Western Michigan University: Healthy Tips for Students

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There’s no other campus quite like Western Michigan University’s, located right in the heart of vibrant Kalamazoo.
Surrounded by an abundant city scene and plenty of recreational opportunities, WMU is a university to reckon with. Filled with plenty of work opportunities and extracurricular activities, there may be times when you need to de-stress and budget accordingly during the school year.
Here’s a list of places and spaces to take advantage of during your time as a Bronco to keep yourself healthy and in a positive state of mind.
  • Meal Plans: While there are so many food options to take advantage of throughout Kalamazoo, you obviously cannot spend all your money going out to eat. With five dining centers spread across the campus, there are plenty of affordable meal plans to help make college eating more diverse than your standard ramen dish.
  • Student Recreation Center: Of all Mid-American Conference schools, Western Michigan has the largest activity space filled with plenty of opportunities to work out or have fun with your fellow classmates. There are locations dedicated to swimming, playing tennis, basketball, soccer, badminton and much more.
  • Student Organizations – Every future leader must begin somewhere! With various forms of organizations offered at Western, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved and make a difference on campus. In addition, becoming involved in student communities and groups connected to your major will help you make like-minded friends or you can seek out diversity and inclusion opportunities or get involved with student civic groups.
– Mental health: College life can be overwhelming sometimes, especially during exam season. Fortunately, there are services available at Sindecuse Health Center if you ever need to seek professional mental health assistance. Counseling is free to students and there’s no need to make an appointment for your first session – just show up!
– Physical health: If you’re ever feeling sick, the Sindecuse Health Center is the best place for you to go to. With a wide array of options, the center provides various immunizations, physicals, contraceptive services and allergy injections. In addition, the location provides confidential services, such as STI treatment. To schedule an appointment, patients may call (269) 387-3287 or book an appointment online.
Use our checklist to make sure you’re ready for the new semester.
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