Preventive Care

Preventive Care

Understanding Autism in Children

Autism affects the way a person communicates and interacts with others. It does not affect all people equally, rather there are varying degrees of severity.

World Autism Awareness day concept with puzzle or jigsaw pattern on heart with autistic child's hands supported by nursing family caregiver
Preventive Care

The Real Scoop on Colonoscopies

It’s one of those topics people avoid talking about. But the fact is, colonoscopies save lives and it's important to debunk these four common misconceptions surrounding them.

Doctor prepares for colonoscopy holding endoscope
Preventive Care

Self-Checks to Do at Home

Breast self-exams, temperature checks and even measuring heart rate are all things that can be indicators of how healthy a person is.

Senior African Male Measuring Arterial Blood Pressure Having Hypertension Indoor
Preventive Care

Winter Workout Safety

Adding snow and ice to a workout routine presents additional challenges and health risks. Before you step outside, keep these health and safety tips in mind.

Man running through the snow.
Preventive Care

How to Help Your Child Make Healthy Eating Choices at School

How can you help kids make healthy choices when they buy lunch? It’s important to educate children on nutrition and how to make healthy decisions on their own.

Preventive Care

Are You Washing Your Hands the Right Way?

Germs are spread when you touch your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands, so it's important to wash them the right way. Especially during flu season.

Little boy showing off his handwashing technique
Preventive Care

6 Signs Your Child Needs Glasses

Children can react to vision problems with signs and symptoms like distractibility and hyperactivity that could be confused with those of ADHD.

Shot of a little girl reading a book at home
Preventive Care

What does SPF Mean? 

Myths about sun safety and SPF are common. Here’s what SPF really means and how to use it to keep yourself safe in the sun.

Sunscreen on the beachS
Preventive Care

5 Ways to Choose a Safer Sunscreen

The summer sun can do serious damage to your skin if you are not proactive. These five tips can keep you safe, healthy and unburnt.

Cropped shot of three friends applying suntan lotion
Preventive Care

What to Know About Your Blood Type 

Some people know more about their horoscope signs than what type of blood they have. Here are a few things you should know about your blood type.

Preparation for blood test by female doctor medical uniform in white bright room
Preventive Care

How to Spot Common Food Allergies in Children

Offices, classrooms and even restaurants often have signs that warn of food allergies. Here’s how parents can stay ahead of them.

A mother applies a tissue to a child's runny nose outdoors.
Preventive Care

Best Exercises to Lower Blood Pressure 

Nearly half of all U.S. adults have hypertension. Regular exercise can help lower blood pressure.

Shot of a happy senior couple dancing in their kitchen at home
Preventive Care

Easy Ways to Eat Healthy During Pregnancy 

Cravings come and go, but healthy eating during pregnancy is easy to accomplish.

Future mother eating healthy food
Preventive Care

Everything You Need to Know About Stress 

Did you know there are different types of stress? Here’s what you need to know.

Young family managing budget and paying bills and taxes.
Preventive Care

Preventing Cervical Cancer: Why Pap Test Rules Have Changed

Guidelines on when women should get Pap and HPV screenings for cervical cancer have changed recently. Women should talk to their doctor about options.

Close up of a doctor doing a medical exam while both him and the patient are wearing protective masks
Preventive Care

A Parent’s Guide to Dietary Discussions

Knowing how to talk to a child about their health is key to empowering them to make smart choices. Here are tips on how to start a dialogue.

mom and daughter swinging
Preventive Care

Snow Shoveling Safety Tips

The dangers of snow shoveling are not limited to those who have poor health. Everyone should adhere to these safety tips.

Shoveling with dog
Preventive Care

8 Things You Should Know About the Flu Shot

The flu vaccine is effective, does not cause the flu, and affects children and adults differently. Here are some other facts to know in order to stay protected.

Flu shot during Covid
Preventive Care

What to Expect During an Annual Eye Exam

An eye exam is an important part of an overall health assessment and supports the recognition of more than 270 health conditions. Here's what you can expect.

Senior woman has an annual eye exam
Preventive Care

What Age and How Often Should Kids Get an Eye Exam?

