What is your opinion of the new “healthy” Barbie doll?

Jodi Davis

| 2 min read

When I heard the news that the original “perfect” Barbie doll was being redesigned to resemble a doll with a typical and normal appearance, my first thought was, “Finally! Thank goodness!”
I still can’t forget the thoughts that filled my head throughout my childhood when I recall the iconic toy, Barbie. I would always wonder why my body did not look anything like hers, often becoming upset since I was led to believe that I didn’t live up to society’s standards. I now understand the standard she set was unrealistic, but that knowledge know didn’t help me as a kid.
I wonder how many young girls felt the same way as I did back then?
I wonder how many still do?
Learning that a new version of Barbie has been created by Nickolay Lamm, one that is considered more average when proportioned by the measurements used by the Centers for Disease Control made me smile big time! Lamm used a 3D printer and photoshop, thus creating an average sized 19-year-old Barbie, one that is not so tall and skinny, but a doll that looks healthy. He wanted to show that average is beautiful. I say kudos to you Lamm!
Maybe someday in the future, the average and healthy looking Barbie doll will be seen on store shelves. I know I would purchase one, just for the fact that it would erase beliefs that have stayed with me since my childhood.
“If normal Barbie can be made, I feel she’ll have a more positive influence on girls than Barbie in its current form,” Lamm wrote. “Normal Barbie shows that you are beautiful, just the way you are.”
And this new Barbie may also have the ability to do something else, lower the rates of eating disorders. That is an opinion that is shared by actress and recording artist Demi Lovato. She actually called the new Barbie “awesome” on Twitter this week along with also making notes of Barbie’s noticeable traits. Demi Lovato developed an eating disorder at a young age and is concerned about the young girls of today dealing with the same issue.
I have the same concern. Believing that I didn’t live up to society’s standards because of a doll is just not good.
Feeling beautiful just the way you are is what I hope for young girls of today. That means it’s time for the new Barbie to make her debut.
Do you have an opinion of the new “average” Barbie?
Photo credit: Pringle Hill

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