Health Conditions

Health Conditions

Did You Know: The Connection Between Vision Health and Diabetes

Diabetes can lead to conditions that affect your vision, such as glaucoma, cataracts and diabetic retinopathy. Equip yourself with the knowledge needed to prevent these conditions by reading these tips.

Health Conditions

5 Tips for Surviving Allergy Season

While it’s exciting to head outside and enjoy nature, the change in season also means allergies. Here’s how to nip symptoms in the bud.

How to survive allergy season
Health Conditions

Understanding Autism in Children

Autism affects the way a person communicates and interacts with others. It does not affect all people equally, rather there are varying degrees of severity.

World Autism Awareness day concept with puzzle or jigsaw pattern on heart with autistic child's hands supported by nursing family caregiver
Health Conditions

Autism Awareness Month: Jonathan’s Story

A Michigan mom shares the story of her family’s journey with autism and how she wants more understanding for people like her son.

Three photos of a boy with autism growing up
Health Conditions

Seven Ways to Keep Kidneys Healthy

Chronic kidney disease is a public health crisis that's serious but also preventable. Managing blood pressure and blood sugar are two of the seven ways recommended to keep the kidneys healthy.

Doctor demonstrating a model kidney
Health Conditions

Winterize Your Home for a Healthy Season Indoors

As you cozy up at home during the long winter months, take these simple precautions to keep the flu bug and other illnesses at bay.

Health Conditions

Shovel Snow Safely: 12 Tips

You shouldn't dive right into snow shoveling without first taking your health into consideration, especially if you have preexisting conditions. These tips should help.

Health Conditions

How to Spot Common Food Allergies in Children

Offices, classrooms and even restaurants often have signs that warn of food allergies. Here’s how parents can stay ahead of them.

A mother applies a tissue to a child's runny nose outdoors.
Health Conditions

When You Should Talk to Your Doctor About Cramps 

For most women, having cramps is part of having your period. But here are some signs to watch for that mean you might need to talk to your doctor.

Chinese Girl Having Lower Abdominal Pain Sitting In Bed Indoors
Health Conditions

Finding Relief: Who to Talk to When Allergies Strike

Learn how to spot the telltale signs of a new allergy’s development and where to go to receive qualified care and advice.

A young adult man going for a walk outdoors stops to apply eyedrops.
Health Conditions

What is Stiff-Person Syndrome? 

Stiff-person syndrome is a rare, progressive autoimmune disorder that affects how a person’s muscles move. Here are the symptoms and treatments.

A young woman got severe cramps in her foot at night while sleeping.
Health Conditions

Boost Your Brain with These Healthy Foods and Habits

It’s never too early to think about your brain health. Whether you’re a teenager or an adult, these tips can help keep your mind young.

A heart-shaped bowl full of healthy foods like avocado, berries, fish and more.
Health Conditions

5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Speech at Home

Practice speaking clearly with these 5 easy speech techniques to help you feel more confident.

Improve your communication skills at home with these 5 tips
Health Conditions

Surprising Ways to Keep Your Skin Healthy All Winter Long

Don’t let harsh winds and dry indoor heat ruin your skin. Give these five tips a try and you should stay radiant all winter long!

Surprising Ways to Keep Your Skin Healthy
Health Conditions

Snow Shoveling Safety Tips

The dangers of snow shoveling are not limited to those who have poor health. Everyone should adhere to these safety tips.

Shoveling with dog
Health Conditions

Unexpected Side Effects of Having a High Fever

Fevers are a normal immune response to infection, but high fevers can be problematic and can have some unexpected side effects. Here's what you need to know.

Man lying on the couch with a high fever checks a thermometer
Health Conditions

Get to Know the GERD Diet 

Whether you’ve got occasional heartburn or GERD, following a GERD diet can help control acid reflux. 

Asian woman eating spicy food and having acid reflux or heartburn hand holding a spoon with chili peppers another hand holding her stomach
Health Conditions

10 Ways to Protect Your Bones Today

As you get older, it becomes more and more important to keep your bones strong and healthy. Here are simple steps you can take to make a difference.

