Mental Health

Mental Health

What is Silent Walking?

Silent walking is the idea of a focused, silent walk without listening to music, podcasts, conversation, or other activities often used during runs or walks. The goal of silent walking is to focus your mind and body on the walk, on the world around you, and to use the walk as a meditative experience.

Mental Health

How Taking a Break from Alcohol Benefits Your Health 

Alcohol negatively affects physical and mental health in many ways, especially if consumed in excess, routinely or habitually. The reverse is also true, however – sobriety or cutting alcohol out of a lifestyle can have significant, positive effects on overall health and wellness. 

Mental Health

The Link Between Stress and Nutrition  

The link between stress and nutrition is bi-directional, meaning they both affect each other. Stress can affect our eating habits, especially the chances of unhealthy choices or overeating. Additionally, poor nutrition and diet choices can exacerbate or increase levels of stress.

Mental Health

Foods That Help with Stress Relief

What you eat can have a significant effect on your stress levels and risk of chronic stress. Proper nutrition is an important element to handling stress and anxiety. Learn more about foods that can help manage stress and anxiety.

Mental Health

Why Indoor Plants Are Good for Your Mental Health 

Ready to lower your blood pressure and feel more relaxed? Indoor plants might be a worthy investment. Let’s look at how they can make you feel better – and why.

Portrait of a young African American woman watering plants and enjoying
Mental Health

Is Coloring a Good Way for Adults to Relieve Stress?

Coloring has been found to be a therapeutic or meditative activity for many and can have multifold benefits, especially for adults with high levels of stress or anxiety.

Mental Health

How Seasonal Changes, Even in the Spring, Affect My Anxiety

I’ve noticed something about my anxiety over the years – that almost every year it feels like my anxiety heightens around mid-March/early-April. Each year, it comes as a surprise to me. Learn more about springtime seasonal mood changes.

Monica Drake
Mental Health

5 Ways Alcohol Can Affect Your Health and Fitness Progress

The use and overuse of alcohol limits and inhibits your overall level of health and fitness. Alcohol suppresses many of your body’s main functions to different extents and can affect your ability to recover from illness and injury.

A group of women sitting on a grass field after playing soccer, sharing bottled beers.
Mental Health

Brain-Sharpening Exercises and Activities 

Just like our bodies, our brains change as we age. But there are exercises and activities that can slow or even prevent some of that decline.

Old Woman make exercise why she is protected Alzheimer's disease
Mental Health

How to Stay Healthy During Spring Break

Make the most of the wonderful weather by getting your body up and moving. Springtime outdoor workouts can reinvigorate you after a long cold winter. Make sure you are staying healthy and moving this spring.

Staying Healthy During Spring Break
Mental Health

Signs of Feeding and Eating Disorders in Children

Feeding and eating disorders are considered mental health disorders and medical illnesses. Understanding the types, signs and symptoms is important, regardless of an individual’s age and gender. 

Mental Health

5 Ways to Get Moving with Meditation

Who says meditation has to be solitary, still and boring? Get active in your practice with these five moves. Meditation takes many forms, and these five can be a boon for your physical and mental health.

Mental Health

What’s the Let-Down Effect? Here’s How I Dealt With It

Mental health advocate and contributor Monica Drake shares her experience with the let-down effect after planning and celebrating her wedding, and how she dealt with the feelings of listlessness after the big day.

Mental Health

Why Tanning Beds Don’t Help with Seasonal Depression

Thinking about popping into a tanning bed to ward off the winter blues? Not so fast.

Mental Health

Melting Away Winter Health Myths

Not everything you hear about how the winter affects your health is true. As the dead of winter approaches, it's important to be as informed as possible.

Friends having a snowball fight
Mental Health

Ways to Combat Winter Restlessness

Did you know emotions associated with the “winter blues” can affect 10% to 20% of people this time of year? These tips can help you combat those emotions.

Mental Health

Benefits of Owning a Dog

Most dogs are naturally happy and even excited to see their owners. They wag their tails, lean against their owner, stick close for a head scratch or a friendly greeting. It’s a welcome-home reaction that’s pretty hard to beat. It speaks to the bond most people have with their pets, and this relationship has lots of perks for the owners, too. Four-legged friends bring their owners both mental and physical benefits as part of their relationships.

