Getting Past the Post-Grad Blues

Dr. Angela Seabright
Ryan Miller

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Graduating may seem like the most exciting time of your life, but for some, it can be the most stressful. For post-graduates trying to get their career started, there can be a lot of excess stress and pressure to accomplish things on time. Below are some helpful tips to refresh yourself before getting back out there:
  1. Keep a schedule – While this piece of advice may sound rather cliché, being able to maintain an active work and personal schedule can help keep your mind off the stressors that you may face after finishing college. By taking on outside activities, this can help keep your mind in the right space. An occasional day to yourself doesn’t hurt, but remember to keep your schedule consistent and productive.
  1. Be active – Sometimes, when entering the post-graduation life, the drive to procrastinate seems to only go up. However, there are many ways to combat this habit – especially through a balanced diet and exercise routine. By maintaining your physical health, you will be more productive and ready to take on the next step in your life.
  1. Maintain and nourish connections – Following graduation, it may seem like everyone is distant without the constant buzz of college life surrounding you. Remember, it is important to continuously branch out and maintain the relationships that are important to you. Isolating yourself can lead to negative effects on your psyche and mental health.
  1. Participate in creative activities – It’s always important to keep your mind active, but why not have some fun with it? Take a stab at some creative activities to keep your mind going. Try things out of your comfort zone – crafting, knitting, writing and painting. Even by reading daily, there is so much that be accomplished for your mental and personal health.
  1. Be active in your field – One of the most crucial aspects to staying connected is by making and checking up on connections you’ve made in your field. By staying in contact, you might be able to open up future job opportunities. You just never know how some connections may be vital to expanding your future career.
  1. Plan – Whether you decide to immediately begin a job following graduation or take a gap year, it is always helpful to put your plans to paper (or computer). Visualizing your next steps can help drive your personal motivation toward what you choose to work on next for yourself. Don’t bow to the pressure to hit the ground running if that doesn’t work for you. Self-care and growth is one of the most important aspects to maintaining a healthy and successful lifestyle.
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