Whole Person Health

Whole Person Health

Preventing Falls at Home: Ways to Reduce the Risk for Seniors

Understanding why seniors are at risk of falling can help individuals, caregivers, friends and families prevent them from happening in the first place.

Whole Person Health

What Are the Health Benefits of Apples

Full of fiber and other perks, apples come with lots of health benefits.

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Navigating Conversations with Children About Obesity 

Building healthy habits at home is a great way to teach children and teens behaviors that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives.

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What is Malnutrition?

Malnutrition doesn’t just mean undernutrition, when you’re not eating enough nutrient-rich food. It can also mean overnutrition.

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ArtPrize Artist Connects Art, Healing in Piece Made with Robot Vacuum

Amanda Koss is showing her paintings "Self" and "Dustbin Timberlake" at the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan office in downtown Grand Rapids during the annual art festival.

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5 Things to Do This Fall in Frankenmuth

This Mid-Michigan community is a popular destination for people who like to celebrate Bavarian traditions and Christmas year-round. 

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What is Hispanic Heritage Month?

Celebrating the cultures, achievements and traditions of the Hispanic community, Hispanic Heritage Month is observed from September 15 to October 15.

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Michigan Bucket List: Michigan Cider Mills

As summer gives way to fall, it’s time for a visit to a cider mill to enjoy apple picking, apple cider and donuts.

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A Healthy Diet for People with Alzheimer’s

Can what you eat slow down age-related cognitive decline or early signs of Alzheimer’s?

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How I Stay Healthy in College

School is back and so is the juggling act that comes with life on campus for college students. BCBSM'S 2023 corporate communications interns recently shared their diet, exercise and self-care regimens.

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5 Things to Do This Fall in Belleville

There’s a lot to discover in this lakeside community southwest of Detroit during the fall.

Michigan Bucket List: Apple Orchards to Explore This Fall 
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Michigan Bucket List: Apple Orchards to Explore This Fall 

Nothing says fall in Michigan like filling a bushel basket full of freshly-picked apples. If you want to put a U-pick day on your list this autumn, we can help.

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Know this Acronym to Help Prevent Suicide

Learn about WAIT, which offers simple suicide prevention advice.

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Where to Find Adaptive Kayaking Launches

Adaptive kayak launches offer easy in and out designs for paddlers of all mobility levels. Here are some places to find them.

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Why Pickleball is a Heart-Healthy Sport

Pickleball is a great sport for your heart health, no matter your age.

Jozlynn Blankenbaker poses for a photo on the Wayne State University campus.
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The Power of a Routine in College

Having trouble staying organized at school? Adding structure to our lives can bring out the best versions of ourselves. Here's what a routine-oriented approach can offer.

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More or Less Non-Alcoholic Store Brings Inclusivity to Grand Rapids Consumers

Whether you don't drink any alcohol or you want to go N/A for a certain upcoming occasion, More or Less in Grand Rapids has something for you. The store's owners built their brand with inclusivity in mind, and it's working.

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5 Things to Do This Summer in Three Rivers

From the arts and cultural events to recreational activities, there’s a lot to do in Three Rivers during the summer.

Male and female friends walk together between classes in college.
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Top 5 Red Flags in Friendships

Recognizing and addressing the red flags in a friendship can be crucial to your mental and physical well-being. Start an open dialogue with your friend if you encounter these five red flags.

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5 Insider Tips on How to Shop Smarter and Healthier at the Grocery Store

Registered dietician Shanthi Appelö shares five tips for how to shop smarter and healthier in the grocery store.

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How I Protected My Mental Health While Dating

Since the unknown is one of the biggest triggers for my anxiety, it’s no wonder that dating had such an effect on me.

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The Health Benefits of Grounding

Swim in a lake, walk in the grass or lay on the sand and you might get the benefits from grounding.

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How to Choose the Right Workout for You

Angela T. Moore explains the different types of workouts available and how you can decide which one is best for you.

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What’s the Best Diet for Workout Recovery?

Feeling a little tired or run-down after your last workout? Here’s what you should be eating afterward to speed your recovery.

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5 Things to Do This Summer in Grayling

With its prime location on the AuSable River, there are a lot of things to do in Grayling during the summer.