Visiting the eye doctor may seem intimidating, especially to kids, but it could make all the difference when testing for visual development and abnormalities.

Boy getting an eye exam at the optician
Preventive Care

Self-Care Tips During the Holidays

Setting aside time to do good things for yourself is the gift that keeps giving all season long.

Teenage girl packing Christmas gifts in a car after shopping. She wears a protective mask to protect from corona virus COVID-19.
Preventive Care

Toy Safety 101: Kid-Friendly Checklist

Are your child's toys safe? Each year, hundreds of thousands are hospitalized due to toy-related injuries.

Boy playing with building Blocks
Preventive Care

When Are the Best and Worst Times to Get a Flu Shot?

Still on the fence about getting a flu shot? It’s time to hop off and roll up your sleeve. Here’s the best time to get your seasonal flu shot.

Doctor vaccinating child, kid with mother at hospital.
Preventive Care

Tips for Managing Stress When You’re at College

If you are heading off to college, read these tips about prioritizing your physical and mental health while away.

Disabled college student sitting at outdoor desk
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Dog-tired? A nighttime ritual to help you feel more rested

Check out these tips to help you get into a better bedtime routine so that you wake up feeling better, mentally and physically.

Man spending a lazy afternoon with his dog, a French Bulldog
Preventive Care

Five Tips for Picking Out Sunglasses

The sun can damage more than just your skin. Follow these tips to pick out the right sunglasses for you, and start protecting your eyes today.

Backpacker man looking at bright sun through polarized sunglasses enjoying mountain landscape. Eye & Vision Care human health concept image.
Preventive Care

Don’t be SAD this Winter: Exercise to Fight the Winter Blues

When you’re experiencing the winter blues, exercise is probably the last thing you want to do, but research shows it can help improve your mood.

Couple in winter running together in nature
Preventive Care

More People Taking Handwashing Seriously During Pandemic

Handwashing, now more than ever, is a huge component in preventing COVID-19 and other illnesses.

Young girl washing her hands
Preventive Care

Talking About Your Family’s Mental Health History

Finding out which mental health disorders could be in your family tree might take a little detective work but can be valuable information for your own health.

Happy black family talking during Thanksgiving meal at dining table.
Preventive Care

How to Care for Your Skin’s Changing Needs in the Winter

Don’t let winter’s cold, dry air make your skin look older than it is. A moisturizing skin care routine can be just the trick you’re looking for.

Portrait of a beautiful woman in snow with application of the protective cream in winter. Portrait of a beauty happy lady applying facial moisturiser cream in winter
Preventive Care

Talking to Kids About the Dangers of Drinking and Drugged Driving

Many children learn about alcohol and drugs a lot earlier than parents anticipate so having conversations about drinking and drugged driving is important.

Young African American woman eagerly takes car key handed to her
Preventive Care

Tips for Making Your Thanksgiving Meal Healthier

Holiday meals don’t have to be a calorie fest that leave you feeling too stuffed to move. A few simple changes can give Thanksgiving a healthy makeover.

Overhead view of big family eating from table during Christmas dinner
Preventive Care

How to Keep Your Workouts Outside When the Weather Cools

An autumn nip in the air and earlier sunsets don’t have to send your workouts indoors.

Happy black sportswoman running with her dog at the park.
Preventive Care

What Happens to Your Body When You Watch a Scary Movie?

Clowns, zombies and ghosts can have physical and psychological effects on your health. See what the “boos” are doing to you!

Young adults reacting to a scary movie scene
Preventive Care

COVID-19 Home Cleaning Checklist

Standard cleaning practices may not be enough during the pandemic. Follow this checklist to properly disinfect your home.

Woman spraying cleaner on door knob
Preventive Care

Skin Cancer Survivor Wants Others to Learn from Her Mistakes

After skin cancer surgery, one of our team members is urging others to be safe in the sun.

Woman putting sunscreen in her hand
Preventive Care

Breaking Down a Simple Skincare Routine

Do you know the secret to healthy skin? Here's a simple, yet effective skin routine that works!

Shot of a young woman giving herself a facial at home
Preventive Care

Should You Buy That Supplement? What to Check Out Before You Checkout

Interested in shoring up your diet with vitamins or supplements? Here's what you should know before you fill up your cart.

