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Difficulty Sleeping Through the Night? Don’t Brush It Off: It Could Be Sleep Apnea

It’s scary to think that sleep issues, something we really don’t have much control over, can bring about such serious consequences.

sleep apnea

Think you need to go to the gym for exercise? Why not go online instead?

Working out has never been easier. With the Internet, you don't even have to leave the comfort of your home to exercise.

Food and Recipes

13 healthy snacks to fuel your next road trip

Years ago, I experienced the longest car ride of my life. My family and I had been in the car for many hours, coming back from a vacation in Florida…

Food and Recipes

National Ice Cream Day: Three ways to indulge without guilt

The idea of a cold, tasty ice cream cone on a hot summer day is one that I find tantalizing. While popsicles and frozen yogurt are certainly popular treats…

Ice Cream

Embrace the warm weather with hot yoga classes

Hot Yoga, or Bikram Yoga, can help you get through the hot and muggy weather.


15 ways smoking can ruin your looks

Despite the fact that smoking is a dangerous habit to pick up, many people choose to do it. For some people, it might just be something they want to try out and…


Upbeat Activities That Make You Forget You’re Exercising

When I think of the word exercise, I usually think of jogging or going to the gym, two activities that just don't seem to spark my interest because they feel…

Food and Recipes

Tips for Staying Healthy at Graduation Parties

Now that it's June, it's officially graduation party season. Which means family time, gifts and, of course, tasty food. I remember going to tons of graduation…


Best Restaurant Patios: Ann Arbor

Being a student at the University of Michigan, I have an inherent affinity for Ann Arbor. The scenery is beautiful, the squirrels are friendly and there always…


Best Restaurant Patios: Detroit

It's almost summer, which means everyone is looking to spend more time outside. Some people think that spending all day in the office prevents them from being…


‘Flesh-Eating’ Bacteria Isn’t Uncommon, Yet Incidences Rare, University of Michigan Expert Says

Concern over flesh-eating bacterium is not something new — remember MRSA? But in 2012, its hype seems to have receded. Prior to a couple weeks ago…

Home and Family

5 Gifts to Make Mother’s Day Healthier

Rather than a box of chocolates for a Mother's Day gift, why not try one of these healthier presents?


College Life: How I Avoided the Freshman 15

After living in Ann Arbor during my freshman year of college, I realized that students living on college campuses seem to fall into unhealthy routines.

Food and Recipes

Tips For Eating Healthy While Living in a Dorm

Moving into a dorm is an exciting time for college students. For many, it's the first time being away from home, living among others with whom you have many…


A-Z List of Michigan Breweries

Editor's note: Michigan's beer economy is growing! A more up-to-date version of this post has been published: Many people who are 21 and older like to indulge…

Food and Recipes

Avoiding The Slump: Combating That 2:30 Feeling

After having worked in the corporate world for some time now, I've come to the realization that we are our most productive selves during the first half of the…

Food and Recipes

Don’t Judge a Food by Its Cover

When I see foods that look strange or unappealing, I always make sure not to purchase them. It's hard for me to get excited about buying foods that look like…


When It Comes to Exercise, a Little is Better Than None at All

I hear people talking all the time about how they don't have a lot of extra time to set aside for exercising, so they just don't exercise at all. It seems to me…

Home and Family

Gearing Up for School: Take a Trip to the DIA

Looking for a fun way to prepare your kids for school? Check out what the DIA has to offer.

Mother and daughter looking at painting in an art gallery

5 Great Summer Reads by Michigan Authors

Summer is a time for relaxation, when the air is light and people are carefree. But don't forget about the value of a good book! Next time you're lying out on…


5 Ways to Improve Flexibility Through Yoga

Dreaming of being able to touch your toes? Follow these quick tips to achieve flexibility!

Food and Recipes

Overcaffeinated: The Scary Truth Behind Energy Drinks

For the dedicated energy drinker, consuming highly caffeinated beverages is more than just "drinking" — it's a way of life. The college student studying late at…


High Blood Pressure: Young Americans May Be More At Risk Than Previously Thought

High blood pressure is generally thought to affect older people, not young Americans between the ages of 24 and 32. But a new study finds that 1 in 5 Americans…


Battles with the Mirror: Making the Switch from the Psychological to the Physical

Malnutrition refers to a condition in which the body is chronically deficient in the nutrients that are essential for proper health and development.

Eating Disorders

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