A Black man smiles at the camera holding a basketball as his friends look on from the park behind him.
Health Conditions

What You Need to Know About Measles

Cases of the measles have been down in the United States since 2019, but the infectious viral disease should still be taken seriously.

what you need to know about measles
Health Conditions

Your Roadmap to Conquering Flu Season

An annual flu shot is the best way to protect against the flu, but it’s only the first step. This guide should help you conquer flu season.

Health Conditions

Four Ways to Strengthen Your Immune System

Good sleep, proper nutrition and these other tips should help keep your immune system performing optimally.

immune system
Health Conditions

Fall Allergies: Does Local Honey Help? 

Itchy eyes, a runny nose and sneezing. Fall allergies are a pain, but can eating local honey help alleviate those symptoms?

Itchy eyes, a runny nose and sneezing. Fall allergies are a pain, but can eating local honey help alleviate those symptoms? 
Health Conditions

Feel Summertime Sadness? You’re Not Alone

Do you find yourself feeling blue during the summer? You may have summer seasonal mood disorder. Here are the signs and what you can do about it.

One young woman sitting alone on edge of footbridge and staring at lake and cloudy sky in summer day. Thinking about life. Spending time alone in nature. Peaceful atmosphere. Back view.
Health Conditions

8 Things You Should Know About the Flu Shot

The flu vaccine is effective, does not cause the flu, and affects children and adults differently. Here are some other facts to know in order to stay protected.

Flu shot during Covid
Health Conditions

5 Sun Safety Myths Debunked

These common sun safety misconceptions and facts can reduce your family’s risk of skin damage and other sun-related health hazards.

Sun in the sky
Health Conditions

The Difference Between Food Allergy and Food Intolerance

Up to 85 million Americans are affected by food allergies and intolerances. Learn the key differences between them.

Senior man experiencing stomach pain while having breakfast with his wife
Health Conditions

Healthier Holidays: Simple Ways to Cut Carbohydrates

Registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator has some healthy food swaps for you to try this holiday season.

cut carbs during the holidays
Health Conditions

Back-to-School: Backpack Health

As kids bring more and more home in their backpacks, make sure their backs stay healthy and strong by following these guidelines.

Mother making school lunch to her children.
Health Conditions

Piercing Safety: Do You Know the Risks?

Do you know which red flags you should look out for when getting a new piercing? Find out to avoid complications.

Woman having ears pierced with ear piercing gun
Health Conditions

Five Tips for Picking Out Sunglasses

The sun can damage more than just your skin. Follow these tips to pick out the right sunglasses for you, and start protecting your eyes today.

Backpacker man looking at bright sun through polarized sunglasses enjoying mountain landscape. Eye & Vision Care human health concept image.
Health Conditions

Why Men’s Health Matters

Keep the men in your life healthy by learning the facts about men’s health.

Patient in a medical consult wearing face mask
Health Conditions

Differences in Chronic Asthma and Exercise-Induced Asthma in Children

Does your child suffer from chronic asthma or exercise-induced asthma? Read more to find out how you can help manage their symptoms.

Woman African American doctor general practitioner helping child to put nebulizer inhaler face mask. Asthma treatment for children.
Health Conditions

How To Combat Allergies

Spring brings the beginning of warner weather, blooming flowers, and allergies. Check out these tips on how to combat them this Spring.

Allergy concept. Young asian woman sneezes and blowing her nose with a handkerchief and suffering in the spring among flowering and blooming trees.
Health Conditions

What is World Prematurity Day?

World Prematurity Day is observed every year to raise awareness of premature birth and the concerns that premature babies and their families face globally.

Premature baby
Health Conditions

3 Must-Ask Questions for Every Doctor’s Visit

Next time you visit your health care provider, follow the Ask Me 3 questions to be sure you leave with all the information you need to get better.

Doctor discusses senior woman's health
Health Conditions

Breast Cancer Prevention: Tips for Every Age

It is a time to educate yourself on how to stay healthy and prevent breast cancer.

Group of women all ages survivors of breast cancer
Health Conditions

4 Changes Women Should Make for Their Heart’s Sake

Read up on cardiologist Joni Summitt’s tips to help women reduce their risk for heart disease.

Female friends socializing
Health Conditions

Do You Have Generalized Anxiety Disorder?

Noticing a persistent, excessive, and unrealistic worry about everyday things lately? Read on to see if you meet the criteria for Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

African woman reducing stress do yoga exercise to calm down
Health Conditions

Would You Know if Your Child Had Trouble Seeing?

