How to see the positive in a negative situation: Rebecca’s story.

Jodi Davis

| 2 min read

Sometimes it’s difficult to see the positive in a negative situation, but it can be done.
Just how do I know that?
Because I recently witnessed it and it made me stop and think.
But the thoughts that went through my mind weren’t caused by an old memory or familiar scenario that I happened to view that day. No, they came from the words spoken by a woman who I had never met before. Her name was Rebecca Tesh.
Rebecca introduced herself to me during a recent health fair that was being held at Mott Community College in Flint. She was a joy to talk to. In fact, I quickly noticed how her energetic personality was becoming a bit contagious. Everyone around her seemed to feel her enthusiasm, especially once she began explaining how much she loved to walk!
Of course, I couldn’t wait to hear all about it! Rebecca, a student at Mott, said that she walks numerous miles everyday and feels ten times better than she has ever felt in the past. And then she explained why she started walking.
Rebecca said her car had been stolen over 18 months ago. She was obviously devastated, just like any human being would be. But instead of focusing on the fact that she didn’t have any mode of transportation, she made the decision that she would start walking to her destinations.
And that is exactly what Rebecca did. Not only does she feel better, but she has made another positive change in her life: Rebecca lost 80 pounds by walking daily!
She told me that she looked at her vehicle-situation as a blessing. If her car wouldn’t have been stolen, she wouldn’t have made the decision to walk instead of drive allowing her to get where she needed to go! And if she wouldn’t have been walking for the past 18 months – which includes walking to and from class at Mott Community College- then she would probably weigh over 250 pounds instead of her current weight of 170 pounds.
It took Rebecca only 18 months to walk off 80 pounds and she has no intentions of stopping anytime soon. She loves walking and the way it makes her feel (and look!)
Thank you, Rebecca, for reminding us that it is possible to see the positive in a negative situation. You feel it was a blessing in disguise when your vehicle was stolen … and I feel it was a blessing to get to know you.

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