New "Find Your Fit” Series Will Spotlight Fun, New Workouts Every Month

Jake Newby

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Exercise shouldn’t always feel like we’re doing more work when we leave our jobs for the day, but sometimes it does. The gym routine can get monotonous. Even the most inspired self-starters can fall into a rut and lose focus at times. If your motivation has waned and you find yourself disengaged at the gym, maybe it’s time to switch things up in 2024.
This year, A Healthier Michigan is pleased to introduce the new Find Your Fit blog series. Each month, a fun, unique or trendy new workout will be featured. Every blog will include instructions on how to perform a workout, a breakdown of its physical benefits and visual examples. Even if you’re not falling over yourself to try every single workout in this series, the variety should help everyone find something that works for them. You might even find yourself incorporating a few of these exercises into your fitness routine for years to come.

The benefits of trying new workouts

Exercise shouldn’t look and feel the same for everyone. For that reason, this series will spotlight all different types of workouts. Some will be cardiovascular based; some will feature strength training. Some may really test your stamina and endurance; others may be low-impact and executed at a slower pace. One of the goals of this series is to escort you out of your comfort zone, because switching up your workouts can lead to benefits you may not even consider. Here are a few of the main ones: 
Prevents overuse while building new muscles: You may have found success pinging between the same five or six machines at the gym, or running your weekly 10 or 15 miles outdoors, but if you’re always working the same body parts, that means you’re abandoning others. Varied movement is important.
Provides new challenges: Part of the reason for your boredom or complacency if you have been in a rut lately could be because you conquered your current routine. It was probably exciting when you started it, right? You also may have felt sore in those early weeks because you were pushing the limits of new muscles. Now, your body may have adapted. And mentally, what was once a challenging routine is just the status quo for you now.
Creates bonding opportunities: If you’ve lost motivation, finding a gym buddy is one of the tried-and-true ways to reclaim it. Every workout in this series can be done solo, but many could be enhanced by a partner striving toward the same goal as you. 

Removing the intimidation factor from exercise

Every January brings a massive spike in gym goers eager to make good on fitness resolutions in the new year. But a percentage of those people may not know where to start. They may feel lost when they walk in. On top of that, the sight of fitness buffs at every turn may intimidate them or damage their confidence. 
Find Your Fit was launched to give a little direction to someone who wants it. We’ll try to help strip fitness of the intimidation factor it is sometimes associated with. More than anything, let this series encourage you to stay active and physically fit, in a way that's best suited for you.
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