I love exercise and I love it when people discover they love it too!

Jodi Davis

| 2 min read

I love to exercise and I love it when others discover that they love it too! Okay, so that’s a whole lotta love, but I can’t help it … exercise and love just seem to go together. Feeling good is just my style, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m not the only person that feels this way either.
Don’t believe me? Just the other day I was outside shoveling (and loving it by the way) and I noticed three people walking down our street. I had to laugh when I noticed the clothing they were wearing because it wasn’t the norm for them. They walk often, but on this day they were loving their walk just a little bit more; the laughter I heard was surely an indication of that! I didn’t get the chance to ask them why they happened to be dressed the way that they were because I was more focused on watching my husband run towards them as he asked their permission to take a photo. They posed and immediately turned to continue on their daily walk, laughter still filling the air. I loved it, and apparently so did they!
Another exercise that I love is called the “dance-walk” and anybody can do it. It’s pretty new to me since I just heard about it through Facebook. It was introduced by Ben Aaron, from LXTV NBC and in my opinion Ben surely appears as though he loves to have fun with exercise too! He claims that he loves this form of exercise since dance-walking allows him to interact with other people, he can see the city and it allows him to dance, something he loves to do! I love it too – I mean if you can listen to your favorite tunes and dance-walk down the street, there isn’t any possible way that you can feel bad … but you surely can feel good, if not great!
It’s time for you to feel good, I’m sure it’s your style just as it is mine. Take a “wacky-wardrobe walk” or try a little dance-walking, maybe even both. Love your exercise routine and enjoy how happy it makes you feel, we all certainly deserve that!
Photo credit: Jodi Davis

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