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Detroit Juneteenth Celebrations in 2024

Metro Detroiters can meaningfully celebrate Juneteenth 2024 in Detroit in a multitude of ways, from festivals to special dinners to educational events.

Juneteenth in Detroit
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Can Gardening Improve Mental Health?

On top of growing your own food and plants, you could be relieving stress and improving your attention span every time you get in the garden.

Can Gardening Improve Mental Health?
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5 Tips to Avoid Loneliness While Working from Home

Working from home has obvious benefits, but many of us who work remotely know it can also breed loneliness. These tips encourage movement and socialization. They may help you break up the monotony of the remote work day.

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Find Your Fit: Qigong’s Low-Impact, Full-Body Movements and Mindfulness Techniques Can Benefit Older Adults

Qigong is part mindful activity, part exercise. Its low-impact, repetitive nature has made it an increasingly popular workout for older adults.


Aster Farm to Table Restaurant in Midland Focuses on Seasonality, Sustainability and Community

Beef from Stoney Grove Farm in Rodney. Whitefish caught in Lake Erie. Fresh tomatoes from Good Stead Farm in Hope. Michigan's incredible farming community is highlighted in every dish at Aster.


The Foodie Focus: Spotlighting Michigan Restaurants Focused on Clean Eating

The Food Focus series is coming to AHM this spring. Each month we'll chat with different restaurant owners in Michigan who prioritizes clean ingredients, sustainability or just general healthy eating. Let's dig in!

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Find Your Fit: What is Tabata?

Tabata was originally created as a training method for the Japanese Olympic Speed Skating team in the early 1990s. But the HIIT-style workout is practiced in gyms all over the United States today. Here's what it's all about.


Opening Day in Detroit: Saginaw Super Fan Sammie Telder Never Misses a Game

Saginaw native Sammie Telder doesn’t miss many pitches, swings or catches during the 162-game regular season. She can't wait to see how her Tigers perform this year.

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Find Your Fit: What You Need to Know About Rucking, from a Michigan Resident Who Fell in Love with it

Osceola County resident Donnie Dwyer gravitated toward rucking for its low-impact, resistance-based nature. More than just a sneaky good workout, rucking's communal element has been a boon to Dwyer's social life.

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Mindful Parenting: Celebrating Inchstones

We're used to celebrating our children's big milestone moments. But it can be valuable for both the parent and the child to celebrate the smaller triumphs, too.

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Find Your Fit: WERQ Dance Fitness is for Everybody and ‘Every Body’ 

Fitness instructor Monica Sanders is one of the pioneers of WERQ, a nationally-known style of cardio-based group exercise that originated in the Midwest.

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Nordic Walking Provides a Full-Body Workout

Nordic walking incorporates hand-held poles that propel you forward. This surprisingly tough workout gets your back, chest, core, shoulders and arms engaged.


50 Black-Owned Restaurants to Try in the Detroit Area

This list of 50 Black-owned restaurants in the Metro Detroit area need to be on your radar, if they're not already. How many have you eaten at?

Courtesy of IVY Kitchen & Cocktails/Facebook

7 Detroit Black History Sites to Visit 

These historic Detroit sites and landmarks document both the triumphs and hardships of Black Americans who have ties to the city.

Second Baptist Church and the Alger Theater represent two of the most historic sites in Detroit in terms of significant Black history.

Get to Know Michigan’s Woody the Woodchuck Ahead of Groundhog Day

Woody the Woodchuck isn't just a Michigan legend; she's known nationwide. With a personality as big as her appetite, it's easy to see why Woody is such a treasure.

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Why Walking Your Dog is Healthy for You, Too  

Did you know dog owners are 34% more likely to fit 150 minutes of walking into a week than non-dog owners? The benefits only begin there.

Photo of a smiling senior woman walking her dog outdoors along a foot path

This German Football Fan was a Foreign Exchange Student in Michigan 26 Years Ago. He Returned to Watch Detroit Win a Playoff Game.

Detroit's feel-good playoff run has been a blast for the city to follow. The team even has support overseas, as evidenced by this former Michigan foreign exchange student from Germany's unlikely tale.

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Find Your Fit: What is the 12-3-30 Workout?

Even the biggest cardio detractors might find some fun in the 12-3-30 routine. This 30-minute aerobic challenge took the workout world by storm in 2023.

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What is the Goldilocks Rule for Social Media Use?

Many of us can afford to shave down the amount of time we spend on social media. It's also a useful professional tool, and can be a boon to our social lives in small doses. Balance is key.

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New "Find Your Fit” Series Will Spotlight Fun, New Workouts Every Month

Discovering a new workout can spark motivation when the gym routine gets stale. In 2024, A Healthier Michigan's "Find Your Fit" workout series will feature fun, unique and trending exercises that you can try at your pace.

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Should I Cold Plunge Before or After a Workout?

Cold plunges can be a complementary recovery method to vigorous exercise. But exactly when should you take the plunge? Here's what the research suggests.


How to Treat Your Weekend Like a Vacation

When your weeks feel cyclical and repetitive, try treating a weekend like a vacation. Here's how to unplug, unwind, and get into that vacation mindset.

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Benefits of Walking Backwards

It may sound a bit silly, but walking backwards is a great way to incorporate varied movement into your workout. When done safely, it's an exercise that works muscles you don't normally work.

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Detroit-Area Entrepreneurs in the Non-Alcoholic Industry Offer Dry January Steps for Success

Trying Dry January? The month-long challenge can be mentally trying. Some of the people at the forefront of Detroit’s "sober curious" movement have some advice.


10 Family-Friendly Winter Break Activities in Metro Detroit

Looking for things to do during the kids' winter break? These indoor and outdoor ideas should ignite the holiday spirit in the whole family.


Winter Festivals in Michigan in 2024

Looking for festive winter events to attend? The Michigan winter festivals on this list take place between January and March of 2024.

Woman captures a photograph of another woman during the Grand Rapids World of Winter festival.

5 Ways to Celebrate Hanukkah in Detroit in 2023

Celebrate the Jewish “festival of lights” by attending one or more of these five Hanukkah celebrations happening in or around Detroit.

Menorah in the D
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‘Alcohol is Not Your Friend:’ BCBSM Medical Director of Behavioral Health Digs into His Passion for Advocating Against Alcohol Abuse

Dr. William T. Beecroft has advocated against alcohol abuse for much of his 40-plus-year health care career. Here, he reflects and shares some candid thoughts.

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Health Benefits of Wallyball

Looking for fun activities this winter? Stop your search at wallyball. Similar to volleyball, this fast-paced indoor sport has plenty of health benefits to offer.

Health and Wellness

8 Ways to Stop Holiday Stress Before It Starts

The holidays are as stressful as they are joyous. When it comes to shopping, traveling, decorating and family time, here are ways to mitigate the stress.

5 Ways to Stop Holiday Stress Before It Starts  

5 Winter Things to Do in Michigan

Activities are easier to come by in the summer than in the winter. We know this. But exciting winter activities in Michigan aren't as limited as you may think. Here are five fun ideas.

Food and Recipes

Vegan Thanksgiving: Metro Detroit Restaurants, Food Trucks With 2023 Holiday Menus

Detroit area vegans rejoice! There’s a long list of metro Detroit and Michigan restaurants offering 100% plant-based Thanksgiving meals.

Vegan Thanksgiving spread from Detroit Street Filling Station

How to Celebrate Native American Heritage Month in Michigan

November is Native American Heritage Month. These Michigan sites and landmarks celebrate the rich and important history of Native Americans. Check out this list of Native American-owned businesses to support as well.

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