Stress Relief

Stress Relief

Top 5 Reasons You Should Walk at Lunch

National Walk at Lunch Day is the perfect excuse to get outside after lunch and rack up some steps. Do it every day and the health benefits will rack up, too.

Two businesswomen walk, talk and drink coffee in the middle of a workday.
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Benefits of Spa Treatments for Stress Awareness Month

Relaxation is key to combating high stress levels. Spa treatments are a great way to reduce stress levels and achieve a level of relaxation.

A couple enjoys a spa day.
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Tips for a Mindful Holiday

Adopting a mindful mindset can help you have a holiday that’s more relaxed, intentional and joyful. These tips can help you do just that.

Father and daughter playing in front of the Christmas tree while mom looks on in the background.
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14 Ways Your Body Reacts to Stress: How You Can Cope

Here are some common factors to look for to see if your body is reacting to stress.

Overworked stressed millennial woman sits in front of her laptop
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Self-Care Tips During the Holidays

Setting aside time to do good things for yourself is the gift that keeps giving all season long.

Teenage girl packing Christmas gifts in a car after shopping. She wears a protective mask to protect from corona virus COVID-19.
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Tips for Managing Stress When You’re at College

If you are heading off to college, read these tips about prioritizing your physical and mental health while away.

Disabled college student sitting at outdoor desk
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5 Ways a Journal Can Help You Feel Happier

Using a journal can help you solve problems effectively, reduce stress and anxiety and cope with emotional traumas, including grief and loss.

tudent learning at home. African woman sitting at home and writing in her journal.
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5 Healthy Ways to Handle Post-Election Emotions

Have a lot of feelings dealing with the election? Here’s how to handle those emotions in a healthy way.

woman on laptop
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Staying Positive in the Face of Negative Headlines

Overwhelming news stories and stats can quickly put us in a funk. Finding joy in the everyday can help.

Worried African American woman using cell phone while working at home.
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5 Ways to Unwind On National Relaxation Day

Manage your stress better with these 5 tips on how to unwind and relax.

Woman chilling out with charcoal face mask on face
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Using Your 5 Senses to Calm Anxiety

Use your senses of sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste to center your mind when you're feeling anxious. Try this mindfulness technique to overcome worries.

Woman relaxing in grass smelling a flower
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How You Can Help #EndTheStigma of Mental Health Conditions

People with mental health issues often stay silent due to feelings of shame. Here’s how to help overcome that stigma.

pensive woman in front of the window
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Want to Feel Younger Than Your Years? Try Yoga!

Yoga is a great way to improve your strength, flexibility and mental clarity. Add some of these moves into your day for an easy way to improve your practice.

A multi-ethnic group of seniors is attending a yoga class outdoors. The group is sitting on yoga mats. They are meditating. The individual in focus is a black man. He is sitting at the front of the group. He is smiling directly at the camera.
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Get Grounded: How To Reconnect with the Earth Through Yoga

Those who believe in the science of grounding support connecting individual bioelectromagnetic fields with the earth’s electromagnetic field.

woman doing child's pose in a park
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How Yoga Breathing Can Reduce Your Stress Level

Stress is usually part of your daily routine. However, incorporating yoga and different types of breathing into your daily routine can help lower your stress.

A multi-ethnic group of young adults are taking a yoga class together at the gym. They are meditating with their eyes closed and focusing on their breathing.
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Dispelling the Top 4 Myths About Talking to a Therapist

Therapy can be beneficial for anyone who feels they need a listening ear while they work through something going on in their lives.

person talking to therapist in therapy session
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The Bright Side: Add Some Positivity to Your Social Feed

Is your social scrolling bringing you down? Add some positivity to your feed with these fun and positive accounts to follow.

Woman looking at her phone smiling
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Relax Your Mind with These Popular Meditation Styles

There are many different types of meditation and the key is to explore the various styles until you find one that suits you best.

Woman meditating in woods
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The Importance of Speaking Up About Your Mental Health Struggles

Professional athlete Kevin Love shares his mental health struggles, here’s why it’s important to be vocal about your own experiences

Woman looking at computer screen
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In a Rut? 12 Ways to Move Forward with Positivity

From creative outlets to health and wellness changes, there are plenty of ways to work on yourself. Here are our favorite ideas.

Woman painting a picture
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10 Ways to Maximize Productivity When You Work from Home

If you’ve recently had to shift to working from home, you might be feeling confused or overwhelmed with your new work environment. These tips can help.

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Sumi’s Smile: A Caregiving Love Story

Sumi Mehta was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease at the age of 59. Her husband KC, remembers it as “the saddest day of our lives.”

Sumi in 1974
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Your Voice, Your Choice: Why Voting is Good for Your Health

Beyond the mere satisfaction you may receive from helping select the next president, voting also has some surprising health benefits.