Prepare for the start of school by checking in on your child’s eye health. Here are signs their vision isn’t 20/20 and what to do about it.

Child Eye Health - Young girl working on tablet
Health Conditions

Skin Cancer Survivor Wants Others to Learn from Her Mistakes

After skin cancer surgery, one of our team members is urging others to be safe in the sun.

Woman putting sunscreen in her hand
Health Conditions

The 411 on Avoiding Ticks and Lyme Disease

Tick season is upon us! Learn how to protect yourself and look for signs of Lyme disease.

Tick on the dry grass in spring outdoors.
Health Conditions

The Difference Between Food Poisoning and the Stomach Flu

Don't let hot weather and poor storage ruin your next meal. Here's how to reduce the risk of food poisoning and stomach viruses.

Woman Feeling Sick While Eating Bad Food in a Restaurant
Health Conditions

Understanding Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Many people who have experienced a traumatic event may not recognize that they have PTSD. By increasing awareness, more people will feel empowered to seek help.

Man holding his head in his hand
Health Conditions

Have No Fear: The Men’s Health Cheat Sheet is Here

Ready to take control of your health? Here’s a quick list of men’s health screenings that should be on your radar.

Man playing basketball with his family
Health Conditions

The Importance of Speaking Up About Your Mental Health Struggles

Professional athlete Kevin Love shares his mental health struggles, here’s why it’s important to be vocal about your own experiences

Woman looking at computer screen
Health Conditions

Endometriosis Explained: Signs, Risk Factors and Treatment

Endometriosis is a painful condition that's linked to infertility in women. Learn the signs, risk factors and treatments associated with this chronic illness.

Woman curled up on couch, holding stomach
Health Conditions

What You Can Do Now to Prepare for Spring Allergies

Why wait until you’re miserable to fight allergies? Simple steps taken in advance can make a world of difference.

Woman sneezing into a tissue
Health Conditions

Coping as Sumi’s Caregiver

KC Mehta, like many caregivers, faces isolation and loneliness because of the all-consuming nature of the work he does to care for his wife Sumi.

KC and Sumi in the 1970s
Health Conditions

Sumi 2.0: Becoming Sumi’s Care Partner

Alzheimer’s disease has changed many aspects of Sumi Mehta’s personality. One constant, says husband KC, is her smile.

Sumit today
Health Conditions

Sumi’s Smile: A Caregiving Love Story

Sumi Mehta was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease at the age of 59. Her husband KC, remembers it as “the saddest day of our lives.”

Sumi in 1974
Health Conditions

What Twenty-Somethings Should Know About Colon Cancer Risks

Colon cancer has become more prevalent in young people with diagnoses steadily on the rise among people in their 20s and 30s. Here’s what to do to stay healthy.

Black and white portrait of young black woman
Health Conditions

Colon Cancer: The Importance of Catching it Early

When caught early, colon cancer has a high survival rate. Here’s what to know about colon cancer screenings.

Woman's hands making a heart shape on her stomach.
Health Conditions

High-Tech Ways to Keep Your Heart Healthy

Check out these apps that will help you keep track of your heart health.

Man finishing up a workout and looking at his phone
Health Conditions

Jumping for Heart Health

Jumping rope is a staple of the Kids Heart Challenge, a nationwide effort by the American Heart Association.

Children jump rope in a gym
Health Conditions

5 Children’s Dental Problems and How to Prevent Them

Does your child have a healthy dental routine? Here's some tips on how to prevent cavities, gum disease and more.

Mother and daughter brushing teeth
Health Conditions

Hidden Signs of a Thyroid Condition

Millions of Americans are living with some form of thyroid disease. Are you one of them?

A woman is at the doctor's office for a thyroid exam
Health Conditions

The Link Between Heart Attack and Stroke

Can you stop a heart attack before it starts? Here's how to reduce your risk of coronary artery disease, stroke and its related conditions.

Asian doctor is using a stethoscope to listen to the heartbeat of an elderly patient.
Health Conditions

Top 5 Myths About the Flu Vaccine

Winter is coming–don’t let one of these misconceptions stop you from getting a flu shot. It’s the best way to stay healthy all season long.

flu shot myths
Health Conditions

How the Flu Impacts Chronic Conditions

The flu can become dangerous or even deadly for those who are already dealing with health complications, like diabetes and asthma. Here’s how:

How the Flu Impacts Chronic Conditions
Health Conditions

Stopping Health-Related Stigmas

Unfortunately, many illnesses and conditions, both physical and mental, are stigmatized in society.

