Goal Setting

Goal Setting

4 Practical Ways to Start Living in the Present

Do you ever ask yourself, “Is it the weekend yet?” If you do, it might be time for you to start trying to find joy in the present.

Two teenagers have fun playing in the rain.
Goal Setting

Small Daily Food Swaps Can Net Huge Results

Swapping out your morning caffeine source and afternoon snack for healthier options are two of the many tweaks you can make to your diet.

Blue Cross Healthy Michigan Spaghetti Squash
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Race to Recess: How Unstructured Play Helps Kids

One-third of children are overweight or obese, leaving room for a host of other health complications. So what can be done to help?

Multi-ethnic group of little friends with toothy smiles on their faces enjoying warm sunny day while participating in soap bubbles show
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How to Start an Exercise Routine that Works for You

Focusing on your target heart rate and switching up your workouts can help unlock an exercise routine that works for you. Here are more keys:

Woman doing yoga with her dog
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What You Need to Know About Intermittent Fasting

Think intermittent fasting sounds too good to be true? You’re probably right. If you are convinced this is the diet for you, read this first.

Empty plate
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What is SMART Goal Setting?

Have you heard of “SMART” goal setting? It’s a goal-setting approach that can help you set goals that are attainable and realistic.

Man cheerfully rides a stationary bike while conversing with the woman beside him.
Goal Setting

Tips for a Mindful Holiday

Adopting a mindful mindset can help you have a holiday that’s more relaxed, intentional and joyful. These tips can help you do just that.

Father and daughter playing in front of the Christmas tree while mom looks on in the background.
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4 Mindfulness Myths and Why They Should Not Stop You

Think mindfulness isn’t for you? If these myths are holding you back, find out why you might want to incorporate this practice into your everyday life.

Young woman practicing mindfulness in a field
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Don’t Let the Summer Heat Keep You from Exercising

It’s important to practice safety when exercising outdoors during the hot summer months to avoid dehydration, heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

staying hydrated after a workout
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Table Talks: Discussing Dad Life

Fatherhood poses unique challenges for men. From raising children to keeping themselves healthy, parenting is unlike any other experience.

A Healthier Michigan Table Talks Discussing Dad Life
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Tone Up Your Arms

Want a better flex? Try these tips for rock star arms.

Back view portrait of a fitness woman showing biceps
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Your Daily Guide to Practicing Self-Care

Self-care means engaging in little actions to improve your physical health and happiness. Here’s how to get started.

man walking down steps in the woods
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Winter Self-Care Guide: Journaling  

Journaling is a powerful tool to help process emotions. It can help you reduce stress, solve problems more effectively and resolve disagreements with others.

Woman sitting on the floor journaling for self care
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Winter Self-Care Guide: Meditation

As we start the New Year, one of the best ways to set your intention for 2022 and ground your thoughts is by starting a meditation practice.

Malaysian muslim woman practicing guided meditation via laptop at her home
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5 Tips for Making Resolutions Stick

New Year’s Day is the most popular time to kick off resolutions, but most don’t last. Find out how you can make yours a success.

Funny portrait of a young black curvy woman during a training session
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Why Men’s Health Matters

Keep the men in your life healthy by learning the facts about men’s health.

Patient in a medical consult wearing face mask
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Set Family Goals for 2021 

Does your family set goals you can work on together? Make 2021 the year you explore more, get healthier together and have new experiences!

Mom helping daughter water a plant
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A Resolution is Not Enough for a Healthy New Year

Think beyond the New Year's resolution for a healthy lifestyle.

Young woman watching smart phone and squatting with kettlebell on yoga mat in living room
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On Your Phone Too Much? Here’s How to Set Realistic Tech Limits  

If one of your health goals is to cut back on the amount of time you spend on your phone, having a concrete plan with achievable goals will help you succeed.

Couple looking at their phones in bed
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Fitness Over 40: Get an Early Start on Your Resolutions

Are you starting to think about your fitness resolutions for the New Year? Here are some strategies for getting an early start on your goals.

