4 Takeaways From My First Week on the Paleo Diet

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I’m a walking cliché. A typically healthy, active person 10 months of the year, then I turn into this carb-loading, sweet-eating, inactive individual during the holidays. So of course, I naturally gain back the weight I work so hard all year to lose. But enough is enough. I’m ready for a change.
After chatting with a few of my aunts who had recently committed to the Paleo Diet™, I made a vow, like so many others, to embark on a new health journey to start out the new year. For me, my Healthy Me challenge is trying out The Paleo Diet™ for 21 days.
If you’re not familiar with the diet, The Paleo Diet™ challenges you to eliminate high-fat and processed foods, dairy, grain, starches and alcohol. Instead, you fill up on lean proteins, fruits and vegetables, and healthy fats such as nuts and olive oil.
A week into the challenge, here are a few things I’ve already learned:
There’s so much value in meal planning.
My husband and I create a meal plan and prep snacks and lunches on Sunday. That way, we’re not tempted to dine out or grab quick, unhealthy snacks. We’re both busy, but planning ahead makes everything more convenient during the week.
Social media support is critical.
After posting on Facebook that I was trying The Paleo Diet™, so many of my friends sent messages of support and encouragement, along with helpful tips and recipes. One friend even suggested I join their Facebook group dedicated to a small group working on their personal health goals, which I did. There, we post daily about our progress and challenges, leaning on each other for support. It’s really helped me stay accountable to my own goals.
There are so many great recipes out there.
The diet has inspired my husband and me to be creative in the kitchen. We’ve incorporated new types of foods into our cooking and have liked nearly all of these new recipes. Who would have thought you could use cauliflower as a rice substitute for fried rice?
A diet is only temporary but the lessons will last a lifetime.
I know after 21 days, I’ll have a glass of wine and a bowl of pasta. I won’t maintain The Paleo Diet™ indefinitely. However, I’ll continue to use some of the cooking techniques and healthier substitutes I’ve learned. I’ll be more conscience of the types of food I eat and vow to always read a nutrition label before purchase.
Check back soon for more #HealthyMe updates and Paleo recipes.
Meagan Mommersteeg is a dog lover, wife, travel enthusiast and a true foodie. Running and spending time with her “boys” (husband and two dogs, Frankie and Randy) are her favorite pastimes. It’s important to note that she is not a nutritionist or dietician. A diet that may work for her, may not work for everyone. You should consult your doctor before trying any new diet.
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