Woman shopping for supplements
Preventive Care

Take Charge of Your Health During Men’s Health Month

The most common health concerns for men are heart disease, stroke, depression/mental health, lung cancer and prostate cancer.

A mature hispanic man working out in central park in New York City
Preventive Care

Basic Summer Survival Guide

Stay cool and safe this season by following these summer survival tips.

Little girl at edge of pool
Preventive Care

How to Stay Safe While Traveling this Summer

Before hitting the road or booking a flight, learn how to stay safe during your next trip.

Grandparents with granddaughters walking to the check in at the airport, They all travelling together on holidays.
Preventive Care

Using Recycled Household Items for a Home Garden

Looking to grow your own garden? These recycled household items can help you get started.

Small plats growing in carton chicken egg box in black soil. Break off the biodegradable paper cup and plant in soil outdoors. Reuse concept
Preventive Care

11 Tips to Keep Your Skin Sun Safe

Summer is here and the sun is shining. So while you are enjoying the hear and daylight, you also have to protect your skin and body.

mom putting sunscreen on child at beach
Preventive Care

Have No Fear: The Men’s Health Cheat Sheet is Here

Ready to take control of your health? Here’s a quick list of men’s health screenings that should be on your radar.

Man playing basketball with his family
Preventive Care

6 Low-Impact Workouts for Seniors

Many seniors may find exercise intimidating or even painful. Here are six low-impact workouts to help them break a sweat, safely.

A senior Asian couple in the park on a sunny day, exercising together. They are powerwalking or jogging with dumbbells in their hands.
Preventive Care

Get Fresher Indoor Air

In the summer, opening the windows to let the fresh air in helps improve indoor air quality, but here are some steps to help you breathe easy all year-long.

Candles Lit Inside a Home
Preventive Care

Grill Cleaning Safety Tips

Grills can get pretty dirty. Here's how to keep them clean all year long.

Man using a scrub brush to clean grill
Preventive Care

The Road To A Healthier Gut: Digestive Disorders 101

Some aspects of gut health are uncontrollable, but there are ways to improve the health of your gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Here’s how to get started.

Woman eating yogurt
Preventive Care

The Differences Between Allergy and COVID-19 Symptoms

Considering the ongoing spread of the novel coronavirus, how do you know if what you’re feeling is a result of the seasons changing or the onset of COVID-19?

Preventive Care

How Much is Too Much When it Comes to Alcohol?

Do you have questions about your drinking habits? Read these tips from New Directions Behavioral Health to understand the signs of problem drinking behavior.

Man drinking alone at home
Preventive Care

5 Children’s Dental Problems and How to Prevent Them

Does your child have a healthy dental routine? Here's some tips on how to prevent cavities, gum disease and more.

Mother and daughter brushing teeth
Preventive Care

How to Avoid the Holiday Blues

More than half of Americans consider the holidays stressful. Here are some tips on how to navigate the season and avoid the holiday blues.

Woman in stress about Christmas holidays
Preventive Care

Taking Caution with Food Allergies

Allergic reactions range from a mild skin rash to anaphylactic shock, requiring immediate medical attention.

girl holding peanut
Preventive Care

Q&A with a Dermatologist: Real Advice for Great Skin

Dermatologist Dr. Brittany Carter-Snell answers the most common skincare questions and offers us insight on the best practices for maintaining healthy skin.

Woman washing her face
Preventive Care

Kevin’s Song: Providing Support to Those Seeking Solace

Kevin’s Song is a Michigan-based organization focused on educating the community about suicide. Learn more about their efforts.

Two people holding hands grieving
Preventive Care

Understanding Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Alzheimer’s is a common form of dementia. “World Alzheimer’s Month” is an opportunity to learn more about the disease.

Preventive Care

COPD 101

COPD is a less-discussed disease, but this blog covers what it is, how to prevent it and how you can treat it.

Man using an inhaler
Preventive Care

Eat Your Way to Better Skin

Skin care doesn’t have to be complex. In fact, you can easily take care of your skin by changing what you eat.