Ann Marie Wakula demonstrates a workout in a park.
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Resolutions for a New Year Amid COVID-19

With the ending of a difficult year, there’s an opportunity to reset for a better for a better 2021. Plan for a healthier year with these tips.

Hand turns a dice and changes the expression "new year" to "new start".
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Setting Goals: Tips from a World Record Holder

Jon Ornée enjoys reaching his ambitious objectives, but advises you don’t have to try to set world records to pursue challenging yet achievable goals.

Jon Ornee riding his bike
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‘Fitness Over 40’ Series Offers Tips for Staying Active at Home

Certified trainer and mother of three Ann Marie Wakula shows you ways to stay active even when you can’t go to the gym.

Beautiful African-American Woman Exercising Pilates, Yoga, Fitness at Home Looking at the Laptop.
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Foolproof Ways to Work Out in the Morning

Research shows working out in the morning reinforces a healthy schedule. Read up on tricks that fitness buffs swear by to get you out of bed and into the gym.

Young woman getting ready for morning run
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Tips to Kick Your Tobacco Habit

Quitting smoking can be hard, especially the first few days. People who do it successfully tend to have these four things.

Stop cigarette, woman hands breaking the cigarette with clipping path
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Trying New Fitness Equipment? Tips to Make the Most of It

From the hottest workout gear to an array of digital options at your fingertips, 2020 is all about using self-motivation to reach your fitness goals.

A young mother exercising in her home on an exercise bike.
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Non-scale Victories When You Are Working Toward a Healthier Lifestyle

Sometimes, stepping on the scale is not the best way to measure your progress when you’re focused on creating a healthier you.

A human foot stepping on a weighing scale.
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Tips for Hiking Solo

If you feel inspired by the movie Wild, check out these safety tips before heading out on a solo hike.

Man hiking and exploring forest area
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Four Ways to Break Through Workout Plateaus

Struggling with your workout routine? These tips can help you push through the frustration.

A medium shot of a female Japanese weightlifter looking at the mirror.
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Aging with Attitude: Michigan Seniors Living with Vitality

People are living longer, healthier lives. These seniors say finding activities you're passionate about can help you live out your senior years with vigor.

Older man running
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Is Slowing Down the Secret to a Good Workout?

Find out why this low-intensity workout approach is perfect for both beginners and experienced fitness aficionados.

woman doing at-home workout, low intensity
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Do You Have a Coach in Your Life?

You might be years removed from playing organized sports but life coaches can often play a valuable role in helping you reach life goals.

Mentorship in the office
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Find the Motivation to Get Things Done  

Lack of motivation can put a strain on your mental health. Follow these tips to re-start if you're in a rut.

Man writing out his to-do list
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Grounding Sun Salutation Routine to Start Your Morning

Check out this routine for a sun salutation to energize your morning with step-by-step instructions and pictures to follow along.

Woman practicing yoga
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Hiking in Michigan: Where to Go and How to Start 

Hiking in Michigan? This comprehensive guide includes tips on what to pack, how much food and drink you’ll need and how to stay safe on the trail.

family hiking on trail in the woods
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Using Your 5 Senses to Calm Anxiety

Use your senses of sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste to center your mind when you're feeling anxious. Try this mindfulness technique to overcome worries.

Woman relaxing in grass smelling a flower
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Want to Be More Outdoorsy? Start Small

Like the idea of getting outdoors more often but aren't sure where to start? Take small steps to build your confidence in nature.

hiking trail in Michigan
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Encouraging Exercise for an Aging Loved One

Fear, fatigue, chronic pain or just plain lack of motivation might be keeping your loved one stationary. So how do you get them off the couch and on to healthy…

Older woman lifting weights
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The Importance of Dads and Other Adults in Modeling Healthy Emotions for Boys

Trying to raise boys fully able to express their emotions in healthy ways? These tips can help.

