Vegan Thanksgiving: Metro Detroit Restaurants, Food Trucks With 2023 Holiday Menus

Jake Newby

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Vegan Thanksgiving spread from Detroit Street Filling Station
If you are vegan but don’t have the time, ingredients, products, or motivation necessary to get in the kitchen and make Thanksgiving a grand slam this year – relax!
Plenty of acclaimed vegan restaurants, food trucks and other businesses in Michigan have you covered this year. Check out this list of catered/carryout plant-based Thanksgiving spreads offered across Metro Detroit as you get your holiday plans in order.
Note: If you are interested in one or more of the meals below, be sure the selected business still have orders available at the time of your inquiry.

Vedged Out Food Truck

What’s on the menu? Vedged Out’s “Vedged Feast” is offering a $100 feast that serves four people. Orders are packed cold and come with heating instructions. The feast includes glazed, gluten-free meatloaf, your choice of four sides, cranberry relish, and a loaf of maple-glazed pumpkin bread. Click here for more info.
Order: Message Vedged Out on social media or call 248-369-7881 to place your order.
Pickup: Quantities are limited, and orders must be placed by Friday, Nov. 17. Order pick-up is Wednesday, Nov. 22 at Oasis Health Foods in Waterford.

Detroit Street Filling Station

What’s on the menu? Individual carryout- regular or gluten-free meals- cost $35, plus tax, and include seitan roast slices (or the gluten-free option of roasted acorn squash); wild rice stuffing; arugula-almost-dried cranberries salad; mashed Yukon gold or sweet potatoes; a pumpkin cheesecake, and more. All meals come refrigerated with heating instructions.
Order: Pre-order from Detroit Street Filling Station – located at 300 Detroit St. in Ann Arbor – by clicking here.
Pickup nfo: Pickup times and dates are Tuesday Nov. 21 between noon and 7 p.m. and Wednesday, Nov. 22 between noon and 8 p.m.

Vegano Italiano

What’s on the menu? There is no shortage of vegan Thanksgiving items to choose from at Vegano Italiano this year. Their $35 plate-for-one option includes meatloaf with maple glaze, garlic butter mashed potatoes with gravy, basked mac n cheese, rosemary and sage sweet potatoes and more. Plus, all those items can be ordered in larger, individual sizes. They also will offer family-sized portions of vegetable lasagna, stuffed meatballs, "Antipasto Vegano" and much more. All pre-orders come with heating instructions.
Order: Pre-order is available now on the food trucks website: Vegano Italiano.
Pickup/Dine-in info: Pickup on Tuesday, Nov. 22 is from 11-3 p.m. at Ann Arbor Farmers Market, located at 315 Detroit St. Pickup on Wednesday, Nov. 23, is from 10-1 p.m. at Botanical Bakeshop, located at 508 County St.

Chive Kitchen

What’s on the menu? Chive’s expansive vegan holiday menu includes individually priced items like sliced“Furkey” seitan, house made maple seitan, panko chickie seitan, green bean casserole, baked mac and cheese, grilled tofu steaks, portobello steaks and much more. There's tons of dessert options and ven premade cocktails and mocktails by the gallon!
Order: Click here to view the entire menu and to order.
Pickup: Catering orders require at least 24-hour notice at Chive, which is located at 33043 Grand River Ave.

Jacq n Diane’s Juice Box

What’s on the menu? Jacq n Diane are whipping up a $65 feast for two that is all vegan and gluten-free. This year, the dinners include:
  • Cranberry lentil loaf
  • Garlic mashed potatoes and gravy
  • Green bean casserole
  • Raw veggie stuffing
  • Roasted herbed veggies
  • A slice of chocolate or pumpkin pie (additional slices are $8 apiece)
Order: Call 248-369-8034 or message the store on social media to order.
Pickup: Orders must be placed no later than Thursday, Nov. 16. Pickup for the order is Wednesday, Nov. 22. Jacq n Diane’s Juice Box is at 3034 Grange Hall Road in Holly.

Shimmy Shack

What’s on the menu? The Shimmy Shack food truck has a “Savory & Sassy” family-sized meal for sale for $25 or you can indulge in an individual-sized dish for $9. The meal includes a four-layer Thanksgiving casserole, a baked oniony potato & protein tempeh side, “mac n cheez” and a side of pad Thai. You can also order an 8-inch or personal-sized pie. Read Shimmy Shack’s Facebook post, here, for more info.
Pickup: Call 732-754-3501 or send an email to to place your order. There are multiple pickup days/locations:
  • Nov. 19 at Stone & Spoon in Ypsilanti from noon to 4 p.m.
  • Nov. 20-21 at Radical Plants at 25404 Harper Ave. in St. Clair Shores from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m.
  • Nov. 20-21 at Mt. Hope Congregational Church at 30330 Schoolcraft in Livonia from 3-5 p.m.

Nourish Juicery and Kitchen

What’s on the menu? The menu is massive this year at Nourish Juicery and Kitchen, which is doing individual ($34) and family-sized dinners ($115), as well as a la carte sides, starters, desserts, and extras. They have all kinds of additional baked goods, treats and juices available for the holiday, too. View the entire menu here.
Order: Orders can be placed online at this link or by calling the shop at 517-920-0433.
Pickup: Nourish, located at 636 W. Adrian St. in Blissfield, will stop accepting Thanksgiving orders on Nov. 15. Pickup is between noon and 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 22 unless you make other arrangements with them. Stop in, or call or text the shop at the above number with questions.

Zerbo’s Market & Bistro

What’s on the menu? Zerbo’s gargantuan catering selection that includes vegan turkey, vegan stuffing, vegan mac & cheese, vegan mashed potatoes and gravy, vegan meatloaf, vegan sweet potatoes, desserts and more. Click here for the whole menu.

Order: Fill out a pre-order form with Zerbo’s or scan their QR code now.

Pickup: Zerbo’s is located in Commerce Charter Township at 3000 E. West Maple Road. Orders must be placed by midnight on Saturday Nov. 18. Pickup can be set for either Nov. 21 or Nov. 22.

Better Health Market

What’s on the menu? Better Health has a vegan vegetable quinoa roast holiday meal offering this year. Serving four, it includes one pound of mashed redskin potatoes, one pound of green bean casserole, one poound of vegan, traditional or gluten-free stuffing, eight ounces of gravy, eight ounces of cranberry-orange relish and your choice of either a pumpkin or apple pie.
Order: Click here to order online. On the order page, you can choose your stuffing selection, pie choice, and your pickup date and time. The best part is, Better Health has locations all over Michigan. Click here to browse its 14 stores and make sure you order from the one nearest you.
Pickup: You are asked to please bring your order confirmation with you when picking up your meal.

Blondie’s Food & Spirits

What’s on the menu? For $16.95, you can get vegan Swedish meatballs with "buttered" noodles. The dish is served with a side salad. Available for separate purchase is a whole, house-made vegan peanut butter pie.

Order: Order online at this link. The ordering deadline is Nov. 18 at 8 p.m. or until quantities run out.

Pickup: Pickup is available on Nov. 22 between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. Blondie’s address is 2520 W. Hill Road in Flint.

Vegan Nova

What’s on the menu? Vegan Nova in Pontiac is catering Thanksgiving by offering vegan rib and vegan turkey menu selections. The vegan/vegetarian restaurant also whips up a vegan mac & cheese and vegan chocolate chip cookies.

Order: Call 312-617-7246 or send an email to

Pickup: Pickup info is unclear, so call the number above or send the business an email to learn more. Vegan Nova is located at 760 E. Walton Boulevard in Pontiac.
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Photo Credit: Detroit Street Filling Station

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