Best Restaurant Patios: Ann Arbor

Lauren King

| 3 min read

Being a student at the University of Michigan, I have an inherent affinity for Ann Arbor. The scenery is beautiful, the squirrels are friendly and there always seems to be something going on, especially in the summer. While there are many ways to integrate yourself into the city’s culture during the summer, I’d say my favorite way is to dine at one of the many restaurants with outdoor seating. Not only do you get some tasty food, you get to experience the lively atmosphere that has come to define Ann Arbor. As a college kid, I often find myself eating out a lot. As a result, I’m pretty familiar with most of the restaurant patios around the city.
Looking for a patio to head out to? Here are my top 3 restaurant patio choices:
  1. Sava’s: With a fully stocked bar and a wide selection of menu items, this is one of Ann Arbor’s most popular restaurants. Come here at morning, noon or night; there are breakfast, lunch and dinner foods to satisfy anyone’s needs. I love sitting on the patio to eat, both during the day and evening. The best word I can think of to describe the ambiance of Sava’s is charming, and it is for this reason that Sava’s has become one of my most frequented restaurants.
  1. The Real Seafood Company: Two years ago, when I began college, this was the first restaurant in the area with which I became acquainted. I had just met my roommate and her family wanted to take the two of us out to dinner, so we decided to try this place out. Looking back on that first trip, I’m so glad we did. The patio is very popular in the summer; with the restaurant’s location being right on Main Street, any outing is sure to be fun. The food has great flavor and the portion sizes aren’t disappointing either. If you’re looking for a restaurant with satisfying seafood and great outdoor seating, I would definitely recommend The Real Seafood Co.
  1. The Original Cottage Inn: During my past two years in Ann Arbor, I have tried pizza from several different places – Pizza House and Cottage Inn, to name a couple – but nothing quite compares to The Original Cottage Inn. It’s a very popular destination for students to have their parents take them for dinner when they visit. The pizza is some of the best I have had and their other Italian dishes are mouth-watering as well. The patio is quaint and is a perfect place for a family outing in the summer.
Next time you’re in the area, think about stopping by one of these restaurants and experience some great food while enjoying the beautiful weather!
What are your favorite restaurant patios in Ann Arbor?
Photo credit: AndrewH324

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