Woman voting in gymnasium
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Helping Kids Navigate Academic Stress

The drive to succeed academically may be good to an extent, but it can also lead to an insatiable desire for perfection where a B can be devastating.

Little girl holding paper with an F on it.
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The Best Advice We’ve Received From Mentors

Some pieces of advice tend to resonate with us more than others. Here are some of the best pieces of advice members of our team have received:

Business people group discussing work plan with coach at meeting
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How to Avoid the Holiday Blues

More than half of Americans consider the holidays stressful. Here are some tips on how to navigate the season and avoid the holiday blues.

Woman in stress about Christmas holidays
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7 Smart Ways to Outsmart Stress

The holidays are especially fraught with challenges to remaining cool, calm and collected. These seven tips can help you get through the season.

Grandmother playing cards with granddaughter
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Why In-Store Shopping Is Good for You

Online shopping lacks some of the health, social and environmental benefits of shopping in-store.

Two women walk down a city street holding shopping bags
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Lifting the ‘Lead Blanket’ of Seasonal Affective Disorder

As fall transitions to winter, the decrease in sunlight may have a deep impact on your mental wellbeing.

Girl standing alone on a cloudy gloomy day
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Small Ways to Brighten Someone’s Day

Sometimes even the slightest action can make someone happy. Here are some of the ways we participate in random acts of kindness during the holidays:

Son kissing mother
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Comedy, Caution and Caregiving: Breeda Miller’s Journey

Caregiving can be stressful, but there are small ways to embrace the journey. Read about Breeda Miller's experience and what she learned from it.

daughter talking to mother in wheelchair
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When the Unexpected Happens: Dealing with Crisis

When you’re dealing with a crisis, there’s no “right” way to react. However, there are some helpful dos and don’ts that can help you navigate the unexpected.

Woman with head on arms sitting by bed
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How to Find the Right Yoga Studio for You

If you’ve tried yoga and didn’t like it, it’s possible the studio just wasn’t the right fit. Read on for tips you can use in your quest to find a yoga home.

yoga class
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Table Talks: Managing Mental Health

Mental illness can impact everything from work to social lives. It is often viewed differently because it can not be physically seen.

A Healthier Michigan Table Talks: Managing Mental Health
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The Power of Saying “No”

You may feel obligated to say yes all the time, but one of your greatest tools is the word “no.”

two people at a coffee table having a serious conversation
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A Survival Guide for College Move-In

Going to college is a huge step in your life, and there is a lot to do before moving in. Read here to find out more!

Young man smiling with proud dad watching in background
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25 Ways to Treat Yourself

Sometimes you need a little pick-me-up to get through the work week. Read up on some fun, inexpensive ideas.

coffee and dessert
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Small Steps to Simplify Life

Simplification looks different for everyone and each person has their own method that works for them. Here are some of our tips on how we keep things simple.

young woman relaxing
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My Struggle with Perfectionism

Being perfect isn't always a good thing. Perfectionism can negatively impact your life. Make sure you know the signs and how to cope.

Woman stressed at her desk
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Things You Might Not Expect on Your Caregiving Journey

If you’re caring for a loved one, there could be aspects of caregiving that will surprise you. Read on for what to expect and how to cope.

Granddaughter taking care of her grandmother
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4 Reasons Golf is Great Exercise

Other than being much harder than it looks, golf is a great source of exercise for all ages. It might be time to pick up that driver and hit the links.

Why golf is such great exercise
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Coping with Change

Dealing with changes due to a new job, moving, losing a loved one, getting married or having a baby can be difficult. Here are coping tips to help you adjust.

Family moving into a new home
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Seven Apps to Help You Feel Happier and Less Stressed

Did you know that there are some pretty great apps that focus on your mental health?

Phone Apps
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Sharing My Depression and Anxiety Coping Tips

For this writer, talking openly about her depression and anxiety is a way to let others know they’re not alone and that seeking treatment is important.

Image of sign that says "Find Your Strong"
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Walk Your Way to Better Health

Many people overlook the benefits of a simple walk every day. Read about how walking each day is great for your health!

Close up of sporty woman tying shoelace while kneeling outdoor, In background bridge. Fitness outdoors concept.
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Table Talks: A Conversation About Caregiving

Angela Hernandez, social media team leader at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan sat down with local caregivers and aging experts to discuss caregiving.

Table Talks: A Conversation on Caregiving
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Sleep Cycles: What Really Happens When You Sleep

When you sleep your body transitions through different cycles. Learn about what happens at each stage and how each cycle affects your health.

Child sleeping with stuffed animal
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Wearable Sleep Trackers: Do They Really Work?

About one third of adults report getting less than the recommended amount of sleep. Can sleep trackers help?

