A reminder of just how good walking is for our health

Jodi Davis

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“Sometimes we all need a simple reminder of just how good walking is for our health.”
That was one of the comments made to me by an individual I met during a conference held earlier this month at the Walter and May Reuther UAW Family Education Center located in Black Lake.
This lovely woman, who later revealed to me that she had lost 53 pounds, explained that it was the simple act of walking that allowed her to shed her weight a couple years ago. What was upsetting to her was that her schedule was becoming extremely full and she had allowed herself to quit her walking routine.
The results had become challenging issues for her. Because of her lack of daily physical activity, she gained 12 pounds. In addition to her added weight, some minor health issues were starting to cause her some concern.
She thanked me for mentioning the health benefits of walking during my presentation. It made me feel good when she explained that it really was something she needed to be reminded of. My new friend vowed to again begin walking daily.
We all need to be reminded now and then about just how good walking is for our health.
1) Reduces blood pressure
2) Increases the efficiency of the heart and the lungs
3) Reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes
4) Boosts bone strength & improves muscle tone
5) Reduces risks of certain cancers
6) Keeps bones and joints in shape—minimizing the effects of osteoporosis and arthritis
7) Lowers LDL (low-density, “bad” cholesterol)
8) Raises HDL (high-density, “good” cholesterol
9) Reduces stress
10) Boosts energy levels
11) Helps create weight loss
WALKING … it’s free, it’s fun and walking daily contributes to a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE! What more could you ask for? (Maybe just a reminder every now and then!)

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