Mental Health

The Calming Effect of Decluttering

Here are six tips on tackling clutter and organizing. If you’re dealing with items inherited from parents and items your grown children have left behind, these pointers are especially helpful.

Mental Health

Decluttering for the New Year 

Clutter doesn't always refer to physical items. If your house and your life feel a little messy, it’s time to declutter for the New Year. Here are some tips.

Millennial man organizing his book collections
Mental Health

How I Am Managing the Holidays While Grieving

Contributor and mental health advocate Monica Drake writes about how she is managing the holiday season while grieving a recent loss in her family.

Mental Health

3 Tips to Ease Travel Anxiety

If stress has become an uninvited guest on your vacations or work trips, you may have travel anxiety.

Mental Health

Social Media Can Put a Damper on Your Holiday Spirit

If scrolling and swiping makes you feel less than festive, don’t let social media put a damper on your holiday celebrations.

Mental Health

5 Meditations to Try

Ready to add a little more zen to your life? Try these 5 kinds of meditations.

Mental Health

How I Learned to Manage Impulsive and Intrusive Thoughts

Mental health advocate and contributor Monica Drake shares how she learned the difference between impulsive and intrusive thoughts -- and how they affect her mental health.

Mental Health

Overcoming Post-Vacation Blues

If getting back from a trip gives you the blues, here’s how to overcome post-vacation depression.

Mental Health

Advice for Coping with Holiday Blues

Contributor Monica Drake shares what you can do if the holidays aren’t feeling so joyful right now.

woman poses in a Santa hat while feeling sad with the holiday blues
Mental Health

8 Ways to Stop Holiday Stress Before It Starts

The holidays are as stressful as they are joyous. When it comes to shopping, traveling, decorating and family time, here are ways to mitigate the stress.

5 Ways to Stop Holiday Stress Before It Starts  
Mental Health

Detroit Native Builds ‘Slow AF Run Club’ Community to Bust Stereotypes 

Detroit native Martinus Evans started running at 300 pounds 10 years ago, and has gone on to run eight marathons and founded a 25,000-member online running community called the “Slow AF Run Club.” The community is inclusive, and empowers people to run “in the body they have right now.” 

Mental Health

How Change – Even Good Change – Affects My Anxiety

Contributor and mental health advocate Monica Drake writes about one of the biggest triggers for her anxiety -- change -- as she prepared to get married.

Mental Health

What are the Seven Principles of Mindfulness?

Taking time to clear your mind of thoughts, judgments and opinions can help to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. This practice is known as mindfulness.

Mental Health

How Does Alcohol Affect My Sleep?

Booze before bed may seem like an OK way to help you doze off quickly. But the tradeoff is usually fragmented sleep, wakefulness and a very groggy day after.

Mental Health

This Suicide Prevention Month, I Remember.

Contributor and mental health advocate Monica Drake writes about what Suicide Prevention Month means to her and why.

Mental Health

Know this Acronym to Help Prevent Suicide

Learn about WAIT, which offers simple suicide prevention advice.

Mental Health

The Power of a Routine in College

Having trouble staying organized at school? Adding structure to our lives can bring out the best versions of ourselves. Here's what a routine-oriented approach can offer.

Jozlynn Blankenbaker poses for a photo on the Wayne State University campus.
Mental Health

How I Protected My Mental Health While Dating

Since the unknown is one of the biggest triggers for my anxiety, it’s no wonder that dating had such an effect on me.

Mental Health

The Health Benefits of Grounding

Swim in a lake, walk in the grass or lay on the sand and you might get the benefits from grounding.

Mental Health

How My Workout Became a Part of My Social Life

Working out with friends has its benefits. Added motivation is usually one of them. That was the experience for Maria Cassel, who details her health journey in this first-person writing.

Mental Health

How Breastfeeding Affects Mental Health

When facing problems with breastfeeding, women may experience feelings of depression or symptoms similar to post traumatic stress syndrome.

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