How can I focus on good health and lose weight when I don’t have time?

Jodi Davis

| 3 min read

“I want to lose weight and focus on good health, but it’s just so difficult to do. My life is so busy right now; it’s just easier to do something about it later, when I’m not so busy.” Have you ever made a statement like that? If you are like the majority of the population it’s very likely that you have.
It is hard to lose weight, I’ll admit that. If it wasn’t there wouldn’t be an obesity epidemic in the United States right now. It’s often just as tough to focus on good health. For many people it’s much easier to avoid thinking about it. Some individuals may find themselves doing what I did for over two decades: figure out a way to go into denial and pretend that no health problems could ever occur due to being overweight, inactive and eating mindlessly.
Life is absolutely crazy at times. I’d swear that if a person could “buy time” they would spend thousands of dollars per year just to have more of it.
Honestly, who out there hasn’t felt that life is too busy to concentrate on good health? We all know it will have to be done eventually, someday. The question is when is someday is going to get here? When will the busy part of life end?
My honest answer is it won’t end. Life will always be busy and that is not a bad thing! It means you are actively and attentively engaged in work or some form of amusement. Being busy is part of existence. It’s quite enjoyable, for the most part.
There are literally hundreds of subjects I could tackle on this. I could begin with how you should not skip breakfast then maybe jump to lunchtime and include reasons why you should end the excessive fast-food restaurant visits and sum up the day by explain why snacking on an entire bag of chips and a container of dip is not a wonderful way to contribute towards good health. I could tackle the subject of exercise as well; honestly, there’s enough information on each subject to literally write a small book about.
My wish is that you accept that you are busy, admitting that it isn’t going to change soon. You will also be busy next week, next month, next year. You will probably still be busy ten years from today.
Here’s the part that you really need to focus on, and I want you to say it to yourself quietly. Print it out and place it on your desk or your refrigerator, in your wallet or purse, wherever you can view it so you can say it over and over again: “I will lose weight and focus on good health today. I will no longer put it off. It is time. I have to do this, for me. My life is busy, I accept that, yet I can’t continue to put off my health until later. Later may arrive too late.”
Until those words are felt, any information given to you regarding the numerous exercise routines or suggested healthy eating tips are simply not going to work. You must feel them first. I truly wish that you feel them now. I can motivate you to lose weight and acquire better health, but it’s up to you to take the first step. If you feel you’ve been using excuses, end them.
It’s hard, I know. I’ve been there. Millions of us have. But it can change. YOU can change.
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