David Murray

Hello! My name is David and I'm the Social Media Manager here at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. Last here I began my "Pursuit of Healthiness" and changed my eating habits while adding a bit of exercise. I'm happy to share that as of today I have lost 62 lbs, and my lifestyle has completely transformed. This year I plan to add more exercise into my life while continuing this healthy food thing. I also hope to run my first 5k this year. I welcome you to join me and my team as we dive into our individual healthy journeys. Best. David HealthyMe means to me: Living the experiences that challenge me both physically and spiritually.

Achieve Your #HealthyMe Goals With Social Media

Though there are many to choose from, here are social resources to help fuel any aspect of your journey in health and wellness:

Achieve health goals with social media

Going from the couch, to completing my first 5k

Sitting. That would accurately describe the extent of my physical activity prior to a few years ago. As many of you know, last year I began my own “Pursuit of…

Murr 5k
Food and Recipes

Say goodbye to pizza guilt with Buddy’s healthy options

I like pizza. Who doesn't. right? Well, since I have been doing this healthy thing for awhile I've had to significantly cut back on my pizza intake.


Are you looking to get your adrenaline flowing while torching a few hundred calories?

The Dearborn Recreation Center recently put the A Healthier Michigan team literally between a rock and a hard place. We were able to visit the facility for a…

rock climbing photo

The Pursuit of Healthiness – David’s Six Month Recap

David Murray, Social Media Manager for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, shares his six month updated on his Pursuit of Healthiness.

Pursuit of Healthiness David and Grace

Living with someone who lives with depression

The stigma associated with mental health has caused reluctance to openly talk about it. Listening can be one of the best ways you can learn about depression.


Becoming Aware of Mental Health Month

Saying one is depressed leads to many assumptions. May is Mental Health Awareness Month. You can help demystify the stigma the word depression carries


Kids Get Healthy at Comerica Park

During Tiger’s Opening Weekend over 200 kids from the Detroit Metro showed their commitment to health awareness at Comerica Park.

Kids Opening Day

How Do Kids Do the Healthy Thing?

I have two nephews. They're twins and are almost 4 years old. I've never seen two human beings with so much energy in all my life, and if there was some way I…


Failing a Fitness Test and Counting Calories

There really isn't a nice way to tell someone they're obese. At least that was the technical term shared with me after I completed my fitness test.


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