Woman checking her sleep tracker before bed.
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Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Though we know the benefits of a good night’s sleep, that doesn’t always mean we have the ability to catch the proper amount of Zzz’s. These tips can help.

Image of a young man sleeping soundly.
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Ever Experienced Sleep “Drunkenness”? It’s Not What You’d Expect

One in seven Americans is affected by sleep “drunkenness”. Find out what causes this condition and why you should get it checked out if you think you have it.

Stressed man trying to fall asleep
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Tips for Effective Communication in a Relationship

Just because you’re in love doesn’t mean you won’t sometimes disagree. Learn how to keep the lines of communication open without saying something you’ll regret.

Couple talking over coffee.
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Why Weight: The Science Behind Weighted Blankets

Weighted blankets look and feel like a normal blanket, but are far heavier. The weight is evenly distributed across them.

Woman sleeping under a heavy blanket.
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Why Creativity is Good for Your Mind

Learn more about how creative outlets can have a positive impact on your life.

Black watercolor palette with mixed bright colors
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Why Everyone Needs a Creative Outlet

There's a connection between creative pursuits and your mental and physical health. Find out why you should take up a creative hobby today.

Portrait of female potter painting bowl in pottery workshop
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Essential Oils and Your Health: A Beginner’s Guide

Here’s your quick-start guide to using essential oils, including what they are, popular varieties and whether they pose any risks.

Bottles of eucalyptus oil with fresh leaves in background.
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52 Little Habits That Will Help You Create an Amazing 2019

The new year is a great time to renew your commitment to a healthy mind, body and spirit. Here are little tweaks to do just that.

Woman walking up the stairs.
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Feel Happier and Healthier with a Dose of Nature

Why connecting with nature is as vital to good health as wellness visits, preventive screenings and daily vitamins.

Photo of a joshua tree against the sunset.
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Fitness Fun: 8 Boredom-Busting Workouts

Revamp your exercise routine with these 8 boredom-busting workouts…

Group of people training in a gym squatting with barbells
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Your Holiday Budget Game Plan

Food, wrapping paper, gifts and decorations all can take a toll on your bank account – but they don’t have to.

Image of man holding shopping bags with presents on the street.
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Family Drama? How to Protect Your Emotional Health During the Holidays

Families can be a source of comfort, but also emotional pain. Learn how to navigate potential pitfalls before you gather for the holidays.

Angry sisters in front of the Christmas tree
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Apps and Food Storage Tips to Organize Your Fridge

Staying on top of fridge organization and meal prepping can sometimes fall to the bottom of your to-do list. Here are some kitchen hacks to make life easier.

Image of leftovers stacked messily in the fridge.
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New College Grads: Prepare for Retirement Today

Going through your college years and saving money can be hard, but here's why it is so important for your future.

Young woman pays for restaurant bill with credit card.
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Everything You Need to Know About Healthy Earbud Use

Wear earbuds at work, the gym or in your car? Here are some trustworthy answers to frequently asked earbud questions to keep your ears healthy.

Young man drinking coffee listening to music on his smartphone through earbuds.
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For LGBTQ+ Community, Coming Out Can Be Emotionally Difficult

Coming out can be an emotionally trying experience. Read on for tips about how to navigate your journey in a way that’s right for you.

Two women talking in a cafe.
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Get Buzzworthy Skin with these DIY Honey Spa Recipes

Try these honey-infused DIY self-care recipes for head-to-toe glowing skin.

Stress Relief

Is Fear of Failure Making You Procrastinate?

What really causes people to procrastinate? It might be a fear of failure or anxiety. Read on for tips to cope.

Image of a young woman bored at her desk
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Reclaiming Your Independence Post-Breakup

Here are some tips to help regain your independence once a relationship comes to an end.

smiling woman cuddled up in a blanket sitting on a bench/ledge overlooking water
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Western Michigan University: Healthy Tips for Students

Here are some of the healthiest spots on campus for students attending Western Michigan University.

Western football
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Tips to Stay Healthy at the University of Michigan

It's great to be a Michigan Wolverine, but also stressful at times. Here are some on-campus resources for keeping your health in check while attending U of M.

university of michigan big house sunset
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Healthy Campus: Michigan State University

Michigan State University offers a wide range of fun activities and ways to stay healthy on campus.

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Get the Most Out of Your Next Staycation

Here are some tips to make your staycation all about self-care and space reinvigoration.

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New Fitness Trend: Roller Skiing

Roller skiing provides a unique total-body workout. Strengthening 90 percent of your muscles, this low-impact sport can be enjoyed by many.