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How My Workout Became a Part of My Social Life

Working out with friends has its benefits. Added motivation is usually one of them. That was the experience for Maria Cassel, who details her health journey in this first-person writing.

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How Breastfeeding Affects Mental Health

When facing problems with breastfeeding, women may experience feelings of depression or symptoms similar to post traumatic stress syndrome.

Michigan's Upper Peninsula, Eagle Harbor Lighthouse.
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5 Things to Do This Summer in Eagle Harbor 

There’s a lot to discover in this hidden gem on Keweenaw Peninsula during the summer.

A Muslim mom and daughter have fun baking together in their kitchen.
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5 Fun and Creative Ways to Get Your Kids Involved in Cooking

Want to sharpen your child’s cooking skills early? These easy, creative tips can make for a fun family experience in the kitchen.

Two people chat over coffee with their phones tucked away in a nearby basket.
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Limiting Screen Time to Simplify Your Life

Most of us spend too much time on our phones. You’d be surprised how much mental clarity you gain by cutting down on your screen time.

Cookies vs granola bars
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Is It Healthier Than a Cookie? Granola Bars Carry Hidden Sugars 

Is reaching for a granola bar a healthier choice than a couple cookies? Here’s how reading a label can help.

Man standing with daughter while making sandwich
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Nutritious Alternatives to Mayo for Your Sandwich 

Ready to find a tastier option for your sandwich spread? Here are some flavorful alternatives to mayonnaise.

Asian Teenager girl eating fresh blueberry and looking at the camera happily from farm
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Health Benefits of Blueberries 

A sweet fruit of summer, blueberries have lots of health benefits.

Sand Point Lighthouse In Downtown Escanaba Michigan
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5 Things to Do This Summer in Escanaba 

There’s a lot to do in the port city of Escanaba during the summer.

Man writes at his desk at night
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Writing One Sentence Per Day: How it Helped My Creativity

Summer intern Mike Merucci shares how writing one sentence per day helped boost his creativity and his mental health.

Scrolling social media on a mobile phone
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Dopamine Detox: What You Need to Know

If you are a frequent social media user, you might have stumbled upon the latest health trend called a “dopamine detox.” But does it work?

A woman lying in a hammock enjoying the health benefits of doing nothing
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Give it a Rest: The Health Benefits of Doing Nothing 

It's a busy world. But when you take time to do nothing, you can passively check in on both your mental and physical health.

Senior women enjoying the health benefits of golf.
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The Health Benefits of Golf

Gracefully Greying health correspondent Lila Lazarus explores the health benefits of golf for both the body and the mind.

Close Up of Anonymous Man Adding Salt to a Meal
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What are the ‘Salty 6’ Foods? 

Trying to keep your sodium intake in check? Beware of the Salty 6.

Little girl picking blueberry
Whole Person Health

Michigan Bucket List: U-Pick Blueberry Farms 

Try a U-pick farm for your blueberries this year. It’s a fun way to get these healthy fruits.

Park Bench on the Bay
Whole Person Health

5 Things to Do this Summer in Frankfort 

This picturesque lakeshore village sits at the foothills of the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.

A woman weeds her garden.
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Get Your Garden Ready for the Fall with These Tips 

Between weeding, relocating certain plants and testing soil, your garden needs a lot of maintenance at the end of the summer. These seven tips should help.

Caitlyn Begosa
Whole Person Health

Starting College Out-of-State Was Scary. Here’s How I Coped. 

Contributor and summer intern Caitlyn Begosa writes about starting her first year of college out-of-state, and how she learned to adapt.

Monica Drake's two cats
Whole Person Health

How My Pets Helped My Mental Health 

Contributor and mental health advocate Monica Drake shares how her pets have helped her mental health.

Happy woman embracing her friend on the street.
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The Importance of Connecting with Old Friends 

Reconnecting with an old friend can feel good. You being the one to initiate the contact can be good for both of you.

Oak Park Dry is part coffeehouse, part dry bar and part music venue.
Whole Person Health

Dry Bars are Rare in Michigan. But There’s One Inside This Oak Park Coffeehouse.  

For Oak Park and Berkley locals, Oak Park Dry is quickly becoming a go-to spot for great music, great coffee and great N/A mixed drinks.

