousel is a family favorite attraction that shows appreciation to Michigan wildlife. The Cullen Plaza also has a playground for children to play on and sculptures or fountains to look at making it the perfect place to bring your family.
Another popular attraction is the Milliken State Park Lighthouse that features a smaller replica to the Victorian-era Tawas Point Lighthouse. This lighthouse is a popular picture spot for visitors when walking the RiverWalk. Although this lighthouse is not as large as the original in Tawas Point State Park, it is still a formidable 63 feet high and acts as a beacon for boats on the Detroit River. These attractions are just two of the many popular attractions that tourists and locals visit daily on the RiverWalk.
Detroit RiverWalk
The Detroit International RiverWalk has something for the whole family, and it will be one of the most popular spots in the city this summer. Next time you are in Detroit, make sure you add the RiverWalk to your itinerary.
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