Woman washing her face
Preventive Care

Special Challenges Adopted Children Face

Adoption is a life-changing experience that may bring about some unique challenges for the child that manifest in a variety of ways.

Young boy holding adult's hand
Preventive Care

How to Prevent Your Child from Becoming a Bully

Thirty percent of school-age children admit to bullying a peer. Here's how to prevent your child from engaging in potentially damaging behavior.

father sternly talking to his young son
Preventive Care

Understanding Michigan’s Newborn Screening Program

There’s a lot that comes to mind when thinking about why living in Michigan is so great, and the newborn screening process we have here should be one of them.

Newborn Infant Screening
Preventive Care

Physical Therapy: Knowing When to Go

Still a little fuzzy on how physical therapy can be helpful? Read on to learn the needs for treatment, when to see a PT and the benefits of physical therapy.

Physical therapy patient being helped by physical therapist.
Preventive Care

4 Common Myths About ADHD

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, commonly known as ADHD, has generated a large amount of conversation lately, and with that, misconception.

ADHD Myths
Preventive Care

Why It’s Important to Be Honest About Your Sexual History

Sex is an uncomfortable topic but read on to see why it's important to be completely honest with your doctor.

Preventive Care

The Concealed Truth: What Your Makeup is Made Of

Using cosmetics to enhance appearance is extremely common across the United States. One study found 31 percent of people ages 18 to 29 wear makeup everyday.

Testers of different lipsticks in the cosmetic store
Preventive Care

Common Contact-Wearing Habits to Avoid

Do you sleep or swim in your contacts? Discover how this common practice is putting your vision in danger.

Eye Health
Preventive Care

How Roller Coasters Affect Your Body

Roller coasters are a favorite among thrill-seekers. Learn how the loops, launches and drops affect our bodies.

Featured Image
Preventive Care

How to Avoid a Midlife Metabolism Slump

As people age, they may experience a gradual decline in their metabolism. Here are some tips on how to keep that internal furnace burning.

Smiling senior couple jogging in the park
Preventive Care

My Story: Living and Coping with IBS

The author tells her story about situations that trigger her IBS and how she copes with it, in hopes to help others who also struggle with IBS.

Dancing Through IBS
Preventive Care

8 Tips for Staying Safe at the Pool

Ready to hit the pool? Here are eight ways to stay safe in or near the water.

schoolage children taking swim lessons
Preventive Care

How to Prevent Common Desk-Related Injuries

Sitting at a desk all day can negatively affect your back, wrists and eyes. Here are some tips on how to avoid common office injuries.

Female office worker stretching arms at her desk
Preventive Care

Avoiding Summertime Dehydration

Throughout summer, it’s important to keep in mind the dangers of dehydration and how to enjoy the warmer weather safely.

Preventive Care

How to Help Your Mental Health

Regardless of mental health history, practicing self-care on a regular basis ensures a healthy mind, body and spirit throughout life.

Woman laughing
Preventive Care

Why I Regret Tanning in My Teens and 20s

There is no safe way to tan. The darker skin tone that results from time in a tanning bed or in the sun is caused by cellular damage to the skin.

Woman in front of a facial tanning light
Preventive Care

Six Self-Care Tips for Women

Women can take control of their health and significantly reduce the risk of serious conditions. Dr. Patricia Ferguson shares six tips to get started.

Woman smiling and laughing
Preventive Care

Rock Steady Boxing: Beating Parkinson’s to the Punch

Did you know you can fight symptoms of Parkinson's disease by boxing?

Two heavy weight bags with two boxing participants practicing movement between them
Preventive Care

Why Young Adults are Abandoning Alcohol

Younger Americans are drinking alcohol at lower rates than young people 10 years ago. Read about the trend and why it’s growing in popularity.

Fruity strawberry surrounded by fresh strawberries
Preventive Care

Dreaming of a Good Night’s Sleep? You May Have Sleep Deprivation

A study by the American Sleep Association reported over 35 percent of adults are getting less than the recommended seven hours of sleep each day.

Woman wrapped in blanket sleeping
Preventive Care

Heart Attack Puts Life in Focus for Business Reporter

Learn about reporter Chad Livengood’s life after a heart attack at age 35, caused by a spontaneous tear to a coronary artery.