Man roller skiing down a street.
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Self-Compassion: How to Change Your Self-Talk

Self-compassion is treating yourself as you would a friend when you’re upset or disappointed. Use some of our tips to cultivate a happier mind and body.

mackinac island beach rock pile
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ARTpath Brings Color and Positivity to the Lansing Community

ARTpath is a 3.5 mile stretch of the Lansing River Trail that features 10 thought-provoking art pieces made by various artists across Michigan.

Colorful artwork featured on the ARTpath in Lansing
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‘Hey, Alexa’: Ways to Use Your Amazon Device For Better Health

Live a healthy life with the MI Blue Skill for Amazon Alexa.

Blue Cross branded Amazon Echo Dot
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Tales from the Trail: Favorite Michigan Hikes

There is something about “unplugging” from busy day-to-day lives and then recharging in the Michigan backcountry.

Best hikes in Michigan
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Getting Past the Post-Grad Blues

Post-graduation can be the most stressful time of your career, but here are some excellent tips to stay on track.

Graduation Picture
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Michigan June Bucket List: 10 Ideas to Welcome Summer

June might be the perfect month of the year in Michigan if you enjoy balmy temps and sunshine. Here are some ideas to make the most of it.

Aerial view of Shelby's Cherry Point Farm's lavender labyrinth.
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Homemade Spa Recipes

Homemade sugar scrub and avocado-honey face mask recipes will help you create a relaxing experience in the comfort of your own home.

homemade spa recipes
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3 Science-Backed Reasons to Have a Hobby

Research shows that having a hobby may improve lots of different areas of your life. To get you going, here are some hobby ideas to check out:

Stress Relief

How Bad is Television, Computer Time for Your Health?

It’s little secret that sitting on your butt for long periods of time is bad for your health.

Messy desk with hand grip tool
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Michigan May Bucket List: 10 Ideas for a Marvelous Month

Make the most of May with these 10 ways to get outside and explore.

Photo of yellow tulips, shot from underneath the flowers looking up to a clear blue sky.
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Ways To Spring Clean Your Morning Routine

Refresh your morning routine with these tips that will set you up to seize the day!

Wake up and feel refreshed with these easy changes to your morning routine!
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Holland Tulip Time Festival to Feature Yoga in the Tulips

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is proud to partner with Tulip Time to bring the community a series of special yoga events this May.

purple and pink tulips in bloom
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Change Your Mood By Changing Colors!

Color therapy, or the use of different hues to change your mood, is more powerful than you may have thought. Here’s how to use colors to turn your day around.

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The Year of the Smart Speaker: Your New Wellness Coach

Check out these ways you can use your smart speakers to get healthier.

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Michigan February Bucket List: 10 Ways to Warm Up the Shortest Month

Feel the love this February by stepping outside of your comfort zone and trying something new.

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Want to Sleep Better? 6 Daytime Dos and Don’ts

These quick and easy fixes will have you sleeping better at night and leave you feeling energized during the day.

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Want to Feel Less Holiday Stress? Be a Little Selfish!

Being a little selfish during the holidays doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It’s actually good for you!

Stress Relief

Take Control: Little Decisions That Add Up to a Healthier Future

Smartphone apps and “mental health days” are just two ways to get on the right track.

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5 Habits to Make Work Healthier—Starting Today

Work can sometimes get in the way of you being the healthiest version of yourself. Here are five ways you can make your workday habits healthier.

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Experiencing Burnout at Work? Consider a Silent Retreat

Have you ever considered going on a silent retreat? Learn more about what a silent retreat is and the associated benefits.

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Benefits of Fandom: Why Being a Sports Fan Improves Your Health

Did you know that being a sports fan can have major health benefits? Read on for reasons to cheer!

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Have Yourself a Happy, Healthy ArtPrize

Plan to incorporate healthy habits into your ArtPrize visit this year.

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Goat Yoga: The Fitness Trend You Have to Try

The A Healthier Michigan team recently tried goat yoga. Find out why it’s a growing trend.

People practicing yoga on a farm with goats
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Good Vibrations: The Secrets Behind Sound Therapy

Sound therapy uses sound and vibrations to find a deeper sense of calm and relieve stressors in your life.

man and a woman sitting under brightly covered hammocks playing white singing drums
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You Snooze, You Lose: Think Before You Reach for that Alarm

Next time you reach for the snooze button, think again. Learn why you may be losing out on healthy sleep.

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Annoying Co-Workers? Tips to Help You Cope

Sometimes you can’t get along with everyone, but there are ways to deal with pesky co-workers.

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How to Prepare Your Kitchen Before a Vacation

You’ve packed the sunscreen, but have you prepped your kitchen? Check out these tips you can use before you leave on your next getaway.

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(Re)treat Yourself: Five Michigan Spots to Recharge and Relax

These Michigan destinations will provide much need relaxation and reflection through a variety of wellness programs.

Girl with brown hair facing away from camera holding a small pot.

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