Sad woman turned away from group
Health Conditions

Q&A with a Dermatologist: Real Advice for Great Skin

Dermatologist Dr. Brittany Carter-Snell answers the most common skincare questions and offers us insight on the best practices for maintaining healthy skin.

Woman washing her face
Health Conditions

Your Family’s Health History: Why it Matters

When it comes to health, learning your family’s history can help you identify conditions you might be at risk for and start taking preventive measures.

Mom helping her young daughter in the kitchen
Health Conditions

Should You Work Out When You’re Sick?

As cold and flu season approaches, it’s important to understand when our bodies need to rest and when we can continue with our workout.

Exercising while sick
Health Conditions

Understanding Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Alzheimer’s is a common form of dementia. “World Alzheimer’s Month” is an opportunity to learn more about the disease.

Health Conditions

Diabetes 101: A Guide to Understanding Risk Factors and Prevention

By educating yourself and your loved ones, you can better understand the risk factors and methods of prevention associated with this life-altering condition.

Older man talking to his doctor
Health Conditions

COPD 101

COPD is a less-discussed disease, but this blog covers what it is, how to prevent it and how you can treat it.

Man using an inhaler
Health Conditions

Special Challenges Adopted Children Face

Adoption is a life-changing experience that may bring about some unique challenges for the child that manifest in a variety of ways.

Young boy holding adult's hand
Health Conditions

The Breast Cancer Few People Talk About

When you hear about a breast cancer diagnosis, it’s natural to assume it’s a woman who is dealing with the news. But breast cancer can also happen to men.

male breast cancer
Health Conditions

What You Need to Know About Breast Cancer Prevention

Living a healthy lifestyle can help reduce the risk of many illnesses, including breast cancer.

reduce your breast cancer risk
Health Conditions

Remembering Brandon Michael: A Story of Infant Loss

Guest blogger Lindsey Clair shares her experience with infant loss in this moving post.

Empty crib
Health Conditions

Tips for Managing ADHD Symptoms Beyond Medication

October is National ADHD Awareness Month and this article highlights some tips to curb ADHD symptoms beyond medication.

Little girl doing cartwheels in the leaves
Health Conditions

Understanding Michigan’s Newborn Screening Program

There’s a lot that comes to mind when thinking about why living in Michigan is so great, and the newborn screening process we have here should be one of them.

Newborn Infant Screening
Health Conditions

Smoking out the Stigma Associated with Lung Cancer

Lung cancer can impact all individuals – not just smokers. Read on to learn more about this deadly disease.

Doctor looking at an image of a lung.
Health Conditions

Physical Therapy: Knowing When to Go

Still a little fuzzy on how physical therapy can be helpful? Read on to learn the needs for treatment, when to see a PT and the benefits of physical therapy.

Physical therapy patient being helped by physical therapist.
Health Conditions

Senior Falls: Why They’re Dangerous and How to Avoid Them

Falls are the number one cause of injuries and deaths from injury among older Americans. Find out how to reduce your risk.

Doctor examining an older patient's knee.
Health Conditions

Signs a Child is Struggling with Their Mental Health

Nearly 14% of adolescents struggle with depression, a mental health condition often compounded by stress, poor diet, lack of sleep and other factors.

African American dad comforting sad daughter
Health Conditions

National Safety Month: Tips for Proper Food Storage and Foodborne Illness Prevention

Every year in the U.S. foodborne illness causes approximately 48 million afflictions and 3,000 deaths. Proper food storage is key to avoid becoming a victim.

proper fridge storage
Health Conditions

Camp Casey: Providing Help, Horses and Happiness

Camp Casey is a non-profit organization that was established in 2004 with the mission of bringing smiles to kids with cancer and rare blood diseases.

Little girl celebrates her horsey house call
Health Conditions

Table Talks: Managing Mental Health

Mental illness can impact everything from work to social lives. It is often viewed differently because it can not be physically seen.