Chad Livengood
Preventive Care

Green Tea & Turmeric Oatmeal

This dish’s ingredients make it the perfect meal to boost your immune system and keep you healthy.

Green tea and turmeric oatmeal with blueberries
Preventive Care

How Early is Too Early for Braces?

Children are getting braces at a much younger age. Let’s weight the pros and cons of this recent trend.

Blonde girl visiting a dentist
Preventive Care

How to Incorporate Exercise in the Classroom

Want kids to embrace healthier habits? Encourage them to get moving with these classroom activities.

Kids in kindergarden doing exercises with their teacher
Preventive Care

A Perfect Pair: Heart Health and Physical Activity

Are you getting the recommended amounts of exercise to prevent heart disease and other health conditions? Find out how much you need and how to get moving.

Image of person walking on a treadmill.
Preventive Care

Susie’s Story: Surviving a “Widowmaker” Heart Attack

February is American Heart Month. We’ve partnered with the American Heart Association to share stories of heart disease survivors and heart health ambassadors.

Ambulance at the entrance of an emergency room.
Preventive Care

What to Pack in a Winter Emergency Car Kit

Here's our list of items to keep in your car in case you run into car trouble this winter.

Car stuck in a snowdrift
Preventive Care

Michigan Snow Day Survival Guide

Don’t be caught off guard by an unexpected snow day. Brace yourself for the worst the season has to offer by winterizing your home.

family sitting by the window
Preventive Care

4 Easy Steps to Stay Healthy During Holiday Travel

Flying away this holiday season to visit family or to take a break? Make sure your vacation time isn’t spent dealing with an unwelcome illness.

People waiting in line at the airport
Preventive Care

How to Have a Healthy Winter

The winter months are often busy with holiday parties, travel and more. Here are some helpful tips on ways you can stay healthy throughout the season.

Senior couple ice skating in the sunshine.
Preventive Care

Missing Pieces: For Adoptees, Health History is Unclear

Adoptees often face a murky health history. Read about one woman’s experience as an adoptee and steps you can take to track your history.

Grandmother showing her granddaughter family pictures.
Preventive Care

Concussion Care: How To Know When Your Brain Needs A Break

If you’re an athlete or if you care for athletes, make sure you know the warning signs of concussions and when it’s better to be on the bench than the field.

Young kids playing soccer
Preventive Care

The Truth About the Charcoal Craze

Here are some of the reasons why charcoal may not be the next great health product.

Image of a variety of charcoal beauty products.
Preventive Care

How to Spot and Help Someone Going Through a Mental Health Crisis

Learn about the signs that could indicate a mental health crisis and how to help.

Man in suit comforting a male colleague.
Preventive Care

What You Need to Know about Microplastics

Here is the truth about microplastics and how you can make a difference.

image of colorful plastic straws
Preventive Care

Contact Lenses 101

If you’re looking to get contact lenses, here’s what to expect.

woman putting contact lens into eye
Preventive Care

Your Head-to-Toe Food Guide

Head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes! Check out the best foods for each part of your body, from head to toe and everything in between.

Kiwis, blueberries, raspberries and lemons
Preventive Care

Natural Alternatives to Deodorant

Should you sweat what’s in your deodorant? Give natural alternatives a try.

Coconut oil in a jar on dark background
Preventive Care

Behind the Wheel: Reducing Road Rage

Road rage is more common than we think, and is easily managed with the right skills. The first step in dealing with aggression on the road is recognizing the signs.

Car driving down a dark road
Preventive Care

What to Expect If You Decide to Get Allergy Shots

Allergy shots are a common procedure but how do they work and what’s the process for the injections? This blog will fill you in on the basics.

Man sneezing
Preventive Care

How Multiple Concussions Have Permanently Changed my Life

When we start to take brain injury seriously, we can prevent the everlasting impact my injuries have left me with for the rest of my life.

Cheerleaders near track at a football game
Preventive Care

Staying Positive with Chronic Migraines: Nate Schreck

June is Migraine Awareness Month. Learn more about childhood migraines and what parents need to know.

picture of Nate

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