Dad comforting his son
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The Importance of Proper Technique and Form to Your Workout

Working out the right way is especially beneficial to living a healthy life. Learn more here about proper technique and form when hitting the gym.

Woman performing a squat
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The 20-Minute Workout You Can Do at Home

Looking for a quick workout you can do at home? Squeeze in a workout anytime, anywhere with these exercises.

Woman doing lunges in her family room
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Finding New Purpose in Life as We Age  

It’s important for older adults to seek meaningful ways to stay engaged for their mental health. These research-backed ideas can help seniors find purpose.

Man holding his dog
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The Part of Your Workout You’re Missing

Have a tendency of skipping a warm-up to save time? Here’s why your warm-up might be the most important part of your workout.

Woman jogging in place
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See Better Fitness Results with Shorter Workouts

Motivate yourself to take on shorter and more effective workout routines with HIIT—high-intensity interval training.

Woman working out at home
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Little Life Skills Everyone Should Know

Of course education is important and school learning should be a priority, but there are also plenty of lessons kids can learn outside of the classroom.

A boy and girl sitting at a table sewing fabric
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Exercises You Can Do Outdoors While Under a ‘Stay Home, Stay Safe’ Order

Miss the gym? There are still lots of ways to get exercise right now and all of them are guaranteed to give you a mood boost and health benefits.

Man walking his dog
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Workout Apps You Can Use at Home

No matter what your workout woe, there are an amazing amount of fitness apps available to everyone no matter your experience level.

Woman working out at home with phone by her side.
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10 Ways to Maximize Productivity When You Work from Home

If you’ve recently had to shift to working from home, you might be feeling confused or overwhelmed with your new work environment. These tips can help.

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Tips for Making Healthy Dinners for Kids

Dinnertime is a great moment to talk to your kids about their day, share funny stories, and introduce them to new foods.

Image of a dad making dinner with his son.
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Can You Get In a Workout While Spring Cleaning? You Bet!

Simple work outs to add to your daily chores around the house

Woman dancing cleaning her apartment
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Helping Kids Navigate Academic Stress

The drive to succeed academically may be good to an extent, but it can also lead to an insatiable desire for perfection where a B can be devastating.

Little girl holding paper with an F on it.
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Seven Healthy Habits to Try in the New Year

Ready to embrace a healthier lifestyle? Bring in the new year with these seven life-changing habits.

new years resolutions
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The Best Advice We’ve Received From Mentors

Some pieces of advice tend to resonate with us more than others. Here are some of the best pieces of advice members of our team have received:

Business people group discussing work plan with coach at meeting
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How to Start a Gratitude Practice

Gratitude can help you view life with different eyes. Find out how to start your own practice.

Little girl holding flower
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Do You Make These Mistakes When Setting Goals?

Coming up with a goal is one thing, sticking to it is something else. Here are the top mistakes people make with their resolutions so you know to avoid them.

Man writing in food journal
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Get SMART About Financial Goal Setting

When setting and sticking to financial goals, it’s important to determine short- and long-term priorities.

Financial Goal Setting
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Small Ways to Brighten Someone’s Day

Sometimes even the slightest action can make someone happy. Here are some of the ways we participate in random acts of kindness during the holidays:

Son kissing mother
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Run for Your Dinner: Sign Up for Michigan Turkey Day Races

Make a dent in the caloric damage you’ll do on Thanksgiving with one of these fun community turkey runs.

Turkey Trots in Michigan
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Time to Hit the Trails Running

If you want to enjoy the beauty of a Michigan fall while also getting in an enjoyable workout, then read more to learn the basics of trail running.

Runner on trail filled with autumn leaves
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Inspiring Active Communities in Northern Michigan: Norte Expanding to Kalkaska

With support from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and other organizations, Norte is expanding its youth-focused programming to Kalkaska in northern Michigan.

