Yoga allowed disabled vet to shed 140 lbs in 10 months

Jodi Davis

| 2 min read

Disabled veteran Arthur Boorman was informed by his doctors that he would never walk again. Because of extreme injuries that he suffered from the impact of landing on his legs and back while serving as a paratrooper in the army, surgery caused Boorman to be dependent on crutches and leg braces. He then gained an excessive amount of weight. At 297 pounds, he couldn’t walk or run. He admitted that he was just waiting to die. But he didn’t, instead he became persistent. He was going to lose his weight and walk again.
Arthur was considering yoga, but at age 47 he was turned down by most yoga instructors, all except for one.
Diamond Dallas Page, a retired professional wrestler, was the only person who would help him. At first Page was hesitant even though Boorman was begging for some help. Page admitted: “With the knee braces, the back brace, the canes…you know, 297 lbs and his belly was out to here. And I was thinking, God, how I am going to help that guy.” But he did help him and this allowed Arthur to never give up. The video tells it all:
In ten short months, Arthur Boorman lost an amazing 140 pounds thanks to yoga and inner determination! “Never underestimate what you can accomplish.” He was persistent. He never gave up. What a lesson for all of us.
Arthur was interviewed by ABC and claimed: “The big part of it is getting your head right. Once my mind was in the right place it was just a matter of getting the work done.” Getting your head right and your mind in the right place. This is great advice from an amazing and inspiring individual. But my favorite words spoken by this incredible individual are: “Never give up.”
This story shows you what is possible if you never give up. I love those words … never give up. Those three words may seem simple but they are powerful because they have the ability to impact your entire life. When you never give up it is proof that you have belief in yourself. It means that you are not willing to give up on something that you once thought you could never accomplish, ever.
The next step is to try. If you never try, then you’ll never know the outcome. That is exactly what Boorman did. And I’m confident that if you believe in yourself and try to take that next step toward better health, you will see outstanding results too!

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