A Healthier Michigan Table Talks: Managing Mental Health
Health Conditions

How to Support a Parent Caring for a Child with a Serious Illness

Caring for a seriously ill child can be emotionally challenging. Read up on how to support parents going through this difficult experience.

Health Conditions

Why It’s Important to Be Honest About Your Sexual History

Sex is an uncomfortable topic but read on to see why it's important to be completely honest with your doctor.

Health Conditions

Common Contact-Wearing Habits to Avoid

Do you sleep or swim in your contacts? Discover how this common practice is putting your vision in danger.

Eye Health
Health Conditions

The Connection Between Seasonal Affective Disorder and ADHD

People with ADHD have a higher chance of developing Seasonal Affective Disorder. Learn how individuals can lower their risk and treat symptoms.

Thoughtful man looking out the window
Health Conditions

Different Ways Stress Can Affect Men

Men are less likely to address mental health issues like stress and depression. This can lead to more serious conditions affecting them and their families.

Man sitting at table stressed over bills
Health Conditions

Arthritis Does Not Discriminate By Age

Read our team member's first-hand experience dealing with osteoarthritis at the young age of 32 years old.

Woman with knee injury
Health Conditions

Sharing My Depression and Anxiety Coping Tips

For this writer, talking openly about her depression and anxiety is a way to let others know they’re not alone and that seeking treatment is important.

Image of sign that says "Find Your Strong"
Health Conditions

Foods that Can Help Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms

If you or a loved one has Parkinson’s disease, there are foods that are good to incorporate into your diet. Find out what’s best to add to your meals.

Antioxidant-rich berries surrounded by leafy greens and other veggies
Health Conditions

Why I Regret Tanning in My Teens and 20s

There is no safe way to tan. The darker skin tone that results from time in a tanning bed or in the sun is caused by cellular damage to the skin.

Woman in front of a facial tanning light
Health Conditions

Six Self-Care Tips for Women

Women can take control of their health and significantly reduce the risk of serious conditions. Dr. Patricia Ferguson shares six tips to get started.

Woman smiling and laughing
Health Conditions

Talking to a Loved One About Hearing Loss

Hearing loss affects approximately 20% of Americans. Despite its prevalence, it can be difficult to talk to loved ones about signs of hearing loss.

A yellow and red tulip in bloom
Health Conditions

Parkinson’s Disease: What are the Risks and Signs?

Due to the unpredictable nature of Parkinson's Disease, it’s imperative to understand the signs and risks associated with the illness.

older couple
Health Conditions

Tips for Prescription Safety, Storage and Disposal

60 percent of Americans take a prescription drug, so it is important to know how to safely consume, store and dispose of them.

bottle of blue and white pills spilling out of a prescription bottle
Health Conditions

Working Out Effective for Reducing Parkinson’s Symptoms

Newer research has also found that exercise may have a neuroprotective effect, meaning it can protect from neuron degeneration.

playful seniors having fun together and dancing
Health Conditions

Talking to Kids About E-cigarettes

E-cigarette use among youth has been declared “an epidemic”. Learn how to talk to your kids about this health hazard.

Hands holding an e-cigarette.
Health Conditions

Rock Steady Boxing: Beating Parkinson’s to the Punch

Did you know you can fight symptoms of Parkinson's disease by boxing?

Two heavy weight bags with two boxing participants practicing movement between them
Health Conditions

Michigan Woman Donating Stem Cells to Man She Saved Years Ago

“Everybody has the potential to give selflessly to somebody else.” Read up on a Michigan woman donating stem cells to the same recipient she saved years ago.

Close up of nurse placing a swab into a vial.
Health Conditions

Organ Donation FAQs

Want to become an organ donor, but don't know where to go next? Here's a breakdown of common organ donation questions.

woman researching
Health Conditions

Have You Registered to Become a Donor Yet?

In the U.S., over 100,000 people are in need of an organ transplant. Discover how you can improve or possibly save a life by becoming a registered donor.

Man in hospital bed waiting for organ donation
Health Conditions

Overcoming Injury: Vince’s Story

The road to recovery can be draining. Read Vince's story about how he stayed positive after a life-altering injury.

Muscular bodybuilder guy doing exercises with dumbbells in gym
Health Conditions

Is It Worth Investing in Food Sensitivity Tests?

You have probably seen food sensitivity tests all over social media – here is what you need to know about using them.

Woman with upset stomach

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