Healthy kitchen
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Nutritional Value of Broccoli vs Asparagus: Which is Healthier? 

It’s time for a healthy comparison. Which is better for you: broccoli or asparagus?

Finding the Music
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Michigan Bucket List: Free Outdoor Concerts 

Bring a blanket, a camp chair and some snacks. It’s time for free summer concerts.

Turnip Rock near Port Austin Michigan
Whole Person Health

5 Things to Do this Summer in Port Austin 

Port Austin is a laid-back harbor town that has a dark sky preserve and is a boat ride away from the famed Turnip Rock.

Asian woman hand holding glass hermetic pot with mix of nuts
Whole Person Health

Foods That Are High in Iron 

Iron is an important mineral to keep your body working properly. Here’s how to make sure you are getting enough.

Smiling group of people walking together outdoors
Whole Person Health

Six Ways to Improve Social Wellness  

These six areas of social wellness can unlock a better, more well-rounded health profile.

Modern Caucasian young woman playing video games on mobile phone
Whole Person Health

Can You Beat These 5 Brain Teasers? 

Brain teasers are not only fun but good mental exercise that supports a variety of cognitive functions.

Woman at a restaurant reading the menu
Whole Person Health

How to Communicate Your Dietary Restrictions with Others 

Millions of people have food allergies and other dietary restrictions. Here are some ways to communicate these with others.

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Whole Person Health

5 Things to Do this Summer in Ann Arbor 

Even during the summer when most classes are out, there’s always something going on in Ann Arbor.

Jenna Natwick
Whole Person Health

Mental Health and Fitness: My Experience Becoming a Gym Regular

Summer intern Jenna Natwick shares how becoming a gym regular has helped her with her anxiety.

Midsection of family outdoors on garden barbecue, grilling.
Whole Person Health

Grilled vs Baked: Which is Healthier? 

Grilling is a summer pastime in Michigan, and baking is known to be a healthy way to prepare foods. Which is better?

Family Watching the Ball Game
Whole Person Health

Michigan Bucket List: Minor League Baseball Parks 

Peanuts, popcorn and home runs. Who is ready to head to a ballgame?

Sunset on the beach
Whole Person Health

Hidden Michigan Beaches 

If you don’t like your beach time with a side of crowds and noise, check out these low-key beaches across Michigan.

Girls soccer teams practice together
Whole Person Health

How to Keep Kids Healthy During Summer Sports Practice 

Summertime can be a busy season for kids and sports. Here’s a few tips to keep active kids healthy.

Mackinaw Island Town View
Whole Person Health

5 Things to Do This Summer on Mackinac Island

Michigan’s famed island is known for taking people back in time with its horse-and-carriage transportation and historic buildings.

Happy African-American Family is Having a Picnic in a Park and Eating Sweet Cherries.
Whole Person Health

Health Benefits of Cherries 

Sweet or tart, cherries are packed with what’s good for you. Here are the health benefits of cherries.

Tranquil scene with Adirondack chairs looking over a lavender field with blue sky and white clouds in Michigan
Whole Person Health

Michigan Bucket List: Where to Visit Lavender Farms 

Lavender lovers know these dainty blue-purple flowers have a heady scent. Choose one of these lavender farms to add to your Michigan bucket list this summer.

Two Girls Picking Cherries
Whole Person Health

Michigan Bucket List: U-Pick Cherry Farms 

Head to a local orchard and pick your own cherries this summer. They are a healthy, sweet or tart treat.

Steak on the grill
Whole Person Health

Rare or Well-Done? The Meat Safety Debate

Gracefully Greying health correspondent Lila Lazarus reviews the benefits and risks to cooking meat rare or well-done, while keeping safety in mind.

Young caucasian plump plus size woman cooking making salad, healthy food, dieting, counting calories, preparing dinner lunch at home kitchen
Whole Person Health

Can You Support Hormone Health with Food? 

A hormone imbalance can leave you feeling tired, moody or even a little heavier. Here’s how certain foods can help.

Interpretation Of The Electrocardiogram Of Young Athletes
Whole Person Health

Biohacks to Boost Your Health 

Ready to use biohacking to improve your mental and physical health? Here are some of the best biohacks to improve your health.

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