Tone Up Your Arms

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Having toned arms is one of the best parts of working hard to increase your strength. Push-ups are a great way to accomplish this feat without investing in any equipment. Using your own body weight, you can power through push-ups anytime, anywhere.
Aim for three days of arm exercises each week on non-consecutive days so your muscles have time to recover between sessions.

Become a Push-Up Pro

Give this routine a try, starting with knees on the floor:
  1. 1 set of 25 (1 minute break)
  1. 1 set of 15 (1 minute break)
  1. 1 set of 10
When that gets too easy, start military style push-ups (with knees not touching the floor).
  1. 1 set of 20 (1 minute break)
  1. 1 set of 15 (1 minute break)
  1. 1 set of 10

Challenge Your Body

It is a good idea to perform a variety of exercises with each of the major muscle groups. If we keep doing the same exercises, our bodies aren’t being challenged and the results won’t be prominent.
Here are a few more ideas for toning your arms at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. All you need is a pair of 3-pound dumbbells. Each of these exercises target the major arm muscles: biceps, triceps and shoulders.
Beginner Level:
Intermediate Level:
Advanced Level:
Do you have a favorite arm exercise? Share it with us in the comments.
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