Kids holding hands walking to school.
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How to Walk for a Cause

Participating in these charity walks is a win-win. You get the health benefits of walking while also funding a great cause.

group of people crossing finish line of charity walk
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Detroit Youth Choir Member Has “High Hopes” for America’s Got Talent Finale

DeAndre “Dre” Elliott has been performing with the Detroit Youth Choir since the 4th grade. Read about his experience performing on America’s Got Talent.

DeAndre singing with the Detroit Youth Choir.
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Long-Term Life Planning Blueprint

While it’s easy to only look at the not-so-distant future, it’s incredibly important to plan for your long-term needs. It’s never too early to be prepared.

senior couple working on their finances at home
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Do Early Birds Have Healthier Workout Habits?

Most of us don’t enjoy mornings but changing your morning routine to include working out will start your day off right and influence healthier decisions

Morning Workout
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A Survival Guide for College Move-In

Going to college is a huge step in your life, and there is a lot to do before moving in. Read here to find out more!

Young man smiling with proud dad watching in background
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Empowering Woman: Angela Moore Opens Up About Her Life’s Work

At her integrated health studio, The Body Principle, Angela Moore helps clients weave mental health, fitness and nutrition together for complete transformation.

Angela Moore leading a workout class
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How To Keep Your Health in the Game

Sports are beneficial to mental and physical health and offer a foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Sports also require dedication from the parents.

Soccer Mom accompanying her two daughters to football training
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In Season: Pick From These 52 Fruits and Veggies

Having trouble figuring out the best produce to eat this season? We're here to help.

in season produce
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Things You Might Not Expect on Your Caregiving Journey

If you’re caring for a loved one, there could be aspects of caregiving that will surprise you. Read on for what to expect and how to cope.

Granddaughter taking care of her grandmother
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Wave Hello to Open Water Swimming

Swimming engages your entire body, conditioning all muscles needed for any other workout. Here are some of the ways open water swimming benefits your health.

Man diving into lake
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Avoiding Summertime Dehydration

Throughout summer, it’s important to keep in mind the dangers of dehydration and how to enjoy the warmer weather safely.

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Taking the First Steps Toward Triathlon Training

Triathlons can be intimidating. Engaging in the three exercises back-to-back-to-back sounds exhausting on its own.

bikers racing
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Coping with Change

Dealing with changes due to a new job, moving, losing a loved one, getting married or having a baby can be difficult. Here are coping tips to help you adjust.

Family moving into a new home
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Exorcise Funky Odors from Your Exercise Clothes

Feeling funky but not in a good way? Read on for tips to rid your workout gear of any unpleasantness.

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History-Making Athlete Has Sights Set on MI Summer Special Olympics

Kalamazoo-area athlete Julian Borst is gearing up for the Special Olympics Michigan State Summer Games, fueled by his history-making Boston Marathon debut.

Julian Borst running
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Houseplants: Nature’s Air Purifiers

Houseplants are often chosen for their decorative nature, but research has shown that houseplants offer many benefits to our health.

Potted plant on table
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Start a Healthy Habit on National Walk @ Lunch Day

Celebrate your health by walking at lunch on April 24.

businessman on the phone downtown
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Walk Your Way to Better Health

Many people overlook the benefits of a simple walk every day. Read about how walking each day is great for your health!

Close up of sporty woman tying shoelace while kneeling outdoor, In background bridge. Fitness outdoors concept.
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Making Sushi at the Downtown Market Grand Rapids

Learn how to make a spicy tuna roll with this recipe from Downtown Market Grand Rapids’ “Slow Your Roll” beginner sushi class.

finished sushi rolls
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How to Start a Backyard Compost Pile

Looking to reduce your food waste and improve your garden at the same time? Composting isn’t as hard as it may seem. Here’s how to get started.

Hands holding composted earth next to food scraps.
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Spring Cleaning for a Healthier, Safer Home

Your house might look clean, but there are some under-the-radar spots you might be missing that you’ll want to clean up for a healthier, safer home.

Dad babywearing and helping a toddler with the dishes.
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Overcoming Injury: Vince’s Story

The road to recovery can be draining. Read Vince's story about how he stayed positive after a life-altering injury.

Muscular bodybuilder guy doing exercises with dumbbells in gym
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Is My Child Ready for a Sleepover?

The decision to allow a child to go to a sleepover rests solely on the parents and how ready they feel their child is.

Two girls reading at night on a bed
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Intuitive Eating 101

Intuitive eating relies on internal body cues and encourages people to be mindful at meal time.

Young woman eating at a restaurant with a friend.
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Get Fit in Your 40s, 50s, 60s and Beyond

Metabolism decreases 1 to 2 percent every decade for women and 5 to 8 percent for men. Exercise can help bridge the gap.

Woman lifting weights
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Taking Care of Your Heart in Your 40s, 50s and 60s

Healthy habits are crucial for your heart during the middle-age decades. Whatever decade you’re in, take some simple steps to show your heart a lot of love.

Couple enjoying a nature walk.
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Give the Gift of Heart Health this Valentine’s Day

Make your Valentine’s Day celebrations heart-healthy this year!

Couple having fun skating on the ice.
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A Perfect Pair: Heart Health and Physical Activity

Are you getting the recommended amounts of exercise to prevent heart disease and other health conditions? Find out how much you need and how to get moving.

Image of person walking on a treadmill.
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Rosalind’s Story: Cardiac Nurse Loses 140 Pounds to Protect Her Heart

February is American Heart Month. We’ve partnered with the American Heart Association to share stories of heart disease survivors and heart health ambassadors.

Rosalind Davis posing in front of a tree on the beach.
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Spell It Out: Try this ABC Workout

Get your body moving! Select a word and spell it out with this unique workout.

Alphabet letters
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Raising the Barre to Empower Women

Read this take on the empowering fitness options available at Royal Oak’s The Barre Code.

Blue Cross employees ready to take a barre class.
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Keeping the Family Active in Winter

Keep your family moving both inside and outside of the house to ensure a happy, healthy winter.

Girls playing an active video game.
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Cut the Clutter: Find the Organizational Style that Works for You

If de-cluttering and organizing isn’t exactly sparking joy for you, it’s possible you need to find your organizational spirit animal. An expert shows you how.

Image of a modern, organized kitchen.
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Low-cost Healthy Essentials to Stock Your Kitchen

Always scrambling to make a healthy dinner? Stock these essentials in your kitchen and you’ll always have the ingredients you need for a quick, healthy meal.

Shot of a young woman shopping at a grocery store.
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Make Time to Volunteer All Year Long

Volunteering is a way to keep a sense of holiday cheer going all year. The great state of Michigan is filled with opportunities to give back. Here’s are a few.

volunteer all year long
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Why Everyone Needs a Creative Outlet

There's a connection between creative pursuits and your mental and physical health. Find out why you should take up a creative hobby today.

Portrait of female potter painting bowl in pottery workshop
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How to Create Healthy Eating and Workout Habits

Habits are learned actions that occur automatically with little to no effort. Here's how to adopt new healthy behaviors and make them stick.

Couple cooking healthy food
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Should You Try Going Dry this January?

For many, a trendy New Year’s resolution to make is abstaining from alcohol for an entire month, otherwise known as Dry January. Find out if you should try it.

Young women toasting with coffee cups.
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Post-workout Bloating, Explained

Post-workout bloat is a real condition that can leave you swollen and uncomfortable. Discover its many triggers and the best way to avoid them.

Chubby woman hand holding her own belly fat
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The Winning Psychology Behind Resolutions That Stick

Why do some New Year’s resolutions succeed, while other’s fail? Discover the winning psychology behind goals that stick.

Amazed brunette young business woman in casual shirt is gesturing victory with her raised hands, she is shocked, extremely happy, with closed eyes, beaming smile, open mouth on grey background

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