13 healthy snacks to fuel your next road trip

Lauren King

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Years ago, I experienced the longest car ride of my life. My family and I had been in the car for many hours, coming back from a vacation in Florida, when my stomach suddenly decided to wage war against me. It seemed that hunger had taken over my body, rendering my mind incapable of producing any thoughts that weren’t concerned with food. I tugged on my mom’s shirt, asking her if we could stop somewhere – anywhere – so that I could get something to eat.
At that point, I thought that anything could satisfy those painful twinges, so I couldn’t have felt more relieved to be pulling into a fast food drive-through. The fast food, though, did not have the pleasant effect I had been hoping for.
Instead of relieving me of my hunger pains and cranky demeanor, it gave me a stomach ache, made me feel sluggish and worsened my already-dismal mood. The entire experience made me feel very negatively towards road trips for a long while after – that is, until I realized what could have made my trip much more enjoyable with some healthy snacks!
One of the main reasons that people so often stop at fast food restaurants when on the road for long periods of time is because they are cheap, convenient and the food – though unhealthy – is well-liked.
But have you ever considered that there are other food options for the road that are just as cheap, convenient and tasty? You might find road trips a bit more enjoyable if you’re willing to take the time to put together some road-friendly snacks yourself. Here are 13 healthy snacks that are great for the road:
  1. Breakfast bars
  1. Chili-lime popcorn
  1. Blue cheese with raw vegetables
  1. Blueberries and yogurt
  1. Split pea crisps
  1. Dark chocolate nut clusters
  1. Tropical fruit parfait
  1. Healthy granola
  1. Spiced walnuts
  1. Spiced pumpkin seeds
  1. On-the-go trail mix
  1. Fig and walnut biscotti
  1. Whole fruit
Make sure to check out these other healthy road snack ideas.
Do you prefer stopping somewhere to buy food or making your own to bring along for the ride?
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