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Are Your Beliefs About Weight Loss Holding You Back From Better Health?

People love to give helpful advice … but when it comes to weight loss, the majority of the advice is not accurate. I found this to be true during and even

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Stop Trying to Climb the New Year’s Resolution Mountain; Climb the Smaller Hills Instead

If you make your resolution easier to follow, you’ll have a better chance to stay on track. Here’s how to rethink your goals.

tackle realistic new years resolutions

Treat yourself to a gift that “keeps on giving” in more ways than one

I can’t stop thinking about the gym – I am hooked! While that may seem totally normal for some, wanting to get to the gym have never been the norm for me… well…

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You don’t need to be perfect when you live a healthier lifestyle!

How many times have you told yourself that you really need to start living healthier? It’s a common thought that a lot of people have. But oftentimes it ends…


A healthy way to allow wishes to come true for those who need them

If I approached you with an idea that assisted in granting a terminally ill child their biggest wish, most likely you’d want to hear more about it.

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“Because of you …” The 170 pound weight-loss that created that statement

Today’s post is special to me. It’s about helping someone; in fact, it is more about changing a person’s life. If a person fell into deep water…

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A reminder of just how good walking is for our health

“Sometimes we all need a simple reminder of just how good walking is for our health." That was one of the comments made to me by an individual I met during a…

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How to see the positive in a negative situation: Rebecca’s story.

Sometimes it’s difficult to see the positive in a negative situation, but it can be done. Just how do I know that? Because I recently witnessed it and it made…


Are you paying attention to the obesity epidemic numbers? You should be

I think the time has arrived when we really need to start paying more attention to some very important numbers in this country specifically the obesity epidemic…

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It’s time to proclaim “I am worth it!”

“I AM worth it!” It's such a profound statement, I can’t say it without getting a little choked up. I have not always believed those four words.


Are you consuming more calories after your workout than you think?

The more I work out at the gym, the more I want to go. A brisk daily walk is just as rewarding; after all, it has been part of my routine since January 2001.

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Do calories still count if nobody sees me eating them?

A few days earlier at the gym this week I overheard a phone conversation that many dieting men and women have found themselves in at one point.


When I dance, does that mean I am exercising?

I like to dance, which is why Zumba feels more like a party to me than a work out. Dancing is an activity that I’ve always enjoyed and continue to enjoy today.

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How far do you have to run to burn off a cheeseburger?

How can you burn food without cooking it? That was just one of the many questions that were asked of the participants of an HBO documentary film titled “The…


Zumba: more like a party than a workout!

Dancing. I love it. But what I love even more is that there have been reports suggesting that dance is effective in improving self-esteem and reducing stress.


It’s never too late to ‘Just Do It’

“Just Do It.” A a slogan most of us are familiar with, and understandably so. These three words have been a trademark of Nike Inc. since 1988, which means we'


When it’s my time to blow off steam, I cool off at the gym

Going to the gym is not for me during the hot summer months. I like to receive my daily dose of physical activity by taking a 1.5 mile brisk walk in my…


If my life were a series of books, the third will be the best yet!

On January, 22, 2001, I began viewing my life as a series of books. Starting a new book meant that I had to allow myself to turn the final page of the last…


What is your opinion of the new “healthy” Barbie doll?

When I heard the news that the original “perfect” Barbie doll was being redesigned to resemble a doll with a typical and normal appearance, my first thought was…


“Tell us how you move!” campaign has logged 64,000 miles of movement

Tell me how you move! Yes, I’m always interested in knowing which activities you enjoy in order to stay physically active. I'm not the only one who is…

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In a pickle for a new workout? Have you tried Pickleball?

I’m always open to new ways to incorporate exercise into my life, so during a recent gathering of my close friends, we started talking about new ways to get…

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The day a stack of watermelons represented part of my weight loss

I will never forget the first time I appeared with Joy Bauer on NBC’s “Today” show. Joy is the long-time diet and nutrition expert on the show who also hosts…


Enjoying the sand under my feet hasn’t always been easy

When is the last time you visited the beach? Building a sand castle, taking a walk along the water's edge, climbing a sand dune, playing a game of beach…


10-minute exercise ideas you can do in the busy summer months

Summers can be busy, but your health shouldn't be sacrificed because of it. Here are some quick exercise ideas.

Group of friends exercising outdoors in a park on a sunny day. They are doing jumping jacks.

No more thick winter coats to hide my waistline

I love the sunshine and the higher temperatures, but I’ve found that my clothes do not. Why? Because less cloth and material to cover my body allows for the…


Is your health a little daily extra that you still try to ignore?

Most of us lead very busy lives. As soon as the alarm goes off, our mind begins to churn with all the things that we need to get accomplished before the next…

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Learning to control your food addiction

I like to eat, which is not uncommon I suppose. In fact, I know that I've had an addiction to food for the majority of my life. Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever…


Do you believe in your ability to do the work it takes to lose weight?

Recently our small community has been holding a ‘walking night.’ People are invited to meet at a local business once a week and then we all walk about 2.25…

Home and Family

A family of four decided to end the diets, committed to a healthier lifestyle and the pounds fell off!

A person making a change towards a healthier lifestyle is often a very big step; making this same change for the entire family can even be bigger. Bigger, true …

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Two healthy recipes that will help create your healthier tomorrow

People throughout Michigan are making changes towards better health, I seem to be witnessing it wherever I go. They are taking the initiative to get outdoors to…


Is the word exercise a dirty word to you? You’re not alone

Sometimes I look back at my past and wonder how I convinced myself to believe something that was not logical. For over two decades I felt that many of the…


Slightly less food and slightly more movement is one formula for weight loss success

Ask any person who has lost weight successfully how they did it and you will see a smile that can light up any room. That is exactly what happened when I met…


Get back into the swing of spring by starting up a new exercise routine!

With spring in the air, it seems as though people everywhere are getting the urge to get back in the swing of things